Chaos in the Lab Conclusion

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 5:37am by Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Aiden Edwin & Senior Susan Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Sean's lab/ Other parts of the tower
Timeline: April 18 2012

“Yep, that and Surprise me, Sean.” Sean paused for a moment and called his brother. “Hey Aiden. Did you just touch a button?”

“No. I’m not near the controls. I’m just waiting for them. Why is it on?” Aiden’s voice replied. In his spot, he looked at the buttons on the panel, not that he knew what any of them did.

“Yeah there is a whirring....and...” Sean said. Aiden could see the boy looking around the room

“And what?” Aiden asked.

Around the room several boxes that had been put in there over the course of a couple weeks fell open. In each was a plain, grey stone. But each of the stones began to pulse with a purple light. Lightning shot off the edge of the rocks and this was accompanied with a small blast of force from each. Both Aiden and Sean now realized that the floor was covered with a purple mist.

In the outer lab, several more boxes opened up, these were already shooting off waves of force, which was moving the purple mist around the room. In both rooms lightning shot from the surface of the stones. The first tendrils of lightning caught Aiden in the cheek and the chest. Thankfully he has his powers capped off at the moment. He screamed out in pain as he jumped up, tripping and falling to the ground. As he hit the ground, he sucked in a large breath of the purple mist. The waves of force in both rooms picked up their intensity. Aiden was being pelted with small objects and was finding it hard to breath with the thick, purpleish mist in the room.

Sean hobbled to the door, but it wouldn’t open. “OPEN THE DOORWAY!” more boxes opened up, each hiding more plain looking stones. Sean kept trying the door, but nothing worked. The blasts of force kept pushing him around. “Aiden, it’s locked. Try the button on the console!”

“What are those?” Aiden asked his brother. ”Those boxes!”

“No clue! It isn’t my doing!” Sean replied as he kept tugging at the door.

“Which one opens it!?!” Aiden called back. The harder he tried to get to the desk, the more the waves of force hit him. His armor formed over his body.

“Green one, closest to the door, it says door above it!”

But Aiden couldn’t reach it. The blast from the stone on the desk kept pushing him back. Lightning pelted his armor.

~Calling the Dragon, Aiden.~ Munir told him. The mask formed. This time it fully covered his face, just as a knife flew past, cutting Aiden’s cheek.

“Sean move!” Aiden commanded. "I'm gonna blast the door.

Sean quickly turned, as best as he could and moved several steps away as his brother lined up for a shot at the door. A blast caught him and flung his small body to the center of the room. Other blasts seemed to keep him in the middle. Lightning was lashing out at him, hitting his skin and the purple mist. The young genius was thrown to the floor as the lightning began to strike him harder.

The winged teen sucked in a breath, but now his armor was covering and filtering the air to his mouth. He unfolded his wings and let go of a blast by yelling “PEW!!!” The wave of force blasted the window, yet all it managed to do was spiderweb the glass. Aiden was at a loss. The blast would have normally thrown a small car. But this was special glass. One made to withstand an explosion. Then it hit him. He’d use his whole body as a battering ram. Lightning from the stones still hit his armor, and somehow he could almost feel it on his skin, but that was covered.

“May fortune favor the foolish!” Aiden quipped as he quickly jogged to the far side of the outer lab. When he reached the far wall, he took off running. Two steps away from the glass door, he jumped, unfolded his wings and hit his sonic boost. His body flew into the window, shattering it as four glowing rocks began flashing like wild. Then a wave of force blasted out, with Sean getting hit from all four sides. The splash back slammed into Aiden and unlike his normal ability to absorb the power of a blast, this caught him and tossed him through the lightning and purple smoke, then into and through the inner wall of the lab, into the outer lab. The force was enough to blast him out of Sean’s inner lab. Then he kept sailing at an angle, hitting the wall that bordered the hall. He didn’t go straight through, instead he was thrown along the wall, making a six foot gash in it. The wall that lined the inner lab blew out in places and tossed some of the loose contents of the lab, including his wheelchair, into the hallway.

The winged teen hit the far wall in the hall and dropped to the ground with a grunt. He let out a small wave of force. Not enough to hurt the floor, but enough to bounce upwards. As he landed, he grunted again, this time Munir blocked him from letting out another blast of power. He wasted no time in getting back up. As he did, Sean’s wheelchair flew out, smashing into his face.

Aiden could hear his brother screaming. He could hear other voices, but he had to save Sean. He was not aware of blood running down his nose and lip. He just had one thought on his mind, and that was to save his sibling. As he stood, his armor covered his body. He coughed out a few breaths. Purple smoke left his lips and as it did, he could feel a tingling on them. Without a second thought he jogged back towards the lab, which was in full chaos mode now.

He was a man possessed. He rushed into the inner lab, which was now open to everyone. He could see and hear someone struggling in the center of the room. He wrapped his arms around Sean, though he felt smaller and lighter. There was no time to rest as another wave of force hit him like a flyswatter hits a bug. Magic propelled both him and his sibling out of the room and into the wall. They flew to the other side of the hall.


Moments earlier

Susan leaned against the wall of the elevator. She was there with Cathy and a few of the students headed towards the labs of the tower. They all had things to do for classes. She was going for a different reason. Gift ideas. Her daughter was sitting in her room with her cousin. Until Dom, she would have never thought that the labs would be a bad place to take a baby, then he blew one up. With her brother and his drive to out Stark, Tony Stark, she wasn’t going to let her baby anywhere near the labs. That was until she was old enough to be in classes. That gave Susan at least fifteen years.

“So, any clue what Dad would like?” Susan asked Cathy.

“How should I know? He won't give me any ideas.” Cathy whined. “I keep asking, but he won't tell me anything. He just makes things up to tease me!”

“You mean you didn’t get the old ‘I like anything.’ like I did?” Susan said in reply. “I swear he is harder to buy for than Mom. I got a few ideas, one of them being a nice picture, done here of all of Dad’s kids and his one grandkid. What do you think?”

Before Cathy could answer, the elevator was rocked with what felt like an explosion. The lights in the elevator car dimmed, then went out and a small emergency backup light turned on. “The hell was that?” One of the students in the car asked.

Another pipped up. “You don’t think it was another bomb, do you?”

“Could have been Sean.” Cathy answered back.

“Everyone, relax.” Susan ordered, in a calm tone of voice. After all, she was trained on helping people in tough times. “Cathy, get the phone out of the little cubby and call the main security. Just pick it up and you’ll be connected with them.” Susan said to her sister. Those in the elevator with them were starting to panic. “I want you all sitting on the floor of the elevator and we all relaxed. Okay?”

This was met with several nodding heads. But some of the youngest kids began to cry. Susan sat on the floor next to them and put her arms around the girl, one of those who had been in the mall during the attack and had been taken to China with Lorde.