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Chaos in the Lab Part 1

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 5:27am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Aiden Edwin & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Sean's lab/ Other parts of the tower

Rosa was in a comfortable chair in the center of her office. She had thought about using her desk, for working on work for the school part of the tower, but the small seating area with a couch and two chairs seemed a better choice. On the small but ornate coffee table in the center of the conversation pit, a steaming teapot sat on a tray, next to two small cups. Rosa’s secretary had just delivered it before retreating to her own office to continue her own work.

This had started out easy, just going over paperwork that both of them needed to work on. So instead of running the papers back and forth, just being in one room was for the best.. So far much of her paperwork included issues with plagiarism, cheating and several people wanting to attend the college program. Most of the cheating problems had been passed up to her and Syn, from those who served as the heads of departments in the schools. These issues were always there, or so it seemed to her. Others were teachers sending requests for things like supplies and equipment. This made her think of her old army days. When there had always been someone trying to requisition things they really didn’t need. Syn was sitting in there with her and Rosa looked up and asked.

“I know I have only been doing this job for just a few months, but I swear, will there ever be a week that Daniel doesn’t ask for half of an office supply store to be hand delivered to him?” She held up a request sheet from one of the teachers of the high school. “I mean this is like the third in as many weeks. He wants nearly five hundred pens, one hundred writing pads, and three boxes of lined writing paper. Part of me wonders if he is selling the stuff to the kids at a higher rate. But that’s the cop in me speaking.” Rosa sighed, looked back at her paperwork. “Am I getting too cynical, or was I always this way?” Before she could be answered, something drew her attention.

On the coffee table near her, sat her laptop. The screen lit up and Rosa looked to see it was a video from her youngest son. She clicked on it and saw her son, but something seemed out of place. His hair was long and now fully black. The room behind him wasn’t his lab. And the clothes he had on were not what he had been wearing a few hours earlier.

“Strange. His hair changed again. Looks like me when I was a girl. Wonder why a recording, not a live feed? Isn’t this what he was wearing at dinner last night?” Rosa said as she turned the screen to show Syn. He had on a t-shirt and a hat this morning.”

The diminutive headmistress glanced at the screen, a brow arching curiously over one red-reptilian eye. Her suspicious nature made her study the scene and she tensed. “OG, how long of a delay is there on this recording?”

“This video was sent two minutes ago,” OG responded, then after another moment, she tapped into the raw feed from Sean’s lab, displaying it on Syn’s monitor.

Rosa looked over. “Okay. So he’s working, but...” Rosa trailed off as she pressed play on the video.

“Hello. No doubt you’re about to have a warning from Sean’s lab. This was totally set up and carefully planned for sometime now.”

Rosa arched her eyebrows, and leaned forward. She wasn’t sure what to do at this point.

“He’s not making this,” Syn said, looking at the differences between the two screens. “Who’s voice is that?”

“It sounds like Cordelia...” Rosa shook her head. “I think. But it’s been years. And when was this made? Look behind him, that’s his bedroom.”

“First of all, Rosa. Mi hermana, I am giving both your babies a chance. Something that neither of them had. I can’t explain this, but I’ve been here for some time. Everything about how I got here is a blank, but I know there is more to my being here than I know. I’ve been using the past decade to pool my power. To slowly gain enough power to help the twins out one last time. The one of a few final gifts from their Aunt Cordelia. There is more going on with these two than you realize. Sean is such a gifted young man. But his sister, your daughter, she also needs her chance to walk in the sun as well. I only hope I didn't make a mistake in my planning. I hope he is strong enough to survive these next few minutes. The tower shouldn’t be harmed too much, if my math is right.”

Rosa looked to Syn. “Crap!”

Syn didn’t hesitate, already out of her chair before Rosa had said anything. “OG, send hazard containment, and medical teams to his lab, now!” she ordered as she ran out into the hallway.

Rosa stood and vaulted the desk in a single bound. With her animal mimicry spell, catching Syn would be easy. So she darted out of the room, hot on Syn’s feet.

Neither woman heard the computer ding once more as a second video was sent to Rosa’s computer. The current video continued, though no one was there to see it. “Please don’t remove Sean. This will only work if he remains in the lab through the whole process. If he remains, you'll have both kids. But stay away. If anyone enters, the spell will alter them as well. Give it at least ten minutes before you enter that lab.”


Sean was busy in the center part of the inner lab. He was standing, as per his mother’s orders to keep exercising and not just relying on his chair all the time. She had been right. He had been relying on his chair, plus never doing any of the exercises meant to help his body with his cerebral palsy. This made his legs even tighter. He could barely bend his knees. Even so, his chair sat near him, in the lab. Music played over the speakers, not too loud though. It was more of the classic rock he was trying to figure out. He was determined to figure out how some of these men had little training, yet could make those instruments do what they wanted, even though it seemed impossible.

He had yet another device he was working on. Around the lab he had been noticing several things had moved, not to mention the wards on his walls had recently been redone. When he asked his mother, she said to just log it down and give her a list daily. Nothing felt wrong to him. It just seemed weird.

Aiden was in the outer part of the lab, just hanging out and waiting for Sean to get done with what he was doing. He knew Cathy and Susan were on their way to help plan something for their father’s birthday. Sean had looked up and saw his brother was sitting on a computer chair, with it turned backwards, so he could sit and not have his tail and wings in the way. In his hands was a gaming magazine. The winged teen had been reading it when he showed up. He had already told Sean how he was in charge now. Which didn’t seem to affect the young genius very much. In fact it was more of a meh response he got.

“Are they gonna be here soon?” Sean asked his brother.

“Should be. But you know those two. Susan could have gotten busy in the medical area and Cathy could have been stopped by a shirtless guy.” Aiden replied.

“I just want to get it over with so I can return to work.” Sean stated. “It’s Friday and I only got so much time before we have a gaming session upstairs.”

Aiden chuckled. “You know this is about Dad and not you having fun?”

Sean paused for a moment to look at him. “Aiden, I love Dad. I love him a lot, but when we have Cathy brainstorming with us, she’ll be picking clothes and stuff that he doesn’t care about. He just cares if it was bought or made by us.”

“True. But you did agree to helping with those two.” Aiden said to remind him.

“Like we had a choice? I think they are asking us, because they got the standard answer of “I like anything you get me.” Sean said as he moved around his project.

Aiden chuckled and nodded. “You got that too, did ya?”

“Yep, that and Surprise me, Sean.” Sean paused for a moment and called his brother. “Hey Aiden. Did you just touch a button?”




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