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A new place

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 4:27am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Every Day - April 2012
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Aiden's new room
Timeline: April 16th 2012

“Okay. Here we are. Just a few floors away from your current room.” Rosa said as the door opened. “Next to this room, on both sides are some of your elementary and middle school kids. We’ve decided to give you several rooms to deal with and few high schoolers, all but two high schoolers are external mutations. Now as you come in, close the door.” Aiden stepped in and did as his mother said.

White walls ran from the door, past a couple of doors and to an open space ahead. The wallpaper was new. No pictures were on the wall at all. The carpet was new as well. In fact it never looked like it was lived in at all. The room even had that freshly clean smell. To his left were a few stairs going up, then the stairwell turned to the right and continued on up.

“Nice.” He said looking down the short hall. “Looks small though.”

“Enjoy it. Took some string pulling to get a space this nice for you.” Rosa said to him, ignoring his comment on size for the moment. “So be nice, work hard and keep it clean.”

Aiden sighed “I’ll clean it, mom.”

“And if you want to keep this, there will be more work laid on you. Helping train the younger crowd, helping with studies. Stuff like that.”

Aiden gave her that sassy look teens tend to give often. “You mean like I have and for no pay so far?”

“That changes today.” She said to him. “You will see retro pay added to what you make. Not at once, just a bit at a time. You want to keep this, correct? ”

“Yes, I said yes, I’ll go with my word.” Aiden stated.

Rosa smiled and patted his shoulder. “Good. Now if you don’t make enough at first, your father and I will help. At least for food. But we know you may want to stand on your own.”

“Yeah, I do. I’ve wanted to for years, but with how I look... Let’s just say, living in the mass public is right out.”Aiden gestured to himself

“First things though, a walk through. Now you have a small half bathroom with a closet to your right. Also a stacked washer and dryer in there. That is for you, but also to help the younger kids who may need clean clothes in the middle of the night.”

Aiden nodded. “Okay.” He said, He glanced into the bathroom. He made sure to check both the closet and washer dryer combo. As he came back, he pointed. “Stairs? I got a two story apartment?”

“I’ll show you everything. Just hold your horses. We are on this floor first.” Rosa told him As they passed the bathroom and stairs. To his left was an opening, as was to his right. A large glass window stood before them, with a good view of Western downtown Atlanta

“Wait. I get my own kitchen?” Aiden asked. To the left was a decent sized kitchen. As he looked at it, the counter wrapped around the kitchen in a L shape. On the wall that was next to the stairwell, was a small pantry, that went under the stairwell. Next to that was a large fridge. At the bend in the counter, Aiden saw a very large window above the stove with the oven under that. Next to that and under more cupboards was the sink. There was a decent view of Atlanta out of if. Along the wall with that window were several cabinets, all of them were open, showing that they were empty. Next to that was a sink, with a dishwasher under the sink. He turned to face the large picture window, then looked towards the side he had yet to look at.

As he looked over, Rosa spoke up. “We can either get you a table and some wing friendly chairs, or chairs that are wing friendly, so you can sit and enjoy a meal. Your choice.”

“A table would be nice.” Aiden replied.

“Yes. This doesn't mean that you’re exempt from eating with the family. But now we may eat here, or in our room. Understand. Four nights of the week you are on your own though. So think of the possibilities. Also keep in mind that buying food can get expensive. But you will try it on your own first. Don’t feel bad if you ask for help.”

“Sure. I can’t cook anything, anyway.” Aiden said with a chuckle.

“You will learn. I did. Your father did. Now Come back to the stairs.” Rosa said as she turned around, giving Aiden a moment to look around the room a moment more.

He turned to follow her only to find she was already going up the stairs. He jogged the few steps over to the stairs and began to climb. He caught her and slowed his pace down. When they reached the top, she gestured to the right. “This door leads to where the high school kids are at. You are in between two of them, both on your list. Plus a few others”

“Okay. Who are they?” Aiden asked.

“One Sean Edwin.” Rosa replied.

“My own brother? I'm my brother’s keeper?”

“Well, you are helping us out too. So yeah. He does listen to you. So you got him, even though he isn’t a student. Plus to the other side is your friend from Shady side, Melissa.”

“Melissa is good people. I can go with that.”

“Thought you’d say that. Now across from the stairs is your upstairs bathroom.” Rosa gestured to another room.

Aiden looked in and saw a toilet, sink and a bathtub with a shower. One big enough to hold him. “Nice. A shower I can fit in.”

“Yep. Plus these are for just you. I wouldn’t let the kids get used to using yours, because you’ll never get them out of here.” She headed away from the door to another room. “This is your bed. Due to your wings, it is a king sized bed.”

To his left was another entertainment center, empty as well. In front of him and near the foot of the bed as another empty desk. Then to his right was the bed. Two nightstands were on either side.

“Before you ask, there are things the tower will have in storage that you can get. There is someone who can help you furnish your room. TV and computer is on you. Understand?”

“Yeah. I got that stuff.” Aiden replied, as he looked around the bedroom. Next to the desk was no wall, so he walked over and when he did, he could see into his living room. “So awesome.”

“Keep in mind, in taking this place, you agree to keep working. In this town, a one bedroom apartment is about twelve hundred dollars, not counting the utilities. Here, you even got a slight view. An apartment at nearly forty floors up would be over two thousand a month. And we’re not charging you too much rent. It is taken out of your paycheck.”

She turned to face him better. “Also someone will help you move, but starting tonight, you’re working. Understand? With a one month guarantee.”

“Mom, this will be easy.” Aiden said to her. “You worry too much.”

She sighed. She worried that he would quit after the first month. He truly had no idea how kids could be. “Come on. We have a few things to take care of before the kids you’re in charge of stop by.”

“They’re stopping by?”

“Yes. At four this afternoon. So get ready. This room is going to be stuffed. It’s just the younger crowd. All the high school kids will be by later. Each has something going on.”

“Ah. Cool. Well, maybe I should tear down my gaming rig, so I can bring over my most important stuff.” Aiden said as he kept looking around.

“You do that. I’ll be back when the kids get here.” She patted his shoulder. “For now, OG. has you set for the door locks. So get moving and I’ll see you later.”


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