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The Truth Will Out, Part 2

Posted on Mon Nov 19th, 2018 @ 9:34am by Civilian Tamar Todd

Mission: Every Day - May 2012
Location: Atlanta/Tower
Timeline: Timeline: Wednesday, May 2, 2012/Afternoon

Tamar never thought she would get empty nest syndrome at twenty-five, but all of her siblings had opted into the dorms as soon as they were eligible, leaving Tamar with a rather large three bedroom apartment all to herself. Of course, that didn’t mean her siblings didn’t take advantage of their big sister. They still liked her to do their laundry.

Tamar turned off the iron and loaded the last pile of clothes into the laundry basket. Humming along to music from her earbuds, she stopped at Matthew’s dorm room. Typical for Matthew, his room was tidy. Kenny’s was...not, and when Tamar stopped there she couldn’t help but straighten things up a little.

Finally, Tamar headed to the girl’s wing and Mary Ellen’s dorm room. All the kids were still in classes, so Tamar didn’t bother knocking as she pushed open the door.

There was a shriek and Tamar dropped the laundry basket.

“Oh, gosh! Emmy!” Tamar exclaimed, quickly covering her eyes. Her baby sister was in bed, naked, bouncing vigorously on an equally naked boy!

“Oh, God! Tam! Don’t you knock!” Mary Ellen exclaimed right back, scrambling to find something to cover herself. Yanking at the sheets didn’t help, as they were trapped beneath Sheldon.

“What are ya’ll doin’?” Tamar asked. “No. Don’t answer that. Gosh! Oh, Ah ain’t never gonna unsee this!”

“Get out!” Mary Ellen shrieked. The blue magic was already fading, drawn into her skin, and the ache of unfulfillment was settling in. She threw a pillow at Tamar.

Tamar sighed. It was time to be the mother again. “Get dressed. We need ta talk,” she said, still covering her eyes. Then she backed out the door, leaving the laundry spilt out on the floor.

Mary Ellen groaned as her sister left. “Fuck!”

Sheldon bit his lip, unable to really do anything where he lay beneath Mary Ellen. “Um...Wh-What do you w-w-want me to d-d-do?”

Mary Ellen glared at him and pushed a hand through her blonde hair. As much as she might want to, she couldn’t exactly finish with her sister waiting out there.

“Get dressed,” Mary Ellen sighed, climbing off of him. “Where the fuck did you throw my bra?”

“Um...I...d-d-don’t know. Wh-Where are is m-my underwear?”

They scrambled around for their clothes. Sheldon managed to dress first, and Mary Ellen said, “You should leave.”

Sheldon paused, looking a bit hurt.

“Leave!” Mary Ellen yelled at him.

Sheldon ducked his head and turned, opening the door. He came face to face with Ms. Todd.

Tamar looked a bit shocked at who the boy was, but she schooled her features. “Where do ya think yer goin’, mister?” she asked, pushing him back into the room as she entered as well, closing the door behind.

“Oh, God! Tam!” Mary Ellen said, yanking down her top.

“Ah said we need ta talk. Both of ya.” She eyed Sheldon. “Does Reihan know about this?”

Sheldon’s mouth worked, but no sound came out, unable to get past his stutter in the presence of an angry, beautiful woman. Make that two. Mary Ellen was glaring.

“No, and he isn’t going to.”

Tamar frowned. “Emmy, ain’t fair ta Reihan, you two timin’ him.”

“That’s not what this is.”

Tamar gave her a look. “Ah didn’t just catch ya’ll havin’ sex?”

“You wouldn’t even know what sex is.”

Tamar looked hurt. “Watch yer mouth, young lady,” she warned. “Ah thought Ah raised ya better’n this!”

Mary Ellen looked away. “Well, maybe not,” she said. “Or maybe I just got the slut end of the genetic lottery.”

“That ain’t no excuse. Ah thought ya had this under control, Emmy. Ya ain’t been sick fer two months now.”

Mary Ellen snapped back to Tamar. “I haven’t been sick because I’ve been feeding!” she yelled. “Yes, I’m getting it under control, but I’m not going to starve to death!”

Tamar gasped, covering her mouth, green eyes wide. “What? You… But… Why didn’t ya tell me?” she asked “Ah coulda helped ya through this without ya…” Tamar blushed.

