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Aiden and Melissa training part 3: Conclusion

Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 6:13am by Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Danger room 2
Timeline: February 1st

---- Some time later ----

Melissa half stumbled out of the D-room once their session was over. Faint purpling edged what would surely become a bruise along her cheekbone, where she'd demonstrated that she really hadn't known how to fall after all. Despite her injuries, her clothing was pristine, covered as it had been by the nano she'd put on. She ached, with muscles that she didn't even know she had hurting.

“Is it always like that?” Melissa asked. “So... so rough?”

“Munir asked. Normally it isn’t, but with who is after you, you’re getting the stepped up, accelerated program.”

She groaned. “Great. I guess I'll have good training in how to be killed, then, when he comes for me.”

Assuredly so, with that attitude. Neferu grumbled.

“Shut up.” Melissa grumbled back.

“Sorry, but the powers that be want you to be able to take on cultists if the need be.” Aiden replied. “Better safe than sorry.”

“I know.” Melissa sighed, massaging an aching shoulder. She paused then looked up at him worriedly. “I-I wasn't telling you to shut up. Just her. Not you.”

“I figured. You should try to see if she can read your thoughts. Think something towards her, like say hey, whatever her name is, without speaking. So you don’t look too crazy.”

“Neferu.” She filled in. “That's her name.”

Minoan goddess of night and the moon, She of the Curved Blades, former assassin of the temple of...

Ugh, I know... you tell me all the time. Melissa thought back to the goddess.

Neferu stopped, but gave a disapproving huff. Having respect for others, whether divine or not, would serve you well.

“I think it works!” Melissa smiled at Aiden.

“Good.” Aiden replied. “For me, I haven't mastered that, so I hold my hand to my head, like it's a cell phone.”

“For when you talk to Munir? Or when you're actually crazy and talking to yourself?” Melissa teased, then blushed a little, regretting not thinking before she spoke. “S-sorry... I know you're not crazy. I-I was just...”

Do not apologize. Be bold. Prove that you are interesting and capable of providing amusement. My brother insists that males enjoy a degree of teasing. Apologize only if your words are taken poorly.

Aiden chuckled. “I do wonder if I'm a bit crazy. I love flying at sonic speeds. I enjoy flying through town at top speed. Some could call it crazy. Plus some of the other things I've done would seem nuts.”

“Like what?” She asked. “Other than scaring away bullies in Shady Side, I mean.”

“Flying into buildings to stop. Using my head as a battering ram. You know, the usual stuff.” Aiden said with a giggle.

She looked at him for a long moment and blinked only once. “Umm...”

Aiden stopped to explain it to her. “When the space is tight, or not enough time to stop, things have to help. My bones absorb any kind of kinetic energy. So if I hit something, or it hits me, I get that energy and my bones get stronger.” Then he added. “I also have people thinking I’m crazy because I rush into a fight. I don’t sit back and get them with sonic powers. I rush in and while I can block, I don’t. The more I’m hit, the more energy, should I need it. So I was labeled reckless and crazy by the others. Some call me bloodthirsty, or unhinged. But it serves the purpose of making my bones dense and filling me with power.”

It made sense, but Melissa wondered how he'd ever thought of doing that. “Oh. Doesn't it hurt?”

“Yeah. While my bones can absorb the blows, my skin and muscles do not. So I bruise, a lot.” Aiden said, shrugging as he did. Then he smiled. “The side result of all the energy is that makes me like a walking back massager. I vibrate like a souped up diesel motor.” Aiden said with a grin.

“That sounds kind of awkward.” She said.

“I'll be the first to tell you. I do have the nickname of the human vibrator.” He said before sighing.

No doubt a useful trait for a lover. Neferu noted.

Melissa blushed. “Who, um... w-who calls you that?” her fingers began to spark. “Crystal?”

“Kids in the tower who have trained with me in the danger room. Crystal never really trained here.” Aiden stated.

Trained... so that suggested that Crystal didn't know about Aiden's... vibrator. She blushed a little more. “Ah.”

“It can be a bit awkward in free fall training, when I'm charged and I have to catch and hold someone. Even worse if the catch is female.” Aiden said as he blushed. “Had a few interesting moments after those catches.”

Melissa's blush deepened so that her cheeks were a fairly vibrant red. She imagined being caught by Aiden in training, and that didn't help the blush in any way. She couldn't keep her mind from running through the situation... Aiden, mid-fight, vibrating from an impact, catching her as she fell... his strong arms holding her tight... the vibrations coursing through every inch of her body, her skin tingling as much from being so close to him as from the vibration... staring in to his eyes... her face close to his...

Aiden's ears could hear the crackling of the electricity. He quickly hopped backwards to avoid getting hit. He failed and one of the jolts his him in his armored chest. Another struck his armored arms

“Melissa, breathe. Find your focus.” Aiden told her in the most even tone he could. “Find your center.” another couple smacked into his armor, another into his wings

~Keep backing up. I got you locked out.~ Munir told him.

“Sorry! I'm sorry! Sorry!” She exclaimed. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to think of anything other than Aiden's hot, vibrating, naked body...

It wasn't very effective.

You are aware, I trust, that should you succeed in seducing Aiden, I will be present. Neferu sighed, clearly not impressed with this whole situation. I will be here, in your mind, sharing your sensations, providing advice and critique...

The sparks abruptly stopped.


Melissa thought dark thoughts at her divine stowaway.

“Sorry.” Melissa stared at the floor. “I, um... I should... go...”

Aiden had seen her actions before. Many people hid after their powers flared. “Nope.” Aiden stepped back to her. “First of all we need to take you to get all wounds healed. Then you need food for what energy you worked off. Headmaster rules.”

~Good call. I'm sure they would hurt you for letting her walk away now.~ Munir told him.

The very last thing in the universe that Melissa wanted to do at this moment was continue to be around Aiden, let alone people in general. Still, she couldn't exactly do anything else if those were the Headmaster's rules. She nodded silently, continuing to stare intently at the floor.

Aiden could see the look she had. One of embarrassment. “Melissa, we covered this. You are not the first person to lose control of your powers. So don't let one hiccup ruin your outlook. I have let many a stray blast out and took out many walls here. I also can do a high pitched whistle that shatters glass. Wanna know how much of a pain in the ass it is to replace windows at the one hundredth floor and up? You are not the first. Nor will you be the last.”

She bit her lip, looking up at him with a guilty look in the pretty dark eyes beneath her thick glasses. “ much trouble d-did you get in?”

Aiden shrugged. “None at all, when they heard it was an accident. I have blown out many walls in my room. I'm like a wrecking ball.” He smiled. “Accidents are not treated like a crime, so don't worry.”

“What if... what if I can't learn to control it?” around you, she added in her head.

“The nano may be able to help. Plus training. Nothing in life is for sure. We just have to do our best.” Aiden replied. “But they expect accidents.”



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