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Something amiss with Sean Part 2

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 4:07am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Civilian Bryan Kestrel

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Sean's lab
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 24 January, 2012: Right after Darkness Rises, Part 4, (Conclusion)

“Let’s find out who is paying a visit.” The Faelord wove a cantrip and spoke directly to the spirits inside Sean, willing them to manifest as ghostly apparitions. The hair on the back of Rosa’s neck stood on end as the shadows came alive in the chamber. Goblins and beasties and monsters from childlike fantasies crept hissing and growling to the center where they stood. The air fell to an eerie chill as the shadows slithered forth and reached inside Sean. Bryan’s voice echoed across the worlds as he summoned the spirits forth.

“Shadow’s Lord calls to you, stand before me now.
Raven King calls upon you, stand before me now.
Stand you spirit, wreathed in darkness, stand before me now!”

Rosa watched as three spirits lifted up from Sean's form. The first she could make out was Sean. Thin and short, like his real life appearance. He looked around, confused as to where he was.

The second figure was a small girl. Maybe around eight years old. Long hair went past her back to her feet. She looked around, a bit of worry and fear on her face, until she saw Rosa. Then she smiled and waved.

The third came into being slowly. The purple flames that formed it, showed a female body, from behind. As it finished forming, it turned to see them. “Hola, mi hermana.” it spoke in Spanish. **

Rosa knew her face her voice everything about her after all it was Cordelia, her younger sister. The last heir to the family magic. Then it hit her. Cordelia was The last person she recalled speaking that old language. “Oh my... Cordelia?”

“Si.” the flame wreathed specter replied. “La oscuridad crece. El final se acerca más. Encuentra los dioses desaparecidos. Por favor salva el mundo. Salva a los niños” The look on Cordelia’s flame face was one of fear and worry. What worried Rosa was that Cordelia could speak every language she could. Yet if there was dire peril, Spanish was her go to language. ***

Rosa kept her mind on the job though. “Save the world? You mean the elder darks? And those missing Gods?”

“El tiempo se hace corto.” The flaming spector said to her. “Más vidas que de la Tierra están en juego.” ****

“Cordelia, why now? Why here?”

“Prepara, mi hermana.” The Spectre said. “Prepara, rápido.”***** As it spoke, the forms began to fade away, seeping back into Sean.

Rosa looked to Bryan, aware the hairs on her neck and arms were standing up. “Damn, just what we needed.” She watched her son for a moment, then spoke. “OG, connect us to Syn. I got to relay this now. Also get me someone from medical here to take Sean to medical.”

“Right away, Rosa.” OG said to her. A moment later, Syn spoke in her ear.

“What is it, Rosa? What strange weapons has Sean been playing with now?” Syn asked, a touch of teasing in her voice to match the concern.

“That would be better.” Rosa replied before taking a breath and continuing. “The best way to put it is my dead sister just gave us a warning. At least it looked like Cordelia.”

There was a slight pause before Syn responded, “I never met Cordelia. I believe that she passed a couple of years before I came here. Still, it’s not like I haven’t seen stranger things in my lifetime. What did she say?”

“To find the missing gods and save the children. Save the world. She also had a girl with her, but I never saw her before. I think their spirit was latched to Sean.” Rosa stated. She looked around the room and Bryan was already gone. No doubt looking for a source of what happened. “Bryan is gone from here, but I’ll get Sean to the Med lab. He’s currently knocked out.”

Another, longer pause later, Syn said, “Well, we’re working on finding the missing gods. No luck on that front yet. I’ll meet you in medical. While I’m not the most powerful telepath, perhaps there’s something lurking in his surface thoughts that can give us some clues.”

“Meet you there.” Rosa said as she waited for the medical team to come. She carefully moved Sean so he was lying on the floor.


**Hello sister

***Yes. The darkness grows. The end grows closer. Find the missing Gods. Please save the world. Save the children.

****Time grows short. More lives than of the Earth are on the line

*****Prepare my sister. Prepare fast.


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