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Aiden and Melissa training part 2

Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 6:07am by Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Danger room 2
Timeline: February 1st

He is wise. Neferu commented. Perhaps your desire to copulate with him is not unfounded. He is not my type, but perhaps I may be of assistance. In days of old, the goddesses of Minos were known far and wide for our... abilities in matters of love. If you would desire it, I can assist you in winning his heart.

Melissa blushed, but tried to ignore the goddess. “I, um... we will. Neferu... well... she tries to be helpful, she just isn't as good at it as she thinks she is.”

There was an irritated grumble inside Melissa's mind.

Aiden chuckled as the elevator opened up and they stepped inside. He pressed a button. When I first got him, Munir was like Jiminy Cricket. Always telling me what to do. And what not to. Kinda like having Big Brother in my head.”

“She really wants me to go find Tim. To defeat...” Melissa began

Do not speak his name! I have warned you!

“...the... um... the god who is possessing him.” Melissa continued after a short pause. “I know I’m not ready, that I wouldn’t win. Look at what he did to Shady Side. I wouldn’t have a chance.” She sighed.

“Heh, Shady Side was getting screwed from two angles. You had the wonderful douchebags of NEXUS under your town setting up an army. That went over so well.” Aiden replied with a dry chuckle. “Next time he is faced, mark my words, you’ll have a lot of backup.”

Melissa cringed a bit at the memory of what happened to her hometown when the NEXUS prisoners were released. “I... I hope so. I hope that it doesn’t happen in Shady Side again.”

“I doubt it. Now that the bigger groups in the world know what was going on there, they’ll have to move.” Aiden replied, shrugging his shoulders as the elevator came to a stop. When the doors parted, he put his arm over the space for the door. “This will be our floor.”

Melissa nodded, stepping out of the elevator under his arm. “Nexus, you’re right... they won’t be back. I’m just worried about what happens if Tim returns. The cult was there, in Shady Side, the one that worked to bring Se...”

Do not say it!

“...err... the, um... th-the god back.” Melissa stumbled over her words. “I’m sure they’re elsewhere too, but, what if they come back? Or... o-or what if they find out about Neferu, and they come for me? If... if they find out I can go in to the digital realm where the gods are, and take others with me, like I did with you? I... I’m scared... if... if they tried to get to me by going after... a-after my family... or Aunt Tina...”

“First of all, don’t worry about your Aunt. I hear she has backups for the backups.” Aiden said with a nod. “Second, If you wish to speak about Him, call him Lord of the Sands, or Mr. Snakey. That is what my higher ups told me. Names give power.”

He is wise. Neferu interjected in Melissa’s mind. I approve of your desire to mate with this one.

Melissa blushed.

“As for his Cult, he’d be crazy to come here, looking for a fight. The amount of powers we have here...Even Lorde waited for us to have half of us elsewhere before he attacked the mall.” Aiden stated. “Then it was still just the mall he touched.”

Melissa nodded with a small sigh. “Yeah, but that was Lorde. The... the Lord of Sands... he’s a god. He’s arrogant, too. And... and what if he just... comes for me? Or... or what if he gets more powers back? Neferu and Ushebti both said that he can’t have the same kind of power that he had before, because he doesn’t have a lot of worshippers or something, but then, Neferu didn’t think it was possible for him to come out of the digital realm but then it’s apparently a very rare thing for her to be able to come to this realm through me... and even then, well, when she took over my body, she was weak. The Lord of Sands in Tim... he wasn’t weak.”

“Melissa, don’t worry about him. Right now just focus on getting better. Focus on getting muscle memory going on, should a fist fight be needed.” Aiden told her as they walked to the danger room. “You worry about what you can’t control and you’ll never win.”

I do like this young man. Neferu announced. You have my blessing. Smile at him and touch his arm as you thank him for his concern.

“What?” Melissa blinked, looking away from Aiden for a moment.

It is a friendly gesture, Melissa. Neferu replied with a suffering sigh. And yet, it is one that signals your interest in a more subtle fashion than the earlier kiss you bestowed upon him. The direct approach failed due to his infatuation with the girl he spoke of at the time... Crystal, if I recall, her name. I shall investigate how to take down your adversary, but you must follow my direction if you wish to win Aiden Edwin’s love.

Melissa looked up at Aiden with a slightly nervous smile and a soft blush. She placed slightly trembling fingers on his nearest arm. “Thank you. F-for your concern.” She said quietly. “I’ll... I’ll try not to let it distract me when I train.”

“Good.” Aiden said with a nod. A bright blush came to his cheeks. He hadn’t had a girl, who wasn’t related to him, touch him like this in a while. Not counting Katie and the other kids with external mutations. “When you figure out how, let the rest of us know. Because it is always a problem for me.” He gave her a big smile.

She chuckled and smiled a little more, her fingers lingering for a moment longer.

“Yeeeeaaaahhhh.” A teen drawled out as a group passed them. “Go get some Aiden.”

“Grow up you damn fools.” Aiden shot back at them. He grunted as he felt a quick shock coming from Melissa’s hand. “Ow.” He said.

She blushed and quickly pulled her fingers away. Small sparks flickered around her fingers. “Sorry! Um.. let's.... um... go train...”

Inwardly he was cursing the teens that had passed. He wasn’t sure why. Melissa was acting a bit stranger from when he had gone to her room. He wasn’t sure about the touch, but it had felt good. Plus she was just a friend. Like Crystal, but Crystal was more to him. Or she would be, one day.

Aiden nodded. “Just down this way. We got it reserved and should have no watchers today.”

She was glad of that, at least. The last thing she wanted was a bunch of people watching her attempts to train.

“It’s not gonna be much fun. Mostly the basic stuff. Learning how to fall is so important. Plus who knows what else is in your lesson plans for the next month.” Aiden said with another smile. “My first two months was how to fall.”

She gave a small chuckle. “I’ve fallen before.”

Aiden was about to tell her she hadn’t fallen like this, but he decided to wait until it happened. Instead he gestured to a danger room. “Step into my parlor.” He said with a smile.

“You don't look much like a spider.” Melissa pointed out as she took a timid step inside. She felt nervous, which made the subtle sparks between her fingers stand out even more.



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