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Body-napped part 2

Posted on Wed Sep 4th, 2019 @ 6:42am by Senior Susan Edwin & Civilian Nathan "Natey" Benning

Mission: Backposts
Location: Susan's mind
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - after Body-napped

January 29th 2012

“I’m going to find you bitch.” The burly man said as he walked around what looked like a playground at night. "You can't hide forever!"

“You're not welcome here.” Susan called to him from across the playground. This was one of her usual constructs, but she hadn’t made it. That scared her. This meant he was gaining her skill, somehow. Or he had some kind of psychic power. This man had been stalking her for what seemed like several lifetimes. She wasn’t sure how many hours, or even days had passed since she had been taken over. She had seen everything he had done before her parents stopped her body. And she had been unable to stop it all. Now she knew that if he caught her, he could end her and take over her body. She wasn’t prepared to fight him, her powers seemed really weak for some reason, but she didn’t want to die today, either.

“Stop me, if you can. But you can’t, can you. And now, I got your body. Just one more thing to do and it’s my new body.” The man said to her. He gave a smile that spent a chill up her spine.

“You don’t see the truth in front of you, do you?” Susan asked. “You managed to take over the body of a psychic. So clearly you’re either magic, or a mutant, too. Maybe as powerful as me, but not trained.”

“Oh I’m trained.” He challenged. As he was mostly new to the games of the mind, he dropped into a fighting position. He brought his hands together. One hand looked like it was holding something.The other hand was like he held the knife in it. Then he pulled his hands slowly apart. A really evil looking sword formed in his hands. “Some of us know our place, you freak.”

“As much as I would try to save you, your body is dead and you don’t get to have mine.” Susan was sure that in the real world, she would lose a fight with a trained soldier. But this man seemed new to his mental abilities, but his newness was aided with a strong mental ability. She tried to get her own weapon to show, but nothing formed. The man laughed at her.

“Untrained? Looks like I got the weapon and you don’t. Having problems?” He sneered at her before lunging with the weapon. She bounced back and kept retreating, just inches away from his slashing sword.

She turned and ran, but somehow the man seemed right on her heels. She tried to get away, but as she almost made it to the end of the park, he jumped into her path. She slid to a halt, then ran to the right. His sword swiped in the space she had just occupied.

As she ran along this path, he managed to jump in front of her again. But this time as he landed and lunged, a root stuck up from the ground and caught his foot. She heard a voice telling her to run.

Susan felt a set of familiar minds near her. She knew right away it was family. Plus telepaths from the tower. Maybe even that new kid from shady Side. She jumped back again, then turned and ran towards the main part of the playground There was a large jungle gym in front of her. A series of bars, meant for climbing that looked like metal dome. While she wasn’t at full power, she knew that her normal skills could still help. She she scrambled up the tall dome, hoping the man would not just stand under her. When she reached the highest point, her body felt a surge of power. Strength flowed from somewhere and into her. She could really feel the presence of her family. To the side of the park. She could see more of the people from NEXUS running towards her, but then something happened. The boy she had saved from shady Side and her Great grandmother stood facing each other across the path those men were taking to get to her. All of them seemed oblivious to the two newcomers. As they ran past the two telepathic people, strands of white fibers flared up. As each man ran through, chunks of them fell off. Screams bellowed out from the tortured men, until her great grandmother swiped a hand at them and mystical flames engulfed their bodies. Leaving her one last fool to deal with.

“Use our strength.” Her Grandmother’s voice called to her. “Arm yourself now, child.”

Susan stood on the top of the gym, standing nearly twenty feet from the ground. The man was getting to the edge of the giant half dome structure. Her left hand was out in front of her, her right was behind her and a pole weapon formed in her hand. The weapon shimmered into view rather quickly. About as fast as it normally would have, if there wasn’t another mind in there with her. The pole was sliver and the axe-like blade had white flames around it.

“See, you’re in my head.” Susan said to him as he slowly stalked to where she was.

The man gave a chilling smile. “But I’m in control, bitch.”

She sighed and held up her free hand. “Are you?”

“You think I’m the only one in here? You’re surrounded.

“That team?” Susan pointed to where the men were on the ground and burning. Crone LaFountaine and Natey were just standing there, slowly moving towards her.

“Look around, bitch. I kill you and I’m in charge again.” Behind her, more of the men from NEXUS started to come towards her. They seemed to be running towards her from every angle. She could see Natey and Crone LaFountaine were fighting more of the men.

Then it dawned on her. This wasn’t more. This was him, her attacker. He was making more people to push at them. Each one had the same head, his head. So they were all just mental clones.

She getting close to the end of her power. Several strands of mental energy burst through the ground. They quickly wrapped around his legs, then some made it to the arm that held the sword. But before she could attack him, his clones were starting to climb the half dome structure she was on, with a frightening speed. She lashed out, swinging the blade of her weapon to the right, then to the left.

As she touched one of his mental clones, it would burst into flames and another one would take it place, just a few feet away and moving towards her.

“This is my mind now. You can’t best me in my imagination.” His sword arm was getting loose from the mental energy that held him. She didn’t have the power to fight this. Not while he was using her energy against her.

As the man tried scrambling up the jungle gym Susan had climbed, she jumped, the point of her blade in front of her. She tapped some of the power she had remaining in her, but keeping enough to hold onto her blade. There was a bright flash in front of her. This caused the man to instinctively raise his arm. He blinked twice, but as he lowered his arm, it was too late. Her blade passed through the area his neck had been. Several of his mental clones began to drop to the ground and scream. She hit the ground and rolled once, then sprang up onto her feet, weapon at the ready. The man’s head dropped behind him, as his body pitched forward. Susan had turned and was bringing up her pole weapon into a defensive position. His body began to burn with a silver white fire, then soon he was no more.

She wasn’t panting, there was no need. But she wasn’t about to let her guard down. She pointed the tip of the weapon outwards and slowly made a circle. She had been trained for years to fight hand to hand. And with games of the mind, one never knew if they had truly won.

The playground began to fade away and Susan could hear things, like the beeping of machines and people talking. The image of Natey and her relatives were getting faint. She knew she was coming out of a deep sleep, so instinct took over and she prepared to wake up.



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