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Lessons, Part 3

Posted on Fri Nov 2nd, 2018 @ 9:23am by Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - March 2012
Location: Atlanta/Tower
Timeline: Timeline: Thursday, March 29, 2012/Late Evening

“Mm...Reihan…” Mary Ellen murmured, kissing the handsome blond young man again. They lay on her bed in her room, kissing and making out. She ran her fingers into his hair. This relationship had gotten fairly hot and heavy way faster than Mary Ellen would have thought just a month ago. But then she hadn’t had the hunger inside her then.

Mary Ellen tamped down the hunger. She didn’t want to feed on her boyfriend. But it was rising up in her in response to her own and Reihan’s libido. She felt Reihan’s hand slip up under her shirt and moaned softly. The blue motes of energy started to rise around them, sinking into Mary Ellen’s skin.

Mary Ellen broke the kiss, breathing heavily. “Reihan…” she panted. “We...We should...slow down...stop…”

Reihan blinked, eyes glazed a bit, clearly under the effects of Mary Ellen’s pheromones. “What?” he asked. “I’m so…” He trailed off.

Mary Ellen knew. She could feel him, hard against her thigh. She blushed. “I just think...maybe it’s a little fast…” She really wanted to get the hang of her powers before she went and had sex with someone she actually cared about.

“, if that’s what you want,” Reihan said, clearly catching a case of blue balls now.

Damn her powers!

There was a knock on the door.

“Crap!” Mary Ellen exclaimed. “I bet that’s my sister! She’ll kill me!”

Reihan quickly got off of his girlfriend. He had no wish to face down Ms. Todd, either. “We were just studying.”

“Yeah, she’ll buy that,” Mary Ellen said, rolling her eyes. “Do something about...that!” she said, nodding to the raging erection in his jeans.

“Do what?” Reihan asked. “It’s not like I can know…”

Mary Ellen blushed, and the knock came again, more insistent.

“Just...put a pillow over it!” Mary Ellen snapped and went to the door.

Reihan grabbed a pillow as Mary Ellen opened the door. She blinked. It wasn’t her sister.

“Esp--Ms. Roman?” Mary Ellen asked, surprised.

“Good evening, Mary Ellen,” Esperanza said with a smile. “Mr. Danvers.” She nodded to Reihan.

Reihan nodded back. Oh, great. Hot Ms. Roman. Even worse than hot Ms. Todd, at least for his erection. “We were just studying!” he blurted out.

Esperanza raised an eyebrow and looked around the dorm room where there was no sight of a textbook or notes out. “Studying. Of course,” she said dryly. “I need to speak with Miss Todd. Alone.”

“Oh, uh...yeah, sure,” Reihan said, standing, still awkwardly holding the pillow in front of his crotch, unsure what to do.

“Trust me, Mr. Reihan, you do not have anything I have not seen better of.”

Reihan flushed scarlet, embarrassed and a little angry. He tossed the pillow aside and quickly left.

“Well, that was a little cruel,” Mary Ellen said.

“Only a little,” Esperanza said with a smirk as she came into Mary Ellen’s room.

The teen rolled her eyes and closed the door. “He’s not so little, you know.”

Esperanza raised an eyebrow. “Are you having sex with him?”

Mary Ellen blushed. “No, I...just...could feel it when we were making out.”

“Were you feeding?”

“Trying not to,” Mary Ellen admitted. “Mostly failing. He...tastes good. What is that?” she asked, to change the subject.

“Oh, it’s a dress and it’s for you,” Esper said, bringing the garment bag from where it hung over her shoulder. She unzipped it to reveal a slinky little black dress.

Mary Ellen stared. “Is that...Oscar de la Renta?”

“Hm? Oh, yes. Just something I had sitting in my closet forgotten. I had it altered for you.”

Mary Ellen took the dress, feeling the exquisite fabric. “I...How did you know my measurements?”

“Nano is pretty exact, dear,” Esperanza pointed out.

Mary Ellen blushed.

“There are heels, too.” Esper gave her a box, with matched stilettos.

“Oh, geez. I’m not sure I can walk in these.”

“You won’t be walking.”

Mary Ellen blinked and stared at Esperanza, then blushed. “No!” she said. “I’m not going out and screwing some strange gangbanger in an alley again!” she said, throwing the dress at Esper.

“Hon, you think I would waste this dress on a gangbanger?” Esperanza laughed. “Get changed. There is some matching lingerie in the bag.”

“But I’m not hungry!” Mary Ellen protested.

“Hungry enough to feed on your boyfriend.”

Mary Ellen blushed. “I...only had a taste! I got my fill for the month from that banger.”

“That’s why this is the perfect time to practice that grazing thing I told you about,” Esper said. “You will have more control. Get dressed. I’ll be down in the garage waiting.” Esperanza’s own clothes changed to something matching Mary Ellen’s dress, only in white. “And don’t make me come hunting for you.”

Mary Ellen stared at the dress Esper had put back in her hands. “But curfew is in an hour.”

“I’ve signed you out,” Esper explained.

“But Tamar--”

“Will think you are last minute babysitting for the Hunters.”

“I don’t like lying to my sister.”

Esperanza stopped with her hand on the door. “Feel free to tell her anytime you are going out fucking gangbangers in back alleys,” she told the teen.

Mary Ellen flushed hotly. “It isn’t like that!”

Esper sighed and her expression softened. “No, it isn’t,” she said. “You got dealt a shitty genetic hand. You are just staying alive. Tamar will have to come around.”

“And if she doesn’t?” Mary Ellen bit her lip to keep it from quivering.

“Then you’re still alive.” Esper opened the door and stepped through, but she turned back. “And I wouldn’t underestimate your sister. She loves you and would do anything for you. You are fortunate. Not all of us were so lucky.” Esper closed the door.

Mary Ellen looked down at the dress again, and then at the garment bag. Besides the heels and lingerie there was a kit of expensive, high end makeup and perfume as well.


Esperanza Roman
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Mary Ellen Todd
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Reihan Danvers
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