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The Arrangement, Part 5 (Conclusion)

Posted on Wed Oct 24th, 2018 @ 9:11am by Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - March 2012
Location: Townsend Tower/Infirmary
Timeline: Thursday, March 8, 2012/Morning

Esper was just finishing up her work when the door opened again and Sheldon staggered out, naked and dazed.

“Okay, that is more than I wanted to see,” Esper muttered, standing. Truth be told, Sheldon’s body was pretty perfect. He was lean, but his muscles were perfectly defined thanks to his powers, and he was rather...sizable. No wonder Mary Ellen had enjoyed herself.

“How are you feeling?” Esper asked, bringing the boy a set of school sweats.

“I...I’m...oh, f-f-fuck, that was amazing!” Sheldon exclaimed.

Esperanza gave a relieved smile. “Glad it was memorable,” she said dryly as he dressed.

“I just...I hope...well, Mary Ellen ran off before…”

“Don’t worry about it,” Esper told him. “You were plenty adequate.” She gave a light chuckle.

“I’m so hungry,” Sheldon said.

“No doubt. They should be serving breakfast by now.”

They headed upstairs to the dining hall. Students chatted and laughed. Suddenly there was a crash and Esper and Sheldon turned around to see Mary Ellen standing there in her school uniform, having just dropped her tray at seeing Sheldon.

“Oh my God!” Mary Ellen exclaimed. “Shelly!”

Sheldon grunted as she rushed him, nearly tackling him, and actually picking him up and spinning him around. He felt a rib crack under her strength and cried out in pain.

“Whoa, ease up there, Emmy,” Reihan said, coming up behind with his own tray. He looked a little...jealous. Mary Ellen put Sheldon down and murmured an apology.

“Where’d you disappear to last night, Shelly?” Reihan asked.

Sheldon dropped his gaze, glancing between Mary Ellen and Esper. “W-W-Was at the l-l-library all night,” he lied.

“Working on that report for me?” Reihan asked, putting his arm around Mary Ellen, a bit possessively.

“Uh...y-yes,” Sheldon stammered.

“Great!” Reihan glanced at Esperanza, not wanting to say more.

Esper rolled her eyes. “Do your own damn homework, Danvers,” she said. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to talk to Mr. Kirkstein and Ms. Todd. Alone.”

Reihan nodded and looked at Mary Ellen. “See you in classe?”

“Sure,” Mary Ellen smiled brightly. She gave him a kiss. Sheldon scowled.

“Well, that certainly happened fast,” Esper told Mary Ellen, crossing her arms and watching Reihan join some other members of the basketball team.

Mary Ellen blushed. “I felt bad about missing the Valentine’s Day dance with him. He asked me to go steady.”

Esperanza groaned and rubbed her eyes.

“I n-n-need food.” Sheldon turned to leave.

“Shelly…” Mary Ellen said softly. “I...I don’t know how to...thank you,” she said sincerely

“You can start by not calling me Shelly,” Sheldon muttered.


“N-N-Nothing, M-Mary Ellen,” he stammered. “ nothing of it.”

“Get your food. We’ll talk.” Esperanza nodded to the private dining room.

Once they were all settled with breakfast, Esperanza addressed the situation.

“Mary Ellen, this is just temporary, you know that, right?”

The blonde sighed and stared at the orange she was peeling. “I know,” she said.

“Just like eating food, you need sex. Weekly, to keep up your powers. Every two weeks to keep from getting sick. Every month if you don’t want to die.”

Mary Ellen said nothing.

“Sheldon and I have made an arrangement,” Esperanza told Mary Ellen. “Whenever you need to feed, you can use him.”

Mary Ellen blinked and looked up, startled. “What? I...but I have a boyfriend! I can’t cheat on him!”

Esper shrugged. “Reihan will be good for topping off. But you are still new to this. You need to learn to control how much you take during sex so Reihan doesn’t end up like…” Esper stopped and looked at Sheldon. He didn’t know about Joe Campbell. “Well, like Sheldon,” she amended. “You need the practice. Sheldon is the only safe one you can practice on.”

Sheldon blushed.

“Sheldon is being compensated for his efforts,” Esper said.

“Wait!” Mary Ellen exclaimed. “Are you...Are you pimping Shelly out?”

Esperanza rolled her eyes. “I would hardly describe it as that, Mary Ellen. Don’t be so dramatic. He is merely being compensated for the time and danger of the assignment.”

Mary Ellen frowned and crossed her arms. “So now I’m an...assignment?” She pulled a face.

“N-N-No!” Sheldon stammered. “I j-j-j-just w-want to h-h-help!”

“Oh, yeah? How much is she paying you?” Mary Ellen snapped.

Sheldon dropped his head.

“This is fucked up!” Mary Ellen said, standing and picking up her tray.

“Yes, it is,” Esper agreed. “But it is the reality of the situation, Mary Ellen. You can’t stop what your body needs.”

“We’ll see,” Mary Ellen said, turning to move away.

Esperanza grabbed her arm. “Don’t be foolish and endanger Reihan if you really care about him.”

Mary Ellen worried her lip, concern evident on her face.

“And don’t tell Tamar.”

Mary Ellen sighed. “You think I want to do that?” she said. “I’m already a slut to her.” With that, she turned and walked out.


Esperanza Roman
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Mary Ellen Todd
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Sheldon Kirkstein
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Reihan Danvers
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