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Meet the new boss...babysitter

Posted on Mon Dec 7th, 2020 @ 3:30am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Aiden's new room
Timeline: April 16 2012

At four in the afternoon, several younger kids began to show up at Aiden’s door. But none of them knew who was in there. There was a note for all of them to wait outside the door, until Rosa got there. So the younger kids began milling about the door, playing around, like younger kids do. All but one was an external mutation. The final one had several siblings that were external mutations, they were being proactive about his schooling.

Finally Rosa walked down the hall and whistled at them. “Alright. I want you against the wall so this is easier to explain. There were twenty little kids lined up against the walls. Eight in elementary grades. Twelve in the middle school grades. The high schoolers would be coming later. But for now, he had to do it a few at a time.

“Now we’re going to go into this room. This is where your new resident assistant lives. This person is known to you and is a he. He will be responsible for you and your education. So we’re going to step in, you will move to where the chairs are and sit down in an orderly fashion.”

She opened the door and gestured for them to file in. They walked past the bathroom and headed for a bunch of chairs near the large window that showed Atlanta. “Everyone take a seat.” Rosa called to them as she took a place near the kitchen. “Come on down, we’re ready.” She called as the last child sat down.

As Aiden stepped off the stairs several of the kids cheared. “AIDEN!”

“That’s right. Aiden is now your resident assistant. Keep in mind that even if he says he’ll overlook any rule breaking, Munir will not. So don’t go thinking this will be all fun and games. Aiden?” Rosa stepped to the side and let her son take over.

Aiden smiled at them. “My job will be to make sure you’re in class when you should be. Doing your assigned school work and for those who do it, going through danger room sessions. I shall be in attendance at most of those sessions. If my other students are not slated for a danger room at the same time. If there are two or more sessions, then I shall be at the most dangerous one. I will also be keeping the lights out set at eight for elementary grades, nine for middle. No wiggle room there. Rule breaking will be met with loss of privileges. But just be good and I’ll not have to drop any of you off of the tower.”

“Aiden.” His mother said in a warning tone.

“Okay. No tower drop, but be good. We don’t need me yelling. Okay?” Aiden said to the mass of kids. “I mean really, none of you would like it if I yell.”

“Well, do any of you have questions?” Rosa asked and almost instantly, hands flew up. Yet few learned to wait to be called out.

A boy with a monkey like tail asked. “Can we have a fridge in our rooms now?”

A girl with horns that resembled a ram called out. “Can we sleep in our siblings rooms if they say okay?”

“Stop!” Rosa held up a hand. “Hands up and we’ll call for a question. But to answer one. No on the fridge, unless you buy it.”

“Billy?” Aiden said, pointing to the youngest boy there. His skin was almost a deep forest green, with what looked to be flowers growing in his hair.

The fourth grader stood up. “Will we be able to stay up late on New years eve and other big holidays, like the fourth of july?”

Aiden looked to his mother and she nodded. He looked back. “We’ll see, but if like the fireworks happen after you go to bed, then yes, you may be allowed to stay up.”

“Kids, the rules are all staying the same. All he is here for is to make sure you do what you need to, eat, do training and go to bed on time. We’re not letting you deck out your rooms. Some of them have little space in them to begin with. He is mostly here to make sure nothing bad happens. That is all. He is taking some work from us to help us out. So the rules remain the same.”

“I am just here to help out. That’s all. I’m not making a whole ton of my own rules. Tower rules are good enough.” Aiden said to them. “Be good, focus on school work and maybe every month I’ll think of something fun to do for all of you.”

This caused more cheering.


Sean’s chair slowly weaved through the foot traffic on the floor beneath his room. He had no idea why he was headed here, other than he had been given a summons to arrive at this room at a certain time.

His mother was leaning against the wall as he pulled up. Sean got closer, making sure the number on the door was the right one. Then he looked to his mother. “Mom? Why are you here?”

“Your meeting. I’m a part of it. Let’s step inside.”

Rossa pushed open the door and Sean drove inside. Ahead in the opening, he saw Layla talking to someone, who was standing out of view. She noticed them and turned to leave. “By Mrs. Edwin. Bye Sean.”

“Here’s your last one for today. We’ll get Melissa in here soon.” Rosa said as she moved to the side so Sean could move all the way into the room.

“Okay, mom, why is Aiden here?”

“Meet Aiden, your staff supervisor.” Rosa said to Sean.

“My what?” Sean asked.

“Your father and I are busy. We can’t keep checking up on you, so Aiden is watching thirty kids, you included. For you, all he has to do is make sure all your projects have been given the proper paperwork, and that you are not staying in your lab too long.”

“Okay. But why Aiden?” Sean asked.

“They had a job. I needed a job and so I took it. I can still help Susan when the store opens. But for now, I need money.” Aiden stated.

Sean sighed. After all this was pointless and a waste of his limited time. “So basically everything is the same as before, but I tell Aiden and not you.” He asked his mother.

Rosa nodded. “Correct. Unless it is an emergency project for the tower. Then you tell Aiden and tell him we need to know right away. And also keep him apprised on the stuff in your lab being moved around.”

“Stuff being moved?” Aiden asked.

Sean nodded and shrugged. “Yeah. Someone has been moving stuff in my labs. Really weird. Mom told Syn., They just want me to keep a log of it.”

Aiden nodded as he listened. “Is this like those wards on his walls?”

“Yes. We feel it’s connected. We just don’t know how.” Rosa said to them.

“Okay. I’ll keep watch on it as well.” Aiden replied.


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