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Dann the Mann, Part 2

Posted on Sat Dec 22nd, 2018 @ 1:40pm by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Spire, Orlando Florida, Chattahoochee State Hospital
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

The room smelled like a public restroom, stark save the bed in the back right corner and a steel chair in the center of the room. Frederick dragged the chair as he walked over to his old friend. He couldn’t miss the blood stains on the floor, some more fresh than others.

Dann muttered incoherently for a few moments in a language that sounded all too familiar to the strange figure standing over him. His face was chalk white. His hair had lost the strawberry blonde of his youth. Now it was mostly grey with some white laced through it. His chest heaved as though maybe he was having some sort of respiratory issues. His fingernails looked like no one had looked after them in months, although on a couple of fingers the nail was missing altogether.

“Can you hear me, old man?” Frederick whispered. His heart sunk, wondering if all this had been done to him or just how things in this universe had played out.

Suddenly those fierce eyes darted at the strange figure in the room. “Who the fuck? Are you fuckin’ real, dude?” Before the time traveler could say a word Dann screamed out, “Can you see it?”

Lorde recognized that look from long ago. Even then he had no doubt about its sincerity. He whispered an incantation and touched his forehead, giving him sight beyond sight. Looking behind him he could see a figure in the other far corner. What he saw caused him to back away. There before him, standing over six foot tall and filled with an unearthly light, was what appeared to be an angel of the Lord. Over her head was a halo. It was of a golden hue and had runes written on it that Lorde somehow couldn’t even remember to try and read. Her eyes were filled with fire. Her wings, although folded, seemed to almost fill the room the longer he looked. The old traveler felt instantly both ashamed and in awe. “Holy fu..”

The angel placed a finger over her lips, and before the strange man could blurt the rest out he fell silent. She shook her head.

For some reason Frederick understood that he was not to tell his friend about her.

Then the angel pointed to the other corners of the room.

Looking, Lorde could see two demons. Both seemed formed of shadow, anger, and misery. Again, strangely understanding what the higher being wanted, he knew that one of them was what Dann had been referring to. He could see the thing whispering to his old friend, words he could only imagine meant to torment his old friend.

Then a voice came over the intercom. “Mr. Hollywood, I am sure you know why you are here.” The bolt on the door slammed loudly into place. After a loud, ear piercing tone played a voice came over the intercom. “We need to discuss what progress you have made.”


One night when Mister Bentley and his wife Denice had gone out for the night with a old Navy buddy that had come into town, Frederick, Dann, and Ron had decided to stay at the apartment and play their favorite roleplaying game.

Although Dann was normally the GM he had a character of his own in the game, a Noldor Elf ranger. Frederick’s character was a Sylvan Elf warrior. Ron played a Hobbit thief or burglar.

As usual they had many flights of fancy that night and took on many challenges and monsters. They made a couple of levels and earned some interesting treasure.

Just after Ron left, Dann and Fred were packing things up and discussing the events of the night when Big Dann and Denice came through the door. Big Dann had a look on his face the two had rarely ever seen. He was grinning ear to ear. They found out in short order why.

“We drank the cruise ship out of Blue Ribbon!” Mister Bentley looked quite proud of himself.

Denice shook her head. “Danny! You need to go to bed.” Mrs. Bentley did not seem as amused.

Then he walked over to the table. After Big Dann pounded his hand down he said something Frederick would never forget. “You know, I am so proud of you boys. I know sometimes I have given you crap about playing these games, but here you are staying out of trouble.” Then he looked right at Hollywood. “I am so glad you two are friends. You two seem to keep each other safe so I don’t have to worry.”


“If you let me send my friend out of here I will tell you whatever you want to know.” The risk was just too great of them hurting Dann, or worse.

After a short pause the voice answered him, “We can not allow that, Mr. Hollywood. There is no way to be sure that you wouldn’t just leave with him.”

“Don’t say I didn’t ask!”

Lorde filled the room with a magical darkness. After he did, he walked over to Dann’s side. He touched the disturbed man. “I am very sorry for what I am about to do, old friend, but I need your help. I need the old elf.” Although a whisper, his voice was ragged with grief. He healed his old friend’s body, but he did not heal his mind or spirit. He guessed that what was going on with him might have something to do with that. That he could fix later, if they made it out of the mad house. Next Lorde grabbed Dann’s head. “I don’t have time for this to be the way it should be.” He fed all he remembered about the redhaired elf into the broken mind of the man in front of him.”

Then he grabbed Dann’s chest. He could just feel the look of disappointment from the angel burning into his backside. He couldn’t help but thinking if her boss had been on speaking terms with him years ago he might still be back home. After yet another incantation he looked at the two demons in the room. His face contorted by anger and hate. “Get back in the box!” They turned into red living smoke and flew into Dann’s face and into his lungs, causing the man to draw in deeply.

