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Worst Fears Realized, Part 4 (Conclusion)

Posted on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 4:10am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Bethany Davies & Freshman Edward (Xander) Carlisle IV & Civilian Jonathon Harrison
Edited on on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 4:11am

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 12 February 2012

“Bloody hell,” Jon muttered, crawling along the bed. “Beth!” he called, trying to be heard over rush of wind in the room.

The tactical teen growled menacingly at the young noble that had not only tried to kill Jon, but that was now grasping at her breasts. Bethany pushed herself up off of the boy and danced back slightly, then dropped into a stable fighting stance, raising a hand towards Xander, gathering a ball of light in her palm. “Your winds can’t stop this,” she hissed at him.

Xander rolled up to his feet, rubbing his sore, burned jaw, trying to remember everything Jon had taught him almost two years ago. “Want to bet, Wonder Whore? Or is it Superslut?” Xander asked. He lashed out with his hand. Invisible, knife-like blades of air lashed at Bethany’s nano-covered body and several of the empties on the floor -- and her bra and panties -- flew up at her in a whirl of debris.

“Bethany, no!” Jon yelled. He lunged awkwardly off the bed, tackling her even as he got cut up by Xander’s wind knives and broken bottles.

Just before Jon hit her, Bethany heard a cultured, refined voice say, I’m sorry. Then her eyes rolled back and her body went slack. The ball of light flickered and died as she hit the ground, and a searing pain shot through her body as her ribs flexed and cracked further under Jon’s weight.

Jon rolled off, wincing as glass crunched beneath him. He looked up at Xander. The furious young man stared down at the man he had admired and looked up to. Then he gave Jon a kick in the ribs and stalked out, grabbing a full bottle of whiskey as he left.

Jon grunted and curled around, but otherwise said nothing as the door to the room slammed closed in a whirlwind.

Bethany laid motionless on the junk covered floor, her nano still covering her limp form. Her breathing was shallow, as though pained, but she was unconscious.

“Beth?” Jon grunted, clutching his bruised ribs. He took check of her, relieved she was alive. He eased her onto her back, clearing away broken glass. “Bethany, are you okay?”

There was no movement, no sound other than her breathing, as Bethany laid on the floor. She was still encased in the strange black armor with a rainbow hued Mandelbrot set on her shoulder, small X’s in the center of the odd, connecting shapes, though the colors that had streaked the black suit had faded.

“Beth!” Jon shouted, giving her a shake. He gently lifted her head, trying to feel for a bump or break where it had struck the floor when he tackled her.

The young woman’s body moved limply with Jon’s shaking, but still she didn’t come around.

Just then a knock came on the door. There wasn’t much of a pause before Syn opened the door, a black robe pulled around her small form and tied in place with a golden sash. Her eyes widened in surprise at the condition of the room. “What in the world happened in here? OG said that powers were activated in the area.” She arched an eyebrow at the number of alcohol bottles that littered the floor, along with trash and clothing. “Do I even want to know what’s going on here?”

“Bethany is hurt!” Jon said, his voice tinged with urgency. “We need to get her to the infirmary!” He tried to get to his feet, but with Bethany’s weight and missing a leg, he collapsed to the floor again.

Syn looked between the pair, an eyebrow raising above one reptilian eye. “Please tell me that you didn’t do that to her...” she said, motioning to the hole in the wall and the unconscious girl on the floor. Her jaw worked slightly, a subtle anger rising in her voice.

“How the hell would I do that?” Jon asked. “But I...tackled her. She was fighting with Xander, was going to blast him. I think she might have hit her head.” Jon reached for his boxers, trying to be a bit more modest as he tugged them on in front of the attractive Asian woman.

Jon’s nakedness didn’t seem to phase the ancient being, and she pinched the bridge of her nose, sighing heavily. “Ao, what’s going on with her?” she asked the thin air.

She’s got a couple of broken ribs, and Julius had to shut her down, apparently. She was going to burn Xander to ash, according to his readings, Ao answered, a sad disapproval sounding in her tone.

“Jesus wept. Julius, wake her up. We’ll see to her ribs here shortly,” Syn ordered, then looked to Jon. “Dress yourself. You look like you may need some stitches, too.”

A moment later, Bethany groaned, then slowly turned herself over and sat up. She held her head in her hands and asked, rather sarcastically, “Did anyone get the number on that truck?”

Jon hugged Bethany tightly, aggravating her ribs, wincing at his own bruised ribs and superficial, bleeding cuts.

Bethany grunted in pain as Jon hugged her, but she smiled softly. “I’m fine. Are you okay?” she asked as she pulled away from him, wincing as she took in a breath.

