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Even Dragons Need a Vacation, Part 4

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2019 @ 7:08am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf)

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower - Atlanta, Georgia/Dyami’s Secret Lair
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 14 February 2012

Carefully, cautiously, Syn opened her door and stepped out onto the cold evening air. She noticed the small simple box only shortly before the candles lit around it. Was it a bomb? “Please don’t let it be a bomb,” she muttered. The Tower had suffered enough explosions as of late.

Taking a breath, the armed and armored being known as Wyrmwood knelt carefully in front of the box, studying it before she reached down to open the clasp, bracing for some kind of attack. Instead, she found a small, worn jade dragon resting inside.

Syn picked up the figurine and turned it over in her hand, a small hidden smile forming on her lips. “Dyami,” she whispered. She had left it for him as a gift after their first meeting. Their first night together so long ago. “That explains the number of blossoms,” she said with a chuckle.

Dyami had seen Syn through the window as she approached the balcony door. Maneuvering high above he changed back into his normal form and fell, landing on the railing on his bare feet, lightly, into a crouch a few feet from the diminutive dragon lady. “I thought you might count them.” The Indian man smiled. “I was wondering if you had some time for me tonight.”

“You know, I thought someone had sent an assassin after me,” Syn said, her nano shrinking back from her face as she turned her red-reptilian eyes to her long time lover. She smiled at the native man though. “I didn’t think you would still have this after so long. Are we staying in? Or is there some reason that you lured me out to the balcony?”

“Well, I was looking over your personnel file, and it seems you have accrued quite a bit of paid time off.” Dyami said as he pulled out a rather thick file folder marked Absynthe Drake . “After all even dragons need a vacation from time to time. Fortunately I know the perfect place.”

Syn eyed the folder, shaking her head. “I highly doubt that you managed to get my personnel file,” she said with a snort. “Though, you did manage to get into my quarters somehow.” The Headmistress had some idea of how that had happened, and she vowed to have a chat with OG about it later.

The small woman sighed softly. “A true vacation would be nice, Dyami. But I don’t know if I can get...” Syn stopped talking as her sliver relayed a message from OG. OG says they’ve got it for a couple of days. Go.

“Well, it seems that my schedule has been cleared for a couple of days,” the diminutive dragon lady said with a laugh. “You two set me up, I won’t forget this.” She then looked to Dyami with a smile, “So, where is this perfect place?”

Dyami laughed and motioned for the dragon lady to approach with a beckoning finger. When she was close enough he leaned forward, almost defying gravity, to breathe quietly in her ear, “Do you remember me telling you I have a home that the Sky Brothers provided for myself and my ancestors? A place that I am perfectly safe from all harm.”

The small woman laughed softly at Dyami’s balancing act and a small shudder worked its way down her spine as he whispered into her ear. “I remember you mentioning something about that,” she whispered back, then pulled back to look the native man in the eyes. “But is that some place that you really want to take someone to?”

The Indian shaman looked her directly in her reptilian eyes, locking his gaze on hers. “I can think of no one else that I would rather share my secrets with. Besides, I feel it would be rather hard for you to get to without me.” So as not reveal to OG his secret he motioned with his eyes behind him to the dazzling full moon. “And after all,” the half naked Indian continued, “When you go on vacation you should always go to a place you have never been.”

Syn arched a slender brow over one of those odd eyes, and she laughed. “There are definitely very few places that I have never been to,” she said. She reached up and caressed Dyami’s face gently. “Let me lock up.”

It took the small Asian woman very little time to carefully pick up the candles and the box that the figurine was in, even taking the blossoms that had been laid out in a trail from her door. She put out food and water for the kittens, telling them that she would be back soon. No sooner had she locked the door and turned her back, however, the food forgotten, Yin and Yang pounced on her bed, sending cherry blossoms flying through the air. Syn chuckled and turned to Dyami. “Well, lead the way.”

The Indian shaman stood on the railing balancing with practiced ease. Raising his hands he was wreathed in a pale blue light. Traditional Native American war dress appeared on his muscular body. “I must warn you. When we arrive do not leave the circle until I tell you it is safe. My guardian can be a bit imposing. Although, come to think of it, so can you. I am truly curious as to how she will act.”

Talon stepped down off of the railing and held Syn close, wrapping her gently in ridiculously well defined arms. “This may be disconcerting as you have never traveled this way.” The shaman thought of a single word and the two figures, standing atop the high tower, in the cold thin air, were at once there and not there, and the next moment they appeared in a dark, rough-hewn cavern surrounded by a small, seemingly hand-drawn chalk circle.

There was a soft gasp from Syn as they suddenly appeared in the small circle, and she blinked a few times. Everything seemed just a bit off for a second, but the little dragon lady could feel the differences. Her internal compass felt off, even the gravity seemed a tad different. As her predator’s eyes adjusted to the dark, she looked around curiously. “There’s something else here,” she mentioned, her arms still around Dyami. Not out of fear, for the woman rarely showed such things, but she rather enjoyed being wrapped in his strong arms. And having her arms around him. “A bear of some kind, by the smell of it. But it’s an unfamiliar scent at the same time.”

“She is an American short-faced bear that I found years ago near the place we met. She, I believe, is the last of her kind. Science says they died out almost ten thousand years ago. I will go and calm her down.” Dyami held her for a moment longer before loosening his grip. When the dragon woman released him he stepped back into the shadows of the cave which was dimly lit blue from some unseen source just around a small corner.

Talon disappeared around that corner and Syn could hear him speaking soft words of comfort to the animal. After a few moments he called to her saying “It is safe for you to approach, You need to meet her before she can calm down enough to eat. She is very hungry.”

Syn had stayed put in the chalk circle, figuring that she would wind up having to fight Dyami’s pet if she dared to stray from it, and she really had no desire to kill something that may well have been the last of its kind. When she was called, however, the small woman walked through the odd cavern with her usual confident stride. The beast that she approached dwarfed her and again, the tiny Asian woman gasped softly. “You really do have a knack for finding odd strays, don’t you?” she teased as she approached.

“It is a talent,” Dyami said as the great bear cautiously approached the diminutive woman. “This is my oldest friend, so be gentle,” he advised the huge bear. The beast seemed to trust his words and lowered its enormous head to the strange smelling woman, apparently wanting a good scratch.

The diminutive administrator reached out slowly, again, not out of fear, but out of respect for the large predator. Syn allowed the bear a moment to truly get her scent, to let her know that she was no threat, before reaching up behind the bear’s ears and scratching her through the rough fur. A smile touched the dragon lady’s face, as she said, “I can see why you kept her. She’s a powerful ally.”

“And the only one of her kind, like me,” the long-haired Indian responded. “Come see the rest of her area.” He motioned for her to follow and took her tiny hand. He brought her into the main hall of the cavern which was almost a football field in length.

The shaman walked ahead into the cave, and when he was about ten feet out he called to the darkness, “May light shine where it wills.” Bio-luminescent ferns on the ceiling lit up a pale green, casting a shimmering, eerie light over the very large cavern. Light cast flitting shadows upon walls that seemed to be carved by hand eons ago.

Syn could see trees, bushes, and man sized mushrooms, large multi-colored crystals stuck out of the rocky ceiling at odd angles and a small stream bubbled happily through the center of the cavern. Ending in a large pool of standing water, beautiful and serene.

On the left side of the cavern was an entrance way to another area, this was veiled in darkness at the moment, but could easily be seen from the path the two metahumans walked. Dyami outstretched his arm and asked, “So what do you think?”




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