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Something amiss with Sean Part 1

Posted on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 3:56am by Senior Headmaster Rosa Edwin & Freshman Sean Edwin Ph.DCE & Civilian Bryan Kestrel
Edited on on Wed Apr 10th, 2019 @ 4:02am

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Townsend Tower, Atlanta Georgia: Sean's lab
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 24 January, 2012: Right after Darkness Rises, Part 4, (Conclusion)

Down in the inner part of the lab that Sean had claimed, someone's hands moved frantically. A lone, skinny figure stood near a workbench. The figure wore typical pants and a tee-shirt of a teen Sean’s age. Yet he also had on a lab coat. One hand grasping a wrench, the other making random gestures. Out of the young man's mouth was a stream of words that weren't English, Spanish or any of the other languages that Sean knew. His eyes weren't focused on anything.

Occasionally his free hand would help the other. Both working with a speed and determination he showed often. The item was small. Something he was making for working on those kids had had come from NEXUS. Yet something that was abnormal, the object was floating in the air, just in front of him. Already over the past hour several wards had been drawn along the walls and floors, both in chalk and ink. Now he worked on his device to save the kids.

As Rosa entered the room she saw something that made her gasp. Earlier that day, Sean had gotten a haircut that put his hair up to his ears. Yet now his hair was so long it was touching the floor behind him. It was a mix of black, brown and red hair.

Rosa was about to step into the outer lab, when she cast a glance to Bryan. “Are these symbols safe?”

Bryan reached out with his Faerie senses to carefully examine the lines of magical energy woven into the runes. He drew back with an eyebrow arched in surprise, “You’re fine unless your primary zip code is hell. Thankfully, I only visit during Christmas. This is damn good work. I didn’t know Sean was a mage.”

“Neither did I.” Rosa replied, looking from the hall at the wards. “But be careful he has a thing about making weapons to defend his lab.” Rosa told Bryan.

Bryan gestured and both he and Rosa lifted off the floor, suspended by his power. They eased past the ward and avoided trip lasers until they entered the outer lab. Rosa kept an eye out for possible problems, but found none. They continued towards the inner lab where they could see someone working.

Rosa could tell it was Sean. But several things wrong. The biggest was that he was hovering about half an inch above the floor. Second was his hair. The third was the language he spoke. A language that sounded familiar. Like someone she had known used it in her past.

As they moved inwards to the inner lab where he was Rosa took a deep breath, then she opened the door and stepped in. “Sean?”

The small figure turned around, still hovering an inch above the floor. The child's eyes were opened, but they had the blank stare.

Sean's head tilted slightly. “Tiempos difíciles muy pronto, mi hermana.” as Sean spoke the voice held a feminine quality to it. One that seemed familiar to Rosa, but she could not place it. She was sure it wasn't Sean's. And the warning it gave made Rosa worry. She looked to Bryan for just a moment. *

As she looked back to her son, his eyes rolled back in his head and his feet dropped to the floor, causing the boy to topple forward. Rosa rushed in, tapping her strength and agility as she did.

Sean dropped into her arms and she dropped the rest of the way to the ground, trapping herself under Sean's light body. He weighed next to nothing for her. She was unsure how to deal with what he had been doing. But one thing had to be done.

“OG, I want a location on both Susan and Cathy right now.” Rosa said out loud. After all, Sean's warning was for hard times to his sister. She slowly worked him off of her and onto the floor.

[Currently Susan is still in confinement. Cathy is currently watching some boys playing basketball. Neither seem to be in danger.] OG’s computerized voice replied.

“Keep an eye on them. Please.” Rosa said. She wasn't sure what could be done. But everything about this made her nervous.

Bryan peered at Sean. “Okay, Rosa, crash course, Faerie: 101. Faeries are creatures of living dreams. We can see into any person and read their deepest hopes and fears, desires, and fantasies. I’m reading three sets of dreams from Sean.” He flicked his amethyst gaze to the older woman. “Either he is possessed or has a serious case of MPD.”

“I know he knows Spanish and several other languages. But that thing earlier? That language seems familiar, but from where?” She asked as she gently rolled her son off of her. “Could it be possession? He hasn't shown any inclination to magic. That's typically the females of my family.”

“Let’s find out who is paying a visit.” The Faelord wove a cantrip and spoke directly to the spirits inside Sean, willing them to manifest as ghostly apparitions. The hair on the back of Rosa’s neck stood on end as the shadows came alive in the chamber. Goblins and beasties and monsters from childlike fantasies crept hissing and growling to the center where they stood. The air fell to an eerie chill as the shadows slithered forth and reached inside Sean. Bryan’s voice echoed across the worlds as he summoned the spirits forth.

“Shadow’s Lord calls to you, stand before me now.
Raven King calls upon you, stand before me now.
Stand you spirit, wreathed in darkness, stand before me now!”


*Difficult times very soon, my sister


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