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The Truth Will Out, Part 3

Posted on Fri Nov 23rd, 2018 @ 6:28am by Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - May 2012
Location: Atlanta/Tower/Parking Garage
Timeline: Wednesday, May 2, 2012/Early Evening

Esperanza’s heels clicked on the pavement as she exited her white Ferrari Spider, clicking the lock and alarm on and heading to the elevator.

“Yes, I will have all the paperwork finished and Fed Exed to you tomorrow,” she said as she pressed the button to call the car. “I love you, Marcus,” she said, her voice softening. I will see you this weekend. I booked us at the Ritz again. Yes, we really need to go to Rome again,” she agreed. “Give my love to Stephanie and Selina. I love you.”

The elevator doors dinged and started to open as Esperanza hung up. She turned toward the opening doors.

Venus! Grace shouted over nano. Tamar’s piiiiissed! Watch out!

What? Cazzo! Esper’s sliver swore. On it!

Esperanza’s eyes opened as she saw Tamar in the elevator, flames flickering through her red hair.

“Tamar, what’s--”

“Esperanza Galatea Roman!” Tamar shouted in her best angry mom voice as her hands lit up on fire. “You turned ma sister into a whore!”

“Cazzo…” Esperanza swore even as her nano was flowing over her. With a crackle like breaking ice, she quickly shifted to diamond form.

Tamar’s nano came up too as she blasted Esperanza solidly in the chest. Hot flame washed over her, the force of it throwing her back. Esper smashed into her Ferrari, denting it nearly in half. The flames licked at the car as Esper pulled herself out of it.

“Damn it, Todd! Do you know how much one of those costs?” Esper cursed as the redhead stalked toward her. “Let’s talk about this. All I did was save Mary Ellen’s life.”

“Shut. Up!” Tamar threw a flaming fist, catching Esperanza in the jaw. Esperanza’s head barely turned.

“Ow! Fuck!” Tamar said, shaking her broken hand. She was lucky she hadn’t shattered it completely, her nano saving her from worse injury.

“You know you can’t hurt me, Tamar,” Esper said. “You’ll just hurt yourself.” She deflected the next punch with her forearm.

“Wanna bet?” Tamar grabbed Esperanza’s arm, pivoting her hip into Esper and executing an aikido throw. Tamar’s fighting style was more defensive, aikido and judo, while Esperanza had focused mostly on krav maga, using the sharp edges of her diamond body to inflict the most damage, and she was stronger than Tamar and nearly invulnerable.

Esper slammed into the concrete. Tamar pressed her hand against Esperanza’s chest, her arm actually turning from flesh to superhot plasma, her eyes flashing fire as she glared down at Esper.

Esper grunted as Tamar’s hand on her chest soon well surpassed the nano’s tolerances. She groaned as she felt her diamond form start to crack as it superheated.

“Tamar!” Esperanza choked. “Mary Ellen...would have died...if I hadn’t…helped her!” She grabbed at Tamar’s arm, only to cry out in pain as her hands cracked from the heat.

“You calm we about this…” Esper brought her hand around to club Tamar alongside the head, breaking free as the angry redhead stumbled away from her.

“She’s mah sister!”

“Yes, and you love her,” Esper said. She dodged as Tamar shot hot plasma at her. It scorched up a support pillar, cracking the concrete. “And you wouldn’t want her to die!”

Suddenly the fire alarm went off and the sprinklers activated. But it was no use against Tamar’s flames. It merely filled the area with steam as it fizzled off her shield of fire.

Better make sure that alarm don’t go anywhere, Grace told Venus. Don’t need the fire department an’ cops gettin’ in the middle of this.

Already told OG, Venus said. She’s isolated it to the parking structure.”

The steam was a boon for Esperanza. She could hide more easily in it, and her body was cool, so it would obscure her from Tamar’s thermal vision as well, and while she couldn’t see either, she could sense Tamar’s footsteps on the concrete.

“Mary Ellen was dying, Todd,” Esper said.

Tamar sent a sheet of flame in the direction of Esper’s voice, but Esper ducked behind a pillar.

“Pull your head out of your puritanical ass and listen to me! She needs to have sex! Or at least lust!”

Esperanza merged into the pillar and jumped to the next one as Tamar circled around to her location.

“We would have figured somethin’ out! She don’t need ta be a whore!”

“She’s…” Esperanza paused. “Okay, maybe I went a little...overboard. But she is healthy and happy now.”

“Yeah? What happens when her boyfriend finds out? Breaks her heart?”

Esper sighed. “Fuck. That’s not on me, Todd!”

“The hell it isn’t, Roman!”

“Shit. I’m not going to play cat and mouse with you, Tamar. You need to calm the fuck down!”

Esper darted out from behind the pillar and belted Tamar. The redhead flew backward, slamming into Esperanza’s mangled car. The gas tank caught and the world exploded.


Esperanza groaned as she sat up. She pressed a hand to her head, feeling a crack in her diamond skull where a piece of shrapnel had hit her. She focused a moment, painfully, to seal it up. She was going to feel this in the morning.

Esperanza lay amid the wreckage of the exploded Ferrari, no longer flaming. Her nano had saved her from the worst of the blast, but there were some definitely places where shrapnel had gotten through, and she was likely to be bruised as hell. Fires sprouted throughout the garage, mostly from other cars. At least the place was pretty much just bare concrete, not much to catch fire. But the explosion had knocked out the fire suppression system.

Esper grabbed Tamar’s arm and lifted her up. “C’mon, Todd. Wake up. We need to fix this.”

Tamar groaned as she came around. She looked around her and gasped, sinking against Esperanza’s hard, sharp body. “What did Ah do!”

Esper sighed. “Got pissed off beyond all reason,” she said. “And...for a good reason.” Esper couldn’t fault someone for going postal over family. She had done that herself. “Pull yourself together. Put the fires out. I’ll check on the structure.”

Tamar nodded numbly. She limped over to a burning car and put her hands into the flames, sucking them into her body.

Esperanza watched her sadly before going over to one of the cracked support pylons. She placed her hands on the concrete and focused. It was still standing. The explosion wasn’t enough to damage it too much. With a little effort, Esper mended the concrete and then spread her senses through it into the rest of the parking structure, locating and mending any damage. It was long, exhausting work, and by the time Tamar was finished putting out the fires Esperanza had returned to flesh and blood and sunk against the pillar to rest.

“So you get it out of your system, Todd?”

Tamar glared at Esper as she limped over. “Don’t push me, Roman.”

“Fair.” Esper nodded and stood. “I supposed I deserved it.”

Tamar shook her head. “No,” she said. “Ah...You were right. It would be worse if Emmy were dead.”

Esperanza slipped an arm around Tamar and the redhead returned the gesture, grateful for the support as they limped toward the elevator. “Let’s get you to your brother. And then I want a long soak in a hot bubble bath with an entire bottle of wine.”


Esperanza Roman
Tower Manager and Business/Economics
NPC Xander Carlisle

Tamar Todd
Student Housemother and Home Economics
NPC Xander Carlisle


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