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BACKPOST It's all part of the game

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 7:39am by Assistant Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Aiden Edwin & Senior Susan Edwin

Mission: Backposts
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - January 8 thru 11th

January 8th 2012

“Susan? Can we get you to bring Melody in here for a moment?” Rosa asked her eldest daughter.

Susan had been unsure why she had been called up to a conference room. But her father was by her side and reassured her that it was all necessary. She picked up Melody’s car seat and headed into the conference room with her child and father. Rosa gestured to a pair of seats near the head of the table.

“Before you get all worried, we are only here to get some legal paperwork taken care of, namely changing you to being Melody’s guardian and listing her as your legal daughter due to being blood relations.

“We’ve used some of the pull we have with SHIELD to get this through the legal channels as fast as we could. Fury said the paperwork will be locked away to just him after this. But as of now, you’re the legal parent and guardian of Melody.” The lawyer said. Then he pulled out some papers. “This means that everything from James and Charity are now hers, and due to her age, yours, including that store downstairs, and all its contents.”

“It’s all legal?” Susan asked her mother.

“It’s all legal. James and Charity had the paperwork drawn up already, in case this happened. As the now legal parent of Melody, you have access to what she has and that is everything her parents owned. The store and all the back stock that didn’t get ruined.” The tower’s lawyer told her again. Susan wasn’t sure how to take this. She knew a lot of people in the tower enjoyed the shop and played the games they sold. She wasn’t quite sure what she would do with the store now. After all, it wasn’t completely hers.

"I made sure that everything that was salvageable from the mall was pulled to the side, including the racks." Rosa said to her.

Later in Sean’s lab, She was looking over all of what James and Charity had owned, while Sean was busy getting into their computer system and their emails. Aiden was there between training sessions with the kids who he mentored.

Sean looked up from his computer. “Hey Susan, I’m looking at these emails and it looks like some things they had put on sale has been bought yesterday.”

“Is there any way to send the money back? What if we don’t have the product?” Susan wasn’t sure what to do. She had never really worked the store, she only stood there while James worked it.

“Didn’t he say they put a lot of it in storage, under the tower, so they didn’t fill their back room?” Sean asked her. She knew he could know better. He had spent a decent amount of time in their store lately.

“I think so. I believe that I got the key with all their stuff.” Susan replied.

Sean smiled big. “Wanna go and see if we can find the stuff? These people paid for it, let's do the right thing and sent it to them!”

Aiden smiled at her. "I'm with Sean. Plus I kind of know their system. Shouldn't take too long."


Three hours later, Sean shouted from the back of the storage space that had been rented for the stuff from the store. “AHA! FOUND IT!” Aiden was helping, before he wanted to take off again. He was in another part of the storage shed.

“You found it?” Susan asked.

“Yep. Lots of stuff in here.” Sean called back to her. Everything was in rows. He had to use his crutches to get in. But at least he had that much to help him move around.

“Come on and pass it this way.” She moved through the tight isle and met Sean halfway. She took the stuff then went to a workbench so she could get the stuff into a box for the sale. As she sat there, Sean was to her side looking at emails and Aiden was looking over the store room.

From her side, Sean was busy looking at the store’s website. “Shit. looks like we got a few more things out for sale.”

“Susan, maybe we should get help on this. Get help to do an inventory.” Aiden said. “Then make sure what is being sold is still there to sell. I can help before I go see Melissa. If not I’m sure some of the kids would help you.”

“I don’t know.” Susan said with a shake of her head.

“Susan, you know we could ask Syn to take over a common room to hold gaming, now that the store is gone. So we don’t lose clients. Something open to the public. Plus we can still sell gear. “ Sean said as he looked up from the computer. Dice always sell. I can order some of the games that just came out, so you keep up with the market.”

January 11th

Susan sat with her family, eating dinner and considering the options. She had never really thought about what she would do in her life. Mostly she had thought of being a counselor. But to run a store? She had spent a lot of time in the store that had belonged to Melody’s parents. She had even played some games there. But nothing prepared her for the thought of having to run it.

“No one says that this has to be your only thing.” Her mother said to her at the dinner table. “You can still become a counselor, or doctor or whatever. You can get help.”

“You can work both things.” Aiden stated as he took a bite of food.

“Aiden, it’s simple. I need a manager who can work the crowd and knows the product. I don’t. You do. Sean isn’t good on public relations, no offence Sean.”

“It’s not my fault they aren’t smart.” Sean said with a grin, before he took a drink of his soda.

“I need you, Aiden.” Susan said to her brother once more.

“Not me.” Aiden said. “Best I got is working the register and helping competitions, when I’m here.”

“You need to start games here, like I said earlier.” Sean spoke up. “The weekly gaming thing has stopped due to the loss of the store. No one has a big enough room.”

“I spoke to Syn. We can use a conference room downstairs until the mall is finished., if it isn't in use, that is.” Susan said to her brother. “ She looked to her family. “I’ve decided. I’m going to do this, with or without you all. Feast or famine, win or lose, victory or failure. I will work that shop and when December hits, I’m opening it again.”

“I’ll help. But as a cashier or running games. But I get to play as well.”

“No competitions. It could be seen as unfair if her own brother won a game, in a store he works at.” Sean stated.

Aiden nodded, as did his parents. “Agreed.” He then spoke up again. “Besides, I like the ones where it just for fun.”

“Good. That is settled.” Susan said, looking from Aiden to Sean. “And you, Sean. Care to try and be my accountant? Maybe help watch what is sold and order the right games?”

“I can set you up a computer with a point of sale system. We’ll have it running in a month or so.” Sean was nodding. “I can still access their old system, so we’ll take care of it from there. I’ll let you know what I come up with.”

“Susan, you start this, it’s on you.” Rosa told her. “Running a business isn’t a sure thing. There will be highs and lows. The market can wax and wane on you. So keep in mind, you do this, times can get tight for you and your daughter.”

“It’s melody’s stuff. Plus all the money I make in profit goes to her.”

“Okay. But just heed what I said, okay?” Rosa told her. "Not that I don't have faith, I just have seen many stores fail in my life and I want you ready for the possibility, okay?"

Susan nodded and patted her mother's hand. "I know mom. And I'm ready, I hope."



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