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Lessons, Part 2

Posted on Mon Oct 29th, 2018 @ 9:33am by Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - March 2012
Location: Atlanta
Timeline: Monday, March 26, 2012/Evening

Esperanza was leaning against her white Ferrari Spider, tapping on her phone, when Mary Ellen arrived. Esper was dressed in a nice, flowy white dress that left her shoulders and back bare, though she had a white ermine wrap. Her black hair was done up and she wore dangling diamond earrings and the diamond pendant that contained her holographic image.

“Okay, I feel decidedly underdressed,” Mary Ellen said as she approached, dressed in jeans and a cute pink top that fitted her teenage curves.

“I had to make an appearance at a charity event earlier in the evening,” Esperanza explained, snapping her phone closed and looking Mary Ellen over. “Oh, no. That won’t do. Good thing I have something for you.” She pulled the remote out and clicked open the trunk, nodding to Mary Ellen.

Mary Ellen went to the back and pulled out some plain white boxes. Inside was a flirty little dress and heels in a pale blue that matched her eyes, as well as sexy lingerie, all in her size.

“Put them on,” Esper said.

“Here?” Mary Ellen blinked and looked around them at the garage.

Esperanza looked around as well. “No one is here. Stop dawdling.”

Mary Ellen sighed and peeled off her clothes, pulling on the dress. The hemline was very high and the sweetheart bodice was very low. It was very sexy and revealing and nothing which Tamar would approve. “What is this for?”

“Get in the car.” Esperanza put her phone away and climbed behind the wheel.

Sighing, Mary Ellen got inside.

Esper pulled out of the garage and headed out of Midtown for the west side of the city. Mary Ellen didn’t pay too much attention as she texted with Reihan, but at one point she looked up and blinked.

“Why are we going into a bad neighborhood?”

“You wanted options, Mary Ellen. This is one.” Esperanza pulled the expensive car to the curb and turned to look at the teenager. “This is risky,” she said. “But I’m not talking about you. I’m pretty sure you can handle yourself against a gangbanger with a gun. You’ve had enough training, and if you had been feeding, you would be strong enough. Tonight will be a test of your control. Can you feed without killing or putting someone in a coma?”

Mary Ellen looked at Esperanza quizzically.

“I’ve been doing more research on abilities like yours,” Esperanza told Mary Ellen. “The key for you is learning how to graze.”

“Graze?” Mary Ellen asked. “Like a cow?” She pulled a face.

Esperanza sighed. “The concept is the same, yes,” she said. “But people do it too. You know people who don’t eat large meals, but they’re always nibbling on something? That is what you need to do. Instead of waiting until you are nearly dead and can’t control the hunger, and then leave behind a body, you need to learn to eat more often but smaller amounts. Just enough to keep you sated, to keep the hunger at bay. A taste. A sip. A...nibble.”

“But...that isn’t how it works. Once I get going, it’s so hard to stop. I just… And the nano shutting me down is painful.”

Esper nodded. “I know. Your body gets hyped up. But I think you can learn.”

Mary Ellen took a breath. “So why are we in a bad neighborhood?”

Esperanza grinned, a bit cruelly. “Because I don’t much care if you lose control here,” she said. “See that house there?” She nodded to a house around the corner and down the block. A man sat on the stoop, looking around.

“That’s a Tres Reyes stash house,” Esperanza said.

Mary Ellen paled a bit. “Tres Reyes?”

“Yes. And they are as bad as the news says. This house is where they keep girls. They get them addicted to heroin and then pimp them out. The girls have no choice if they want their next hit.”

“ want me to rescue them?” Mary Ellen asked. “I’m not field trained. Shouldn’t the cops be handling this?”

“Police don’t come to this neighborhood,” Esperanza said. “This is Tres Reyes territory. And nothing so grand as a rescue. Like you said, you aren’t trained. But you do have full nano you can use if you need it. And I am here for backup.” Esperanza’s dress flowed, and now she was dressed in white jeans and hoodie, her normal skin tone faded to a pale white marble that glittered in the moonlight. “La Dama Blanca will back you up.”

