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A meeting with the crones

Posted on Tue Apr 16th, 2019 @ 4:10am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D.

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Medical bay
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 25th January Midnight Following Something amiss with Sean

Rosa sat in a chair in the hall of the medical area of the Tower. Inside a room near her, were her grandmother and great grandmother. Also her son was lying in there, still unconscious. Just a few hours earlier he had been found by her and Bryan, floating in his lab.

Rosa’s mother was elsewhere with Susan’s body. It had almost been half a day since they had shown up, shortly after the Wisp of Cordelia had spoken to her. Rosa wasn’t holding back in her investigation. She had the old ladies doing in depth searches into the mind of her youngest child. To her side, her husband walked over and sat down. He let his wife lean against him.

“So, what did they say about his lab?” Seamus asked. He had been busy for most of the day, dealing with the normal run of ailments that seemed to show up in a school setting.

“The wards have to stay up. Grandmother said it is the style she showed Cordelia.” Rosa replied. “It was most excellent work, they said. The wards will keep him safe, if something starts. At least safe enough to get someplace safer.”

“I see. So Cordelia came to you, with Bryan’s help and said something big was coming?” Seamus whispered the last part, so kids in the hall didn’t hear them.

“Yeah. That scares me. At least after what Dom did to his lab the other day.” Rosa said, shaking her head slowly. “I’m not sure what all I can speak of, but I’ll ask Syn.”

“Fair enough. What about Sean?” Seamus gestured to the room that Sean was in.

“He is okay. Grandmother has been under with him for the better part of a day. We’ll find out more when she wakes up.” Rosa replied. “Mother is with Susan, trying to help expel her unwanted guest with Natey’s help.”

Seamus put an arm around her. “You’re not kicking yourself over this, are you?”

“A little. But part of me is reliving my attack. I mean really Seamus, What if Cordelia is alive?” Rosa craned her neck to look at her husband.

“As a doctor I should say not to hold onto dreams like that. But we have kids here who defy what normal is. Magic is a real thing so all I can say is who really knows.” Seamus then gestured to the room. “But if anyone does, they might.”

“True.” She said. The door to Sean’s room open and Rosa could see far enough inside to see her Grandmother had woken up and was sitting on a cot. Her Great grandmother was walking towards her.

“I have news, but not good news.” Mother Crone, her Great grandmother said to her in an even tone of voice.

“Tell us. Don’t hold nothing back.” Rosa said as she sat up.

The old lady sat on a bench facing them and relaxed a little. Lisette Found nothing. She was all over in his mind and nothing came to her. No Cordelia. No child. Just Sean in his subconscious.”

“Damn.” Rosa swore under her breath.

“But she did sense magic in there. Lingering. But there. And she said it felt like Cordelia.” Again the old lady spoke in an even tone.

“So there is a chance Cordelia survived?” Rosa asked, sitting up even straighter.

“Possible. Even I don’t know every trick there is in magic. She could have done a number of spells. But without having been there, I can not answer.” Mother crone shook her head slightly. “Now, I shall go check on your mother and your daughter. You need sleep. Sean will sleep until tomorrow morning. He’ll wake well rested.”

“Thank you Grams.” Rosa replied.

“Meet us by Susan’s room when you’ve woken from your nap.”


Also Staring Mother Crone. Rosa's Great grandmother



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