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January 24, 2012: Nothing to fear but fear itself, and nightmares part 2 conclusion

Posted on Mon Apr 15th, 2019 @ 5:50am by Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Senior Aiden Edwin

Mission: Backposts
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Danger room 4
Timeline: two days after The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side

As he reached the end, he heard the sounds of clapping and looked to see an audience had been added. So he took a bow as the next song began to play. A smile formed on his lips as he immediately realized what it was. La donna è mobile. “Something I can really do.”

La donna è mobile
Qual piuma al vento,
muta d'accento
e di pensiero.

Sempre un amabile,
leggiadro viso,
in pianto o in riso,
è menzognero.

La donna è mobil'.
Qual piuma al vento,
muta d'accento
e di pensier'!

È sempre misero
chi a lei s'affida,
chi le confida
mal cauto il cuore!

Pur mai non sentesi
felice appieno
chi su quel seno
non liba amore!

La donna è mobil'
Qual piuma al vento,
muta d'accento
e di pensier'!

Once more he had thrown himself into the song, prancing about on the stage. He felt wonderful as he preformed. “Now what?” Adien asked as he took another bow. Music for Beyond the sea began to play. Aiden was loving this program already.

~Somewhere beyond the sea. Keep going.~ Munir told him.


Nearly two hours into his program, Aiden was feeling a bit fatigued. The water was gone, the energy bars were also history. So another song began to play. Aiden knew it well. He heard it nightly in his nightmares of New Year's Day. Frank Sinatra's My Way.

He hadn't let on that he had been having the nightmares. He had been silently dealing with them. But now he was face to face with a part of them. Something in the winged teen seemed to harden and he just froze. “No. Not this song.”

~Aiden, according to OG, all songs on the list must be sung, to your usual ability, or that door won’t open.~ Munir told him.

Instead of arguing, Aiden walked over to where the door would be and he swung at it, while the music for the opening of My Way played over and over. Power rushed down his arm and when it connected with the wall, the wall shimmered, but didn’t go away.

“Aiden. Sing the song.” His father’s voice said from the window of the control room.

“OPEN THE DOOR!!!” He screamed out. With his wings folded, there was no blast of power, but his sonic powers erupted from his throat with each word. The power was stopped by the room. Those in the control room had to turn off the mic for a moment.

“I thought so.” Seamus’s voice said over the intercom.

“Dad, open the fucking door.” Aiden stated, looking at the window.

“No. Not until we talk about something and you sing this damn song.”

“Dad, turn this song off.” Aiden’s voice was a low growl. He had to hear it every night when he shut his eyes. He was getting tired of hearing it and watching himself almost die. So tired of it.

“Aiden. You used to love this song.Now... Now You have a fear of some of your favorite songs. Life happened and for you, it sucked. No one noticed it until your Great Grandmother noticed your dreams had gone sour.”

“I’m fine, Dad. Just stop playing this song.” Aiden said once more.

“How about this. We talk, then we agree on something. Then I open the door, is that good?” Seamus asked him.

“If it shuts this song down, then fine.” Aiden replied. He didn't care. Either way he was going to split the moment the door opened up.

“You’ve been let out of here, but You’ve kept from playing those songs. And your nightmares have gotten worse. We’ve been near you and we’ve seen the records from Munir about when he has to shut you down at night. Hell, the night we returned with Melissa, you couldn’t sleep and when you did, nightmares.”

“It’s not that bad.” Aiden started to say, but Seamus held up a hand and cut him off.

“Those songs are not evil. They just have bad memories attached to them. Not having nano isn’t the end of the world. You’ll have to learn to work without it. You put on a strong front, but at night, it’s the first of the year, all over again..”


Seamus held up a hand again. “Son, Syn and your mother agree. While you can go out and about, once a week you are to be here and talking to a counselor. Not your sister, either.”

Aiden shook his head. “Not a shrink. I’m getting better.”

“Aiden, twice now Munir has gone offline. You lose him and have a nightmare, you could kill any number of sleeping people. You got children sleeping near your room, one floor above, one floor below. It could end very badly for you and that would be a weight you have to wear on your soul until you die. Is that what you want? To murder innocent people in your sleep because you’re too pigheaded to accept help when it is offered?”

Aiden had no reply. After all his father was hitting on something he did believe in. He didn't ever want to hurt a child.

“Maybe that’s what you want? To murder some of those external mutation kids by accident when they come into your room some morning? I know they’ve had to wake you. So you’re in the throws of a nightmare and Katie shakes your shoulder. Then you sit up and wham. Bits of her all over your room. Is that what you want?”

Again, Aiden didn’t say a word. His father was right. But he didn’t want to agree with him just yet. So Seamus continued. “Aiden, for your mother and me, just go. Talk to them. Maybe they can help.” The doors parted and Seamus stepped inside. The doors shut again and Aiden could hear the locks engage. His father held out his arms for a hug. “Please, for your old man?” Seamus was pushing his limits on his power. Getting through to his son was rough. After all his relation to him made him partly immune to Seamus's powers.

Aiden took a few moments, but Seamus never took his arms down. A part of him began to feel like he wanted to cry. His father was right. Finally the winged teen stepped into the hug. “Promise me you’ll at least try?” His father asked him as they hugged “For those who are in rooms near yours.”

“I promise. For the kids around me. I’ll talk to someone.” Aiden told his father. The old man didn’t see his son crying, but a few tears could be felt on his shoulder. Aiden knew Seamus was right, Either that or the old man was cheating with his powers. But powers or not, he was still right.



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