“You can say it, Tam. I know you’re thinking it. Without slutting myself out?”

“Ah wasn’t gonna…”

Tamar was flustered. She didn’t know how to handle this. She’d only barely had the birds and bees talk when her own mother had died. She had forced herself through it with all her siblings. But she’d never had sex herself, never had a real boyfriend, never had time for men while raising four children as a teenager.

Tamar looked to Sheldon. “Do ya love mah sister?” she asked.

Sheldon blinked, mouth working like a fish again. Tamar put a hand sympathetically on his arm.

“I-I-I...l-lo--” Sheldon started, when Mary Ellen interrupted.

“That isn’t what this is about!” Mary Ellen said. “This is just about sex. Sheldon is perfect. He heals. I can’t kill him,” she said. “He’s safe.”

Sheldon lowered his gaze, crestfallen.

“What?” Tamar stared at her sister.

“I like Reihan,” Mary Ellen said. “But I don’t want to hurt him. So I use Sheldon.”

Sheldon just wanted to shrink into the floor and disappear.

“Use… Emmy, ya cain’t just use people like that!” Tamar protested.

“I have to!” Mary Ellen shouted at her sister. “Don’t you get it! Are you really that stupid, Tam? I’m a fucking...succubus now!” She buried her face in her hands.

Tamar stood stock still. “Ah cain’t… this isn’t right… Ah… Sheldon, get back ta class. Mary Ellen Todd, you are grounded.”

“Grounded!” Mary Ellen yelled as Sheldon slinked out of the room.

“Yes. One month.” Tamar bent down to pick up the spilled laundry, her hands shaking. Her eyes fell on a small silver case that had spilled off the dresser. “What’s this?”

Oh shit! “I can take care of this, Tam,” Mary Ellen said quickly, kneeling down to grab the laundry and reach for the case. But Tamar picked it up first. It was silver with the name EMMY inscribed on it, and obviously expensive.

“Where’d ya get this? What is it?” Tamar opened it. “Business cards?” She held up one of the black cards with silver lettering that read:


Tamar swallowed. “Wh-Why do you ya’ll have business cards for Esper’s new whorehouse?”

Shit! Fuck!

Tamar grew paled. “Have this why you’ve been shoppin’ a lot?” Tamar looked around the room, as if noticing for the first time. Designer clothes, designer shoes, new expensive jewelry and makeup.

“Oh, God!” Tamar sobbed, covering her mouth, unable to hold back the tears. “Oh, God, Oh God…” Tamar fell back, curled against the door.

Mary Ellen didn’t know what she could say. She stared down at her bare feet, toes curling against the carpet. “It...helps. With the hunger,” Mary Ellen said quietly. “I don’t hurt anyone. I don’t want anyone to end up like Coach Joe.” Mary Ellen wiped at her own tears. “I’m...I’m sorry, Tamar. I didn’t...I didn’t know what else to do. When Esper offered--”

Tamar’s head shot up, her eyes wide. “Esper...did this to ya?”

Mary Ellen blinked. Shit. “No!” she said. “She...She’s trying to help me. She pays Sheldon to--”

“She pays him! Esper pays another student to...have sex with you?”

Mary Ellen facepalmed. “it isn’t like he doesn’t enjoy it!”

Tamar pulled herself up. Flames started licking in her red hair. “That bitch!”

“Tamar, please, don’t be mad at her! She saved my life! I would have died! And if you ground me for a month -- without Sheldon, without New Destiny… Tamar, I will die! Or someone else will when I lose control! Maybe it will be Reihan,” Mary Ellen sobbed.

Tamar took a shuddering breath. “Pack yer things,” she said. “Yer movin’ back in with me, where Ah can keep an eye on ya.”

Mary Ellen stared at her sister. “What?”

“You heard me, young lady. Yer mah responsibility. What d’ya think Ma would say ta all this?”

“Ma wouldn’t be treating me like I’m some kind of whore!” Mary Ellen screamed.

“But you are!” Tamar screamed back.

Both women grew suddenly silent. The tension in the room throbbed with anger.

“Get the fuck out of my room, Tamar.”

Tamar took a breath. “Get yer things moved inta mah apartment by supper time.”

Tamar turned and left.

Mary Ellen collapsed onto the floor, sobbing.


Tamar Todd
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Mary Ellen Todd
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Sheldon Kirkstein
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