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Worst Fears Realized, Part 3

Posted on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 4:06am by Freshman Bethany Davies & Freshman Edward (Xander) Carlisle IV & Civilian Cecily Carlisle & Civilian Jonathon Harrison

Mission: Every Day - February 2012
Location: Townsend Tower
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 12 February 2012






Bethany took the shirt that Jon handed to her and wiped herself off, grimacing a bit at the sticky mess. She then pulled her pants back on quickly, as well as her shirt, before wandering off to find Jon’s pills. “Where are they? You know this place is a mess, right? And dark. Definitely dark.” Her powers had activated during all of that, and she was feeling a bit worn down. The darkness never helped that. As a matter of fact, it made it worse.

“Check under the table,” Jon said, sitting up against the foot of the bed. “Fuck…”

The young woman went searching for the pills, rummaging through the debris of Jon’s binge. Bethany sighed as she crawled under the table. She found the pills, got him a glass of water, then went back to him, knelt down, handed him the recommended dosage and the glass. “Here. Take these and then let me help you into bed,” she said softly. She hated seeing the man that she loved in the condition that he was in, for more than one reason.

“Ta, luv.” Jon popped several pills and chased it with scotch. He groaned as he struggled to his foot with Bethany’s help. He collapsed onto the bed.

The young woman grunted a bit as Jon fell onto the bed, then helped to prop him up, carefully stacking his pillows behind him, knowing that laying flat would just likely make him sick. She had far too much experience dealing with drunken men. Bethany was a strong woman, in more ways than one, but she was also gentle and caring. She had cared for him after he’d been stabbed at Morty’s place, had managed to beat down the infection with simple natural curatives. “There, how’s that?” she asked, her voice soft as she smiled at him, sitting on the bed next to him and looking into his beautiful, azure streaked eyes.

“Better,” Jon said with a smile, reaching up and pulling her down for a deep kiss. “Ta.”

Bethany moaned softly, returning the kiss eagerly, leaning over Jon’s strong body. A gentle hand caressed his face lovingly, then moved into his mussed hair, her fingers tightening in it with the desire that was building once again.

Jon groaned. His hands slid up, sliding up her t-shirt again, baring her naked breasts as he caressed them, more gentle this time than before.

The green-eyed girl broke the kiss long enough to put her forehead to his and whisper, “I love you, Jon. God help me, I can’t get over you.” She straddled him, looking into his eyes again, tears welling up in hers, her jaw clenched slightly with the admission, “I can’t live without you. I don’t want to.”

“You don’t have to,” Jon murmured, pulling her top over her head and tossing it away again. His eyes washed over her breasts and body, bruised by his rough lovemaking. “I’m sorry I hurt you.” He pulled her down for a deep kiss again.

The green-eyed brawler chuckled slightly. “I’m not complaining,” she murmured, then returned the kiss, her mouth opening, her tongue seeking his as she pressed herself to him, moving against Jon’s hard body, reveling in the feeling of sheer bliss, of his skin against hers.

Jon could feel his body responding again and his hands ran over her breasts and back. Neither one heard the door unlock or the soft padding tennis shoes of Cecily as she walked in to check on Jon and what was taking Bethany so long.

Cecily stopped at the foot of the bed, her blue eyes widening, mouth opened in silent surprise, clenched fist pressed to her lips as tears welled up in her large, blue, innocent eyes as she watched the man she loved naked with a half-naked Bethany, her neck, shoulders, and breasts covered in love bites, torn and broken panties and bra scattered amidst the drunken detritus on the floor.

Bethany pulled back only slightly to place a line of soft, tender kisses along Jon’s strong jaw, then nibbled at his ear before moving on to his neck, his shoulder, then each of the scars on his chest. Her hands ran down his sides, her nails leaving faint red trails over his skin.

Jon panted, growing more and more aroused. He looked down Bethany’s half-naked body and froze as he saw a familiar blonde figure. “Cece…” Jon breathed.

Tears spilled down Cecily’s cheeks.

Bethany stopped cold, then rolled off of Jon and onto her feet in one fluid movement, snatching her shirt up and holding it to herself. She gasped, then closed her eyes, shaking her head. She’d been so lost in Jon that she hadn’t realized that the girl was there. “Damn it...” she muttered, her entire body going red with embarrassment and guilt. “I...I’m sorry,” she said, then she sighed heavily. She tried to think of something else to say, but she suddenly couldn’t find her voice. She had never meant to hurt the young baroness.

Cecily silently hiccuped a bit and turned, rushing out of the room. She collided into Xander in the hall.

“Cece? What’s wrong?” Xander asked, watching his sister flee down the corridor. He saw Jon’s open door that Cecily had raced out of and walked into Jon’s room. His gaze took in the scattered bottles, the bra and panties, and the naked man and half-naked teenage girl standing there.

“Supergirl?” Xander gaped. Oh, damn, she had a nice pair of…


Xander’s eyes narrowed as Jon struggled to sit up, the drugs starting to take hold.

“Oh, you son of a bitch!” Xander exclaimed. “Cecily loves you!”

There was a swirl of wind in the room that rustled the curtains and Bethany’s long hair as Xander took two strides to the bed and threw a punch at Jon’s jaw.

“No!” Bethany shouted and leapt in front of Xander before he could land the punch on Jon, taking the full brunt of the wildly telegraphed blow. She grunted in pain as it hit her and she was picked up off of the floor and tossed roughly across the room, her shirt falling from her hands leaving her perfectly toned torso exposed.

As she flew through the air, her nano leapt to life, covering her helpless form. Another pained grunt escaped her as she hit the wall, leaving a large hole in the plaster, hitting the metal that was hidden beneath it, and Bethany felt the familiar agony, heard the familiar sound, of her ribs cracking. The girl’s eyes snapped open, those dangerous colors sparking to life inside of the narrow slit in the nano that covered her face, as she groaned and hauled herself off of the floor.

Her entire body went black, streaked over with reds and oranges, even spiralling through her unnaturally thick hair. “You want to use powers, boy?” she growled, stalking towards him as she shoved the pain down into that dark place reserved for such things. Her colorful gaze was dark and foreboding. Her skin took on a red glow as she rushed him and connected with a well aimed, very hot uppercut to Xander’s jaw.

Xander just stared at the hole in the wall Bethany had left. He’d felt the air build up around his hand and then explode with an almost sonic boom as he hit Bethany. How the hell had he done that? Xander was still in shock at what he’d done that he didn’t even see Bethany coming at him until the last second.

“Oh, shit!” Wind swirled around him violently, throwing Bethany off just slightly, but she still connected a glancing blow, snapping Xander’s head back. He grabbed her and they went down in a heap, his hands grabbing the only things he could -- her breasts -- as they tumbled into the remains of her bra and panties and Jon’s bottles, rolling around.




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