Mary Ellen stared at Esper. “La Dama Blanca?” she asked. She couldn’t help but giggle.

Esperanza glared at the teen with her blank marble eyes. “Trust me, you drop that name in this neighborhood, the bangers will give you a wide berth.”

Mary Ellen composed herself, but couldn’t help the occasionally giggle that escaped. Esper just rolled her eyes. “There’s an alley a couple lots past the house. Walk on by, waft some of your pheromones, and saunter into that alley. Get the spotter to follow you and then have your fun.”


“The guy on the stoop.”

“Oh. You...want me to just fuck some rando?”

Esperanza rolled her eyes. “Better a rando gangbanger than someone you actually care about when you finally lose control,” she reminded Mary Ellen. “Or some innocent rando.”

Mary Ellen considered that for a long moment, worrying her lower lip.

“If it makes you feel any better, with the grazing I don’t think you need to actually have sex. It won’t be as good a feed, but I think you could just get him aroused. It’s about passion.”

Mary Ellen took a breath before levering open the door and getting out of the car. She straightened the dress, hitched up her pert teenage breasts, and put a saunter into her step as she walked down the street. She glanced at the man on the street warily as she approached. He looked up and did a bit of a double take at the white girl walking alone in that outfit in this neighborhood. He made a few catcalls and Mary Ellen gave him a nervous smile before dumping a load of pheromones in his direction. His eyes glazed a bit as he watched her firm bottom as she passed.

Mary Ellen looked over her shoulder, giving the Latino young man a come hither look. He stood, shuffled indecisively as he glanced at the door. Another touch of her pheromones and he was hooked. All he cared about was scoring with the hot white jailbait. Mary Ellen turned into the alley as the man followed, adjusting the gun in his pants.

“Hey,” Mary Ellen said shyly from where she leaned against the wall.

“Hey, baby girl,” the twenty-something gangbanger grinned.

Mary Ellen grabbed his neck and pulled him into a searing kiss. The blue motes of sexual energy rose up around them almost immediately. Before Mary Ellen even realized it, she was tugging open his jeans and he was hiking up her skirt. The hunger was just so strong!


Esperanza watched Mary Ellen lure off the spotter and shook her head. “The girl’s a natural,” she muttered. “Hard to believe she’s Tamar’s sister.”

Esper got out of the car and headed toward the gang house. Her skin crackled like ice as she changed to her diamond form. It was simple enough to destroy the lock with her finger and crack open the door. A low growl greeted Esper as a rottweiler rose up to defend the flesh den. Esper simply punched the dog in the forehead, dropping it. Then she proceeded to quietly and methodically move through the house. She took out stoned bangers and a group playing cards in the kitchen. She tossed around a few johns in the bedrooms. When the house was finally cleared, she gathered up the girls. She made a phone call and a few minutes later a large van pulled up to the house. Esper led the girls outside.

“This is Brooke,” Esper introduced the woman in the van to the girls. Some were too strung out to really understand. “She’s going to take you someplace safe where you can clean up and have a real bed and sort out about getting you home.”

When the van and the girls had left, Esperanza switched back to flesh, still dressed in the white jeans and hoodie. She walked down the street to the alley. Mary Ellen sat on an old couch, a satisfied look on her face, her dress in disarray, and a body at her feet.

Esper pressed her fingers to the gangbanger’s neck. “Still alive,” she said, actually seeming a bit surprised. “That was unexpected. How do you feel?” She looked into Mary Ellen’s face and received a lazy smile.

“So fucking good,” Mary Ellen murmured.

Esper raised an eyebrow. “Okay, get yourself put together,” she told her. “I’m not taking you home to your sister like that.”

Mary Ellen snapped out of it then. “You won’t tell Tam!”

Esperanza gave her a look. “Of course not,” she said. “She’d kill me before she grounded you for eternity. But you made progress.” She helped Mary Ellen up and the teen adjusted her dress, flushing from embarrassment and recent sex.

“Fancy some ice cream? I know a great late night gelato place,” Esper said as they walked back to her car.


Esperanza Roman
NPC Xander Carlisle

Mary Ellen Todd
NPC Xander Carlisle


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