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Aiden and Melissa training

Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 6:01am by Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Danger room 2
Timeline: Febuary 1st

Aiden leaned against the wall, next to the door to Melissa’s bedroom. He was a bit early and had already knocked to let her know he was there for her scheduled training. He was in his street clothes, with a pair of dark sunglasses on. His music player was already on his arm and ready to go for whatever the people in charge had planned for them that afternoon.

Melissa, for her part, was a lot farther from ready.

Time is of the essence! The voice of Melissa's goddess/stow-away companion echoed in her mind. Neferu's divine voice was annoyed. It so often was these days.

“Would you please just shut up?” Melissa growled as she pulled on a simple blue t-shirt. “I'm going to train with Aiden, okay? I need to learn to use my powers if I'm going to find Tim... Se...”

Do not speak the name of the Lord of Sands! Neferu hissed. Names hold power. You do not fear him as much as you should. Consider the burning wreckage of Shady Side, left in his wake... and he, at that, was not at his full power.

“Which is why I'm going to train.” She grumbled. “Come in!”

The door opened up and Aiden stepped inside. He let the door shut and stood by the door. “You okay in here?” He asked her, having heard most of what was said on the other side of the door, due to his ears.

Her eyes lingered on Aiden and his fitted jeans a moment too long before she turned away to hide her blush and look for her shoes. “S-sorry... I'm... I'm not quite ready yet... I just... I have to find my shoes.”

“We got it booked for a couple of hours, so we’re good. Find what you need.” Aiden told her.

She nodded as she reached over her desk for her shoes. “Found them.” She avoid meeting Aiden's eyes as she sat on the edge of her bed and put them on.

“You know, the nano will cover your feet as well.” Aiden stated. “For next time when your shoes run off.”

She blushed. “I... I'm not used to the nano yet. I'm not really sure of everything it can do.”

“Well, I know some of what it does. Not everything.” Aiden replied. “You ready?”

She gave a small, quick, timid nod. “Do, um... do you know what we're going to be doing today? In the D-room?”

“Training. Teaching. They'll tell me the exact program when we get there.” Aiden said with a shrug. “This way it is a surprise and I can’t prepare to beat it faster.”

Melissa really didn't like that philosophy, but who was she to complain? They surely had a reason for the way they trained their students. She stood and walked toward the door. “I guess we'll see, then.”

“I’m trained in hand to hand, but I’m no trainer.” Aiden said as he opened up the door. “I’m sure it will be easy.”

She hoped so. With a timid nod and a shy smile, Melissa walked through the door that Aiden held open, then waited for him in the hallway. “I probably won’t be very good...”

“No one who starts ever is.” Aiden said as The two of them walked down the somewhat empty halls towards the elevator. Aiden knew most of the students were elsewhere. Either getting food or classes. So this made walking through the tower a breeze. “So how are you adjusting to life here? Finding the classes to be easy or hard?”

“Classes? Not too hard.” She shook her head. The academic parts were easy... for the most part. “A few classes are tough, I guess, but most are okay. It’s, um.... It’s strange to get used to.” She was quiet for a few minutes. “I... I kind of miss Shady Side. My family, mostly.” And Tim, she thought with a small, sad frown. “I miss the water, too. It was... calming. Relaxing.”

“Look, the water...we can get you to the Gulf of Mexico in no time at all. Same with the Ocean. As for Shady Side? Be an hour or so fight. You are not a prisoner here. Just here as we train your powers.” He left out Tim, as those above his pay grade would be taking care of that.

“I know, but it isn't the same.” She gave a small sigh. “I can't just go, on my own. Even if I could, I...” Her voice trailed off. She didn't need to explain to Aiden how metas were treated in Shady Side, let alone in the rest of the world.

“Safety in numbers.” Aiden said. “Keep in mind, I may go off alone, but I can fly at mach two. “

“Plus, you're stronger and more intimidating than I'll ever be.” She said quietly, her voice little more than a whisper.

You must become so. Neferu insisted.

“I workout. A lot. I need my muscles to help out my bones. Without those, I'd be screwed.”

“Aiden?” Melissa looked up at him, meeting his eyes. “I... Neferu is still inside me, speaking to me. I need to find Tim. Maybe not right away... I don't think I'd win... but... Neferu is scared about what he'll do, what the god inside him will do. When... when the time comes... will you help me? To... to get him back? He knows you. Maybe that will help, somehow. I don't... I-I don't think that I'll... be able to... y'know... hurt...” her voice began to falter and she looked away, intently staring at the ground in front of her feet.

They stopped at an elevator door and Aiden pushed the up button. “I can't say how you'll do. But I'll be there for you.”

She met his eyes - or at least his sunglasses - again, a look of warmth and adoration shining in them. God, he was amazing. She ached to reach out and hold him, to kiss those lips and run her fingers through his red hair. He was always so supportive, so caring... she'd never met anyone like that before. Sure, Tim was supportive as well, but there were a lot of issues with him as well - like the fact that he had run off to god knows where, possessed by an evil god that the goddess in her head kept demanding she destroy - if that was the right word. Could someone even destroy a god?

Regardless, as much as she cared about Tim, he was complicated. Difficult. Aiden was simpler, incredible, and best of all, here.

Recall that he has already spurned your advances. Neferu pointed out, sounding a little bored.

Melissa frowned, looking away from Aiden again. “Shut up.” she muttered under her breath. “Why don't you just go home and leave me alone?”

“Um...I'm guessing she is talking to you right now?” Aiden asked her.

Melissa blushed, but gave a silent nod. “All the time.”

That is hardly accurate. Neferu huffed.

“You know, they say you’re only crazy if you answer the voices in your head. And I answer Munir. A lot. So I must be nuts.” Aiden said with a smile. “She is a part of you. Bigger people than I have looked at you. They don’t think she is that much of a threat, and you both do need each other now. So somehow you two need to come to terms with what happened.”

He is wise. Neferu commented. Perhaps your desire to copulate with him is not unfounded. He is not my type, but perhaps I may be of assistance. In days of old, the goddesses of Minos were known far and wide for our... abilities in matters of love. If you would desire it, I can assist you in winning his heart.



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