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Picking his pain

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 2:14am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D.

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Rosa's office
Timeline: April 15 2012

It was coming up on seven in the evening. Seamus and Rosa had stayed in the office after Aiden had left. The sun was fully set by now. This left the only light in the office as the one near the conversation pit, plus the lights from the North of Atlanta.

Rosa was leaning against her husband when she called out. “OG. Can you find a room for Aiden and get me a list of who he watches over?”

OG chuckled. “Thinks it's easy? I have several rooms and several charges to suggest for him.”

Seamus smiled at his wife. “I have some ideas and a few good suggestions. First is to curb that ego on how easy it is.”

“Who do you have in mind?” Rosa asked.


Rosa thought about it, then she chuckled. “So we’re making him deal with what we have had to deal with? Good.”

“I agree on Doctor Trouble. That would have been my first suggestion. Next is Melissa Williams. She is better with Aiden. She doesn’t need someone with her, but she could use him nearby.” OG said.

“She does listen to him.” Rosa said with a nod.

“Third high school kid is the thirteen year old Lola Masters.”

“Yeah. A good Idea.” Seamus agreed with a nod.

“Agreed.” Rosa said with a nod as she looked over files that OG was sending her.

"I am open to more ideas, if you have them. I'm cutting through a list of our biggest problem kids in High school." OG. told them. "I also have about ten rooms for middle school aged kids."

Rosa smiled at the reports she was reading. “Then since it is easy, he will get five high school age rooms. seven with Middle school kids. Three with elementary kids. All powered or externals. Plus we’ll have him help more in the danger room.”

“Good idea. His power-set works well when it comes to fighting sims. He can brush off most blows.” Seamus said in agreement.

"Rosa, I'm sending my full list to you now." OG. said to her.

Rosa read it and nodded. "A lot of kids. But most are easy going."

"But Rosie, if it is too easy, we give him more." Seamus said to her. "We need the help. And if they do listen, then why not use that to our advantage."

"True." Rosa sighed out. "OG. Find me a room. If we need to move the kids, I'd rather not move many of them, okay?"

"I'll make sure all the paperwork is set by tomorrow. I'd catch him after ten before he can take off again." OG. said to them. "But for now, you two need dinner. No point in hiding up here all night."

"Thanks. We'll talk more tomorrow." Rosa said as she kissed her husband. "Let's go, before half the tower gets a hangnail. I want to enjoy some quiet time with my husband tonight."

Yes ma'am." Seamus said with a nod. "Who am I to argue with one of my bosses."

Rosa laughed. "Smart man. Very smart man."


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