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Lessons, Part 4

Posted on Wed Nov 7th, 2018 @ 2:52pm by Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - March 2012
Location: Atlanta/New Destiny
Timeline: Timeline: Thursday, March 29, 2012/Late Evening

“ a lot different neighborhood than the last one you took me to,” Mary Ellen said as Esperanza drove her white Ferrari Spider through the rolling, forested hills of Buckland.

“Of course it is,” Esperanza said. “I own property here.”

Mary Ellen looked over at her. “You live in the Tower.”

“A girl likes to have a place to call her own,” Esper said. “Well, it’s owned through a few shell companies, but the sentiment is the same.”

Mary Ellen frowned, not following. “Why do you need to conceal the ownership?”

Esper just gave the teen a look.

“I’ll shut up now,” Mary Ellen said, shrinking down in the seat.

“Sit up. You will wrinkle that dress,” Esper said, turning onto what looked like a private road. It ran back through the trees into a cul de sac in front of a huge, gorgeous mansion.

“Oh my God…”

Esperanza smirked. “What would your sister say to that language?”

Mary Ellen sat forward. “That’s your house?”

Esperanza shrugged. “I own it. I don’t live here.”

Mary Ellen frowned. “Then who does?”

Esper didn’t answer as she parked out front. There were several other vehicles parked there also. Some had diplomatic or government plates with drivers sitting in them. When they got out, Esperanza tossed her keys to a pretty young woman in some kind of uniform, a very short skirt and a low cut jacket. It didn’t look like she had anything on under that jacket, and she wore similar impractical heels as Mary Ellen and Esperanza.

“Welcome to New Destiny.” Esper indicated a discrete sign by the road and then led the way up to the house.

“What’s New Destiny?”

“New Destiny provides upscale, high end companionship to men and women of means and power.”

Mary Ellen frowned, trying to puzzle it out. Then her eyes widened. “Companionship? You mean...whores?”

“Don’t be so crude, Mary Ellen,” Esperanza said. “Bright, intelligent, beautiful young men and women. What clients do with them is their business.”

They entered the house to a large foyer. Esper handed off her long white coat to an attendant, and Mary Ellen did the same.

“Ms. Winters is in her office?” Esper asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” the girl said. She wore a stylish, revealing dress.

“Wonderful.” Esper headed through the foyer.

Mary Ellen followed. She looked through a door off the foyer. It led to a kind of sitting room where several beautiful men and women sat. Older, less made up people sat in there as well. Mary Ellen blushed as an older man took one young woman’s hand and they headed up some stairs.

“Don’t dawdle,” Esper said. “And don’t remember anyone you see here,” she warned Mary Ellen seriously. “The clients value discretion.”

Mary Ellen swallowed and nodded. She could have sworn that old man was a senator.

Esperanza pushed open another door and they entered a well-appointed office. A tall, gorgeous black woman sat behind a massive desk.

“Ms. Roman,” the black woman said with a posh British accent.

Esper smiled. “Destiny,” she greeted. “Please, call me Esper.”

Destiny nodded and her eyes went to Mary Ellen with curiosity. “You brought me another girl?” she asked. “She...looks a little young.”

Esperanza didn’t acknowledge the statement. “Mary Ellen would like some part time work.”

“Wait, what?” Mary Ellen exclaimed.

“Part time?” Destiny asked. She looked at Mary Ellen. “She doesn’t look like she wants to work here.”

“Trust me,” Esper said. “She will.” She gave Mary Ellen a look. “I am giving you options, girl. You don’t want to fuck your classmate or your boyfriend--”

“I didn’t say I don’t want to fuck Reihan,” Mary Ellen started, but Esper cut her off.

“You complained about a little vigilante fucking.”

Mary Ellen blushed.

“This is another option. Clean, private. As long as you don’t kill anyone.”

“Wait, wot?” Destiny asked, standing. “Kill?”

Esper sighed and turned back to Destiny. “You know what I am, Destiny.”

The black woman nodded. “You are like Bethany.”

“Yes. A mutant. You can say the word. Mary Ellen is also. And she has...special needs.”

Mary Ellen crossed her arms over her chest, frowning.

“What...What special needs?”

“She needs to absorb sexual energy,” Esper explained.

“Like...a succubus?”

“In essence, yes. She is perfectly safe as long as she keeps herself well fed and only takes a little.” Esper gave Mary Ellen a look, and the teen blushed sheepishly.

“And if not?”

Esper sighed. “You have my number. I will take care of things.”

Destiny blinked. “Things. Like...bodies.”

Esper just stared at the madam.

Destiny took a shaky breath. “What do you want, Ms. Roman.”

“I want a private room set aside for Mary Ellen. I will take care of any costs associated with her. Clothes, makeup, whatever keeps her up to standards.”

“You are already so generous with my girls.”

