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The Truth Will Out, Part 1

Posted on Wed Nov 14th, 2018 @ 9:04am by Civilian Tamar Todd

Mission: Every Day - May 2012
Location: Atlanta/Tower
Timeline: Wednesday, May 2, 2012/Afternoon

Mary Ellen tapped her pencil against her notebook, staring at the math problems. It wasn’t that they were difficult. She was just...bored. School would be out in a couple weeks, and it couldn’t come fast enough.

She looked down at her new Gucci shoes, turning her feet to admire the expensive designer footwear. Moonlighting at New Destiny did have its perks. She frowned as she noticed a scuff and licked her thumb, leaning down to wipe at it. Ah, good. Just a little mud.

Mary Ellen pulled out her phone, lifting her math book to hide it as she opened up her calendar to check her weekend. Reihan was taking her out to the Varsity and then to the Avengers movie opening night. Saturday night Kenny’s band had a gig at a local coffee shop. She really ought to go to support him. But that would mean if she went to New Destiny it would be late, and then Tamar would scold her for being out late on a church night. Sunday night she really needed to write that book report that was due Monday. Maybe she could get Sheldon to write her book report for her?

Thinking about her weekend “meal plans” was making Mary Ellen a bit peckish. She had been pretty good about getting a weekly dose of sex. It kept her in top condition, and had the side benefit that Miss Destiny paid well, keeping her in new clothes and jewelry, though she had to be careful Tamar didn’t catch on. She was only going to buy the babysitting gig for so long.

The thought of Sheldon made Mary Ellen look up across the room at her classmate. He was bent over studiously, hard at work. She licked her full lips.

“Miss Todd, are you on your phone?” Mrs. Anderson said with a scowl.

Mary Ellen rolled her eyes. Fuck it. It was only study hall. It wasn’t like she was skipping class.

“Sorry, Mrs. Anderson. I’m...not feeling well. Can I go to the nurse to lie down?” Mary Ellen asked. She put on her “cramps” face.

“Yes, fine, Mary Ellen. Don’t dawdle,” the old teacher warned.

Mary Ellen quickly jotted a note and got up. Several eyes followed her. She’d rolled her skirt, so it showed a couple extra inches of her smooth legs, and she relaxed her hold on her pheromones. As she passed Sheldon’s desk she gave him a look and dropped the note on his desk, giving him a dose of her pheromones before sashaying her way out.

Several students gave a sigh as they watched her leave.

Sheldon took a deep breath, his body responding aggressively to Mary Ellen’s pheromones. Painfully, even. He crossed his legs and read her note.

Follow.. My room.

Sheldon swallowed. He looked up. “M-Mrs. Anderson? C-C-Can I go to the b-b-bathroom?” he asked.

“Fine. Hurry back,” the study hall supervisor said, going back to grading papers.

Sheldon packed up his bag and hurried out after Mary Ellen, looking around for her. He caught up with her at the elevator that went off the school level to the dorms.

“Took you long enough,” Mary Ellen said as the elevator doors opened. She grabbed him by his tie and yanked him to her for a deep, soul-searing kiss as they tumbled into the lift. Sheldon groaned, sliding his hands up Mary Ellen’s teenage curves.

“Emmy...Emmy…” Sheldon panted, breaking the kiss. “They’ll m-m-miss me.”

“I miss you, Shelly,” Mary Ellen grinned, kissing him again as they tumbled out of the elevator onto the girls’ dorm floor. No one would be here this time of day, of course. She yanked open Sheldon’s shirt, sending buttons popping, running her hands over his skin. Because of his powers, his body was perfectly toned. His were lean and tightly defined muscles that weren’t really evident beneath his clothes.

“D-Damn it, Emmy…”

“Shut up and take it like a man.” They crashed through the door to her room and she slammed it closed behind them.


Mary Ellen Todd
NPC Xander Carlisle

Sheldon Kirkstein
NPC Xander Carlisle


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