“I’m missing a leg,” Jon deadpanned. “Sorry.” He released her and pulled his pants over. He glanced at Syn and handed Bethany his t-shirt, dirty and smelly as it was.

The green-eyed brawler took the shirt, giving it a confused look, her nose wrinkling slightly as she set it aside. “I’ll keep the nano up for now, but thanks,” she muttered, then the nano fell away from her head, leaving the rest in place.

Syn cleared her throat and looked at the embracing pair. “I need some answers from you, Bethany. Jon says that he didn’t do this. Is that true? What happened here?”

“No! Jon didn’t do it!” Bethany said, shaking her head, then winced as her ribs protested. “Look, Xander and I got into it a little bit. I don’t think he really knew what he was doing. He was mad. I kind of lost it when he accidentally cracked my ribs. Jon stopped the fight, I think. Everything just kind of went black. I...I’m sorry.”

The diminutive administrator’s face reddened slightly. “You know better than to attack people with your powers here. What were you thinking?”

“Well, he was going to punch Jon, but I got in the way.” The girl pulled herself up into a strange stance, her hands balled into fists at her side, staring straight ahead. “It wasn’t just a punch though. His powers started up, but I think it was an accident. I didn’t think about it then, I just kind of reacted. Poorly, I guess. I have no excuse.”

“Is that the truth?” Syn asked Jon, her red eyes moving to him, an unmistakable anger burning in their strange depths. “And if it is, why in the world did he try to hit you?”

“I...deserved it,” Jon said. “And it’s...personal.” He didn’t particularly relish admitting he had just had sex with an underage girl and his barely legal girlfriend had caught them. “A misunderstanding complicated by powers.” He sighed.

Syn looked between the pair again and she shook her head. “I...I really don’t want to know where this is going. Bethany, you’re no longer my problem, but this is my domain, and you will not use your powers against others here, do you understand me? Do not make me bar you from returning here. I will be reporting this to Dyami and he can deal with you as he sees fit, since you’re under his command now.”

“Aye, ma’am,” Bethany responded sharply. Her skin kept going more and more red until she was nearly purple. “ burned his face when I punched him. He may need medical attention.”

The headmistress nodded, then told them both, her voice barely restraining her anger, her jaw working, “Get to medical. I need to find Xander, since he is my problem. Damn it.” Syn sighed heavily, then turned and stalked out of the room, shutting the door behind her.

“I’ve never seen her angry like that,” Bethany said, her voice soft, a touch fearful. Her stance loosened up and she looked at Jon, a bit wide-eyed.

“I have a feeling that she could be a lot worse,” Jon said, flopping down into the wheelchair. He winced as his bum smarted. “Let’s go see Matthew.”

“Wait,” Bethany said, standing in front of Jon, looking down at him. The young woman was nearly vibrating. She took a deep breath and said, “Look. Just so you know, I don’t regret what happened between us.” The girl closed her eyes briefly, and when she opened them again there were tears standing in them. “I mean, other than what we’ve done to Cecily. I never wanted to hurt her. And I didn’t come here to...for...well, that. She told me that you were drinking again, and I saw the bruises. I came to stop you. I...I don’t know what all of this means. I don’t know if your feelings for me are real, or just because of the soul bind. I think we need to have a serious talk about these things. But I want you sober for that. Sober and honest.”

Jon nodded. “Fair enough, luv,” he murmured. “I’m sorry I hurt Cece, too,” he said sadly, wiping his hand over his eyes. “God, I am such a bloody wanker.”

The green-eyed girl smiled down at the man that she loved, then reached out to gently caress his face. “I just want you to be honest, Jon. Not only with me, but with yourself as well. No matter what, you’re my best friend. Umm...wanker or not.” She gave him one of her lopsided, teasing grins.

Jon smiled. He reached up and pulled Bethany down into a deep, hot kiss, their soul bond speaking more than words could as it throbbed between them.

Bethany melted into the kiss, her knees almost buckling. She settled into his lap and ran her fingers through his hair gently. After a bit, she broke the kiss and grudgingly came up for air, looking into Jon’s beautiful azure-streaked eyes. “I think we need to get to medical. Preferably before Syn decides to come back and drag us there by our ears,” she said softly.

“And before I pass out,” Jon slurred.

“Right. Blood loss, drugs, and alcohol is kind of a bad mix,” Bethany said, then stood, wincing with the effort. She shook it off quickly, as was her way, and pushed the love of her life out the door and towards the healers in the medical wing.



Cecily Carlisle
Lost Baroness

Jon Harrison
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Xander Carlisle
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Bethany Davies
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Absynthe “Syn” Drake
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