“In return, you guarantee her absolute privacy. She can come and go as she needs to feed. Feel free to pick her clients, or consult with her. Trust me, it will be the best sex they ever have.”

“How old is she?”


Destiny frowned.

“You don’t think your clients won’t find her age a turn on?” Esper asked with a wry chuckle.

Destiny shrugged, having to admit the point to Esper.

“Do you have someone for her?”

Destiny considered and flipped through a small black book. “I am still shorthanded,” she admitted. “Not all my girls made the move from Reno. And business has been...surprisingly brisk.”

“Word of mouth travels fast,” Esperanza said. “Especially among the rich, powerful, and bored. And I may have planted the idea in a few ears.”

Destiny gave a wry smile. “One of my girls is down with flu, so we could use the help,” she admitted. “Cory will do.”

“Cory?” Mary Ellen asked with a frown.

“Yes,” Destiny said. “You will probably know him on sight anyway, so no use being coy. Cory Brookman--”

Mary Ellen gaped. “Teen heartthrob Cory Brookman from Darrien’s Creek!”

Destiny chuckled. “Yes. He is turning twenty-one and is in town filming a movie, so he and a couple friends decided to celebrate.”

“But...he can have any girl he wants! Why would he need a who--” Mary Ellen stopped herself at a glare from both women. She blushed and cleared her throat. “Why would he need to pay for sex?”

Destiny closed her book. “It isn’t just sex,” she said. “Companionship. If sex occurs, that is between the client and the girl. Now, I’m short a girl for his private party, so…”

“I’ll do it!” Mary Ellen said quickly. She was going to meet Cory Brookman!

“Very well. You will be working with two other girls, Sarah and Nichelle, in the Destiny Suite. There is a sitting area and three private bedrooms off it. Cory and two of his friends. I’ll show you up.”

“When should I pick you up, Mary Ellen?” Esperanza asked.

“How long did you sign me out?”

“Until morning.”

“Okay. Morning is good.”

Esperanza chuckled. “I will pick you up.” And she left.

Mary Ellen looked to Destiny with anticipation.

“This way.” They made their way up to one of the turret rooms of the castle-like mansion. Three young men lounged on a couch with Sarah, a young Asian beauty, and Nichelle, a black girl, drinking champagne and cuddled up.

“Oh, God! It’s Cory Brookman!” Mary Ellen gushed.

Destiny put a hand on Mary Ellen’s shoulder as Cory frowned. “Calm yourself,” she said. “Don’t go all fan girl, luv.”

Mary Ellen took a few breaths and nodded. She put a saunter into her hips as she walked over to the famous teen idol and slid onto his lap. “Hi. I’m Emmy,” she said.

“Hello, Emmy.” Cory flashed a Hollywood smile as he ran his hand down her bare back. “Nice dress.”

Mary Ellen started to leak pheromones. Destiny caught a breath as she felt her own libido rising.

“I think now is time for me to go,” Destiny said. “Enjoy yourself, Mr. Brookman, and let me know if you need anything.”

“Will do, Miss Destiny,” Cory said, his eyes glazing over as Mary Ellen stoked his lust. “Let’s get this party started, boys,” he said, pulling the teen in his lap into a deep kiss. The others were starting to feel it, too, as the door clicked softly behind Destiny.

Destiny took a deep breath to clear her head. That girl was going to be either a gold mine...or trouble.


Mary Ellen stumbled barefoot out of New Destiny into the glare of the bright morning sun. Esper leaned over and pushed open the door to the Spider. “So how was your night? Destiny didn’t mention any problems.”

Mary Ellen sank into the seat with a groan and shut the door. “I don’ can I explain… Five! I...I just had a fucking orgy with the guy who is on a poster on my wall!” the teen said, dumbfounded.

Esper chuckled and started the car. “I’m sure Tamar would love to hear that.”

“No!” Mary Ellen exclaimed, clutching Esper’s arm. “You can’t tell my sister!”

“Of course not, love,” Esper promised as she drove out of the cul de sac and onto the freeway. They were going to hit the beginning of rush hour traffic.

Mary Ellen tried to straighten her blonde hair in the mirror. She was positively glowing, but also looked a bit worn out.

“So there are some limits to your libido,” Esper commented

Mary Ellen glared at her. “For now,” she smirk.

“I take it you fed a little?”

“Yes.” Mary Ellen blushed. “He tasted amazing. So...So did the girls…”

Esper raised an eyebrow.

Mary Ellen glared at her. “Don’t act so jdugy. I know you fuck girls, too.”

Esperanza chuckled. “You are the one worried about being a slut,” she said. “I am simply comfortable with my sluttiness.”

Mary Ellen couldn’t help but giggle. “God, I could use some waffles,” she admitted. “Think I can miss my first class?”

“I’ll write you a note,” Esper promised as she took the exit for the most expensive breakfast restaurant in the city.


Esperanza Roman
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Mary Ellen Todd
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Destiny Winters
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