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Something amiss with Sean Part 3 Conclusion

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 4:13am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Medical bay
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 24 January, 2012: Right after Darkness Rises, Part 4, (Conclusion)

Townsend Tower’s headmistress was already waiting in medical by the time that the team made their way up with Sean and his mother. She waited for them to put them into one of the rooms, then went in after, standing well out of the way of emergency personnel. The diminutive dragon lady kept silent while they set everything up, then nodded to them as they left, leaving her alone with the mother and son.

“There’s nothing in his surface thoughts, or even in his fears, that speak to this event,” Syn said, approaching the examination table as the door closed. “Not that there’s not something buried more deeply, but that is out of my domain.”

“I’d ask Susan, but with her in...well, bodysnatched, who knows when she’ll come back. Or if.” Rosa replied. “We got a call out to all telepaths, in or out of the tower. Maybe someone can find something.”

Syn sighed softly. “So many strange events lately.” She then turned to look at the assistant headmistress, asking, “Are you certain that it was Cordelia that spoke to you?” Syn asked curiously, a brow arching over one red-reptilian eye. “I don’t know much about her, or what happened, only vague details. I wasn’t here for that event.”

“Bryan would recall this. But yeah, I never brought it up much due to the pain. And maybe it’s best you hear about it.” Rosa sighed as she leaned against the wall, watching her sleeping son. “When I was about seven and a half months or so pregnant with Sean, Cordelia, my younger sister and I were walking around Baton Rouge. This was almost Halloween. Someone who had been at the Tower with both of us decided he wanted revenge for something that happened after the Tower sent him away. As he blasted at me, Cordelia stepped in front and blocked the blow. The splash back hit me and killed our attacker. But when I came to, Cordelia was nowhere to be seen. Then I passed out again” Rosa paused to take another breath to steady her mind. Though it had happened a decade before, it still hurt.

“The tower had tracked us and I came to in a jet, with Seamus over me. I was going into labor a bit early from the attack. When Sean was born, there was a problem. Before he was born, even a week earlier, the sonogram showed twins. All those who scanned me with powers said it was twins. But after Sean came out in his fragile state, there was no other child.”

Rosa turned away and wiped a tear from her eyes. “I lost a sister, one of the line of magic for the LaFountaine family. Plus I lost a child. And yeah, that is why I baby Sean. Other than his CP. So seeing a wisp that looks like Cordelia, one who speaks only Spanish to me... I want to believe it is her, but some many things out there can mess with a mind for its own sick amusement.”

The small dragon lady nodded slightly. Syn hadn’t always been one of the good guys, and she had done some things in her past that she was still atoning for. Not the least of which was damaging someone’s mind intentionally. “I’m sorry for both losses, but I appreciate you sharing that with me.”

Syn’s brow furrowed slightly as she thought, and she mentioned, “I wonder what kind of magic she used to protect you.” While magic wasn’t her biggest skill set, she was rather skilled in something similar. Mysticism. “You said that backlash hit the attacker and he was killed, so it seems possible that she didn’t just step in front of you. And you said that she disappeared? No body? I do know powers that can kill and leave little trace, but most of the time there’s at least something left. And your child disappeared. That is strange. No trace of an infant is rather odd.”

“That’s the thing. Seamus and six other doctor’s checked. I had no indication anymore that a second child had been in my body. Other than previous ultrasounds. There was nothing inside me to show a second baby had been there.” She paused for a moment. “And I’ve never heard of any of my family praying to a God or Goddess, but the crones kept that hush hush. Only those with the power got the full training. So that could have been her, but who was the girl with her? If I had to guess, that child looked about seven or eight. No more than that.”

The headmistress’ eyes landed on the small form of Sean on the bed. “And if you didn’t know this child laying here, how old might you say he is? He’s already young, but looks younger due to some of his health problems,” Syn mentioned.

“I know little of your family magics, but the magic that I do know can be used in a multitude of ways,” Syn continued, her mind obviously deep in thought as she spoke. “There are ways of setting up spells to react to certain circumstances, wards that will also counter attack. All that need be spoken is a single word, or to carry a talisman already enchanted that can be activated with a touch, or a wave of the hand.” The small woman reached up and gently touched the choker at her throat, a yin-yang formed of a golden dragon and a silver tiger.

“And depending on the belief system involved, there is always the rule of three to consider. It’s said that any spell that you cast will come back on you threefold, or seven, again, depending on the belief system,” Syn said, then shook her head, looking back to Rosa. “There are so many things to consider, so many possibilities that lie within those scenarios, that without truly knowing anything of your family’s powers, I cannot make any true determinations. But if that was your sister, then perhaps neither her, nor your other child, are truly dead. Perhaps they are simply in a different plane of existence.”

“I’ll have to speak to the Crones. They may have some answers. And as much as I want to go thinking that the child I saw...” Rosa slowly let out a breath of air and closed her eyes. “I’ve grieved once. I don’t wish to get my hopes up and grieve again.”

“I didn’t intend for you to have to do that,” Syn said, giving Rosa an apologetic smile and laying a gentle hand on her long-time associate’s arm. “I am simply speaking of possibilities based on my experiences with the mystical world. Research needs to be done, and perhaps we can find a telepath that can help us to narrow the field a bit.”

Rosa nodded. “Yeah. Would be stupid if we didn’t investigate this lead. Plus maybe we can help ourselves by uncovering more information on the missing Gods.”

Syn sighed a bit heavily. “We have a few leads at this point, but not many. I’m hoping that changes soon. This elder dark scenario is challenging enough, and I’ve been working on pulling everyone together to make sure that we’re on the same page when the time arrives. If we could access the power of the old gods, that would likely make things a bit more simple. The closest we’ve come so far is having to fight a manifestation of Seth. And getting him on board doesn’t seem very promising. Well, unless we can convince him that his existence is on the line as well. That’s already won a few...challenging people over.”

“Yeah.” Rosa kept staring at her son, without looking away, she added. “I meant what I said a couple hours ago. If you want Aiden in Excelsior, I won’t ask, but I won’t stop you. I doubt Susan or Cathy are ready for that level of crazy. I know I’m not anymore.”

“I’m still putting everything together for that. I have a number of people in mind for it,” Syn said, her voice dropping a bit, her eyes darkening. “Some that aren’t so ready for it on a technical level, but have the power sets to be able to handle it with some training. I was intending on asking him if he thinks he’s ready for it. His confidence is going to be of high importance in that decision.”

“Yeah. He’s still reliving January. And when it comes to Sean, I’m not telling him about this, unless he asks specific questions. Plus, I’m not sure if we should remove the wards that were placed in his lab.”

“No. Don’t remove the wards,” Syn said, shaking her head. “At the very least, they give us something to research. See if the Crones recognize them. That might be a good place to start. As for Aiden, I will speak with him. This has been a rough month on him, and I need to know if he’s ready to start the training required for him to join Excelsior.”

Rosa shrugged, then nodded as she thought about it, still unwilling to ask her son to do this. “Ask him. As for the rest, I’ll have Mother Crone come here for a few hours. Maybe we can make some sense of things. I’ll let you know what we find. That okay?”

The diminutive headmistress nodded, then bowed to Rosa slightly. “Keep me informed of Sean’s condition, as well as any information that you can gather on the happenings,” she said, then turned to leave just as Seamus opened the door. She bowed to him, then moved past him and disappeared into the hallway.

“What happened?” Seamus asked her.

“It’s a long story. Very long.” Rosa replied, without looking to her husband. Her eyes remained on her youngest child. "Come with me. I need to get a message to the Crones."



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