Dann’s face filled with rage. He looked at the bonds holding him. After grinning a bit, he broke free of his restraints as though they were made of paper. He stood up and took a step at Lorde.

“Hey hey, man, we have bigger fish to fry. Are you in there? Is the Elf in control?” The time traveler prayed he would be given a chance to fix this.

Dann nodded, admiring his bright red hair. “And we are legion.” His face somewhat contorted as he spoke.

Frederick couldn’t tell just how much of that was his old friend’s sick humor. “Good enough. We gotta get out of here.” He pointed at the door. “Can you bust that down?” He was betting that even if they had braced it against his own abilities, likely they might not have known what was going on with Dann at all.

He nodded, almost like someone from Wayne’s World. “Yeah, man.” Then he lifted his hand and a darkness filled his eyes and the door flew into the hallway, busting through the door across the hall.

“Excellent!” Lorde was quite impressed with his old friend’s power. “If you get in our way I will kill everyone here.” As they stepped out into the hallway Lorde could see the staff member that had escorted him had been turned into hamburger by the door. “I will take point.” No need in having his friend shot to pieces.

“Just like the old days, right?” From around the corner came to men in armor. They had submachine guns and their jackets had the SHIELD symbol on them. Dann was on the first one in the blink of an eye, deftly stepping around him and snapping his neck. He caught the man's gun before it could hit the ground.

Lorde held up his hand to the second man and shot him with a particle beam, making a baseball sized hole in the poor guy’s chest. “Dude, I never could get used to that shit.”

Dann just nodded, and after poking his head around the corner pointed left and right.

Lorde nodded and took up position on the right of the hallway. Then he nodded back at his friend. They stepped out into the hall facing opposite directions. Lorde unleashed a spray of beams from his armor as Dann simply took two shots from the trusty MP5, each round striking a man in the neck.

They went left, following the path that Lorde had been taken to Dann’s room. Farther down they had sealed off that section of the hospital. Through the windows Lorde could see some SHIELD agents along with what he figured might be real staff members freaking out.

“I tried to avoid this, you know?” Lorde said off hand.

“Fuck ‘em!” Dann could find no pity for the assholes who had tortured him for the last twenty years of his life.

“Door?” Fred grinned.

“You got it.” The double doors exploded, sending shrapnel into the small security checkpoint. It didn’t take down all the agents, but the staff members were more than dead. Lorde shot the last two agents, burning them to ash.

When they came to the front door the two men could hear a massive calamity outside. After nodding to each other, they stepped outside. As they stepped out they could see the door was encircled by over a dozen men with rather impressive weapons. While Lorde knew they could take these guys, he needed to be quick and leave a message for the higher ups. “I told you to let my friend go. This is on you.” He spoke into his wrist. “Recall” A gateway appeared between him and the tiny army in front of them. “Go!” he yelled at Dann.

The red haired man quickly stepped through the portal, as did Frederick. It closed the instant they made it through. In a few seconds another portal opened again and a metal cylinder about the size of a paint can came bouncing out.

The explosion could be heard for miles.


After a short time at the Spire, Lorde took his friend back to Orlando. He had healed his mind and spirit. Also the demons were gone for now. “Thanks again, my friend.”

“You’re talking like we won't see each other again.” Dann looked a little confused.

Frederick shook his head. “Don’t worry, you won’t remember that anyway.” Before Dann could protest, Lorde held up his hand. “But hey, hey, you’re gonna do what you should have been doing all along, what your dad did towards the end in my world.” He held out a very old bible.

“Where did you get this?” With shaking hands the long haired man opened the book and saw his father’s name signed, as well as members of his family dating all the way back to Ireland.

“Simple, really, I went back in time and picked it up from your house.” Then he handed a stack of papers over. “This gives you ownership of of the property here in Orlando and it signs off your claim to the house in Buffalo to your sister.” Before Dann could say anything, Lorde added, “There is one more thing. You remember that church your Dad was trying to be a minister at?”

The redhead man nodded.

“That’s yours also. The bills will be paid for quite some time. Indefinitely, if this go well, okay?” He reached out his hand to shake on the deal and say goodbye. When Dann reached back he wiped his mind of what had happened and added that he was Frederick Townsend, Probate Attorney. “Well, sir, I think you will find everything in order. Let me know if you ever need further legal counsel.”

Before he left Lorde took one last look around in his sight beyond sight. Standing next to Dann was the angel from earlier, still with the look of disappointment on her face. As he turned to walk away he whispered under his breath, “I know I’ll do worse before it’s over. Some of us have always been willing to reach down into hell to save a soul.” Then, after a deep breath, “Even at the cost of our own.”


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