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Getting help the easy way

Posted on Mon Feb 17th, 2020 @ 1:28am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Rosa's office
Timeline: April 15 2012

Aiden walked up to the door on the right. He had taken the long ride to the top of the tower, unsure why his mother had requested him to come up. Next to the door was a small plaque that said Assistant Headmistress. And under that was her name, Rosa Edwin. Never before did he think his mother would have a personal office at the top of the largest building in America. Never before did he think any of his family would be in charge of something this big, even Sean.

Before he did anything, he looked down the hallway. Off to the left was a hall that led to the elevator, then one more door. This was now Syn’s office, and had been since the start of the year. A few benches lined the walls and that was it. No windows, no speakers playing music, no bathrooms for the kids who got in trouble. It wasn’t a great hall to be in. So a part of him was a little bit worried. Yet he was no longer a student.

He was still a bit tired after coming back the night before from the Upper peninsula of Michigan. He had gone to help a mutant underground stop. Mostly he was glad to be back where it wasn’t freezing. When he had returned he had barely got any sleep. So now he was running on fumes.

He was about to knock when the door opened up. His father was on the other side and gestured to him inside. “Come in, Aiden.”

Aiden stepped in, passing his father who held the door until the winged teen had passed. “Dad? What’s going on?” Aiden took a moment to look around the room. It was decorated in his mother's style. So everything that made her think of her home as a girl, in the Bayou of Louisiana. Plants, pictures of the bayou, plus her family lined the wall. A small pond was to one side, with some small fish in it. Ahead of him was a desk, but ahead and off to the side was a conversation pit that had a chair that looked like he could fit in, plus a couch that his mother was sitting on.

“Go to your mother and we’ll talk. It’s important.” His father said to him as he passed Aiden. Aiden could see a stairwell going downstairs to what he guessed was Alice, his mother’s secretary. The stairwell was slightly lit, meaning she was most likely working

Behind her desk, and off behind the conversation pit were huge picture windows that gave a very excellent view of Atlanta. The sun was slowly reaching the horizon.

Facing back to where the main hall for the floor was, was a wall with a fake fireplace/heater in it. It was just a few feet from the conversation pit. On top of that was a large TV. that Rosa used to keep up on the world events while working. The fireplace was burning, which was a relief after his trip to the land of cold.

“Have a seat, son. Would you like something to drink?” His mother asked him.

“Um, am I in trouble?”

Rosa smiled and shook her head. “Not at all. We just have something very important to discuss with you.”

He sighed and shook his head. He held up one clawed finger. “One time. I only missed one meeting with the therapist. Well, three actually, and that was because I was helping at an underground stop. You two sent me to Marquette.”

“This isn’t about your therapy. This is about something bigger.” Rosa said as she gestured again. “A drink?”

“Root beer?” Aiden replied back, as though he were asking a question. “You sure I’m not in trouble?”

“Aiden, if you were in trouble, Syn would be here and we would be at the desk, not watching the sun go down in Atlanta." His mother said.

Aiden looked away from the fireplace and out at the Atlanta Skyline. The buildings to the north were all lit up. Aiden loved this view. He felt like a God up here.

“How was the upper peninsula of Michigan, by the way?” Seamus asked from across the room.

“Damn cold. They got like three feet of snow there. And the guy had me put on a new roof to his place.”

Off to a far wall, there was a small sink and a well stocked area with snacks and drinks. Seamus collected a root beer and returned to his son, then he sat near his wife. Rosa pulled a drink coaster out from a rack that sat on the small coffee table in between the couch and chairs and slid it towards him. Aiden popped it open with his right hand and took a quick sip. Then he placed it on the coaster.

His mother leaned forward. “Aiden, the other day you were complaining about money being tight for something you wanted to buy. I know you’ve been helping a lot and you get paid for it. Plus we’ve heard through Munir that you hate your small space you got now. We also know you’re planning to help in the shop when Susan can open it. But what if we offered you a bit more money.”

“More? Like a thousand? And do I get paid for running errands for the safe homes? I just put shingles on a tall house roof over a course of three days. Please tell me I get paid for that.”

“You will. But this also comes with a larger room. Not larger than our new room, but larger than what you have. It also comes with more responsibilities.”

“Easy responsibilities.” Seamus added.

Rosa cut both her husband and son off from speaking. “But first, what are your future plans? Are you thinking of going to college?”

“That’s the thing, I really don’t know what I want to be. I doubt I can live away from the tower easily.” Aiden said with a shrug. “Part of me was thinking of finding a way to help out here more. Train kids and stuff like that. Not like I can live elsewhere. I don’t really know past that. I guess I could go master fighting styles and teach it to those with external mutations. Help with hand to hand training.”

“Well, that works.” Rosa said as she nodded and thought about what he said.

“So what is this job?” Aiden asked.

“You agree and you become like a den mother. Basically you’ll be overseeing several rooms of the few elementary school kids we have here. Plus either middle school or high school kids. Depending on who needs an adult nearby. Basically just there to make sure everything is as it should be.”

His father nodded. “Basically to make sure rules are followed, homework is done and powers are not used.”

“Wait... so I only have to be there, make sure no one dies. Make sure no powers are used and make sure rooms are picked up, homework is done and bedtimes are followed?” Aiden asked.

“That about sums it up.” Seamus stated. “They can pick up after themselves and those in need of a tutor can find one with your help. You’ll also be helping to train them. You’ll be going to many of the simulations that they are in, or at least overseeing a few a week.”

Aiden scoffed. “Easy. I can do that.”

“You sure?” Rosa asked.

“Please. I’ll have those kids in line in a day or two.” Aiden said to his mother.

“One last time. Are you sure you wish to do this? You agree and you’re stuck in this job for at least one month with no way out, until the month has passed. We’re handing you a ton of responsibility. You’re getting a lot of work. You’re one of the few people helping out. So you got a lot to deal with.”

“Mom, I can do this. Tell a bunch of kids to go to bed, clean rooms and do homework? Please, nothing could be easier.”

Rosa looked to her husband and just smiled. Then she looked to her son. “Okay. Sign here please. This is a listing of all you are expected to do. And what all you can do.” Rosa said as she pushed a clipboard with a pen across the table at him.

His father spoke up. “Are you sure, son? Kids can surprise you.”

“Dad, I got this. Most of the kids here know me and will listen.” Aiden said as he picked up the clipboard and took the pen so he could write.

“So who do I get?” Aiden asked as he scratched his name on the paper. .

“We’ll get back to you on that. If we find easy kids, would you oversee several rooms?”

“If they are super easy and chill?” Aiden asked back, then added. “Sure. Don’t just leave me with half the tower to watch.” He stated.

"Now that you signed, maybe we will." His mother said with a big grin. "Always read before you sign. But for now, we'll keep it good."


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