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The Arrangement, Part 2

Posted on Wed Oct 24th, 2018 @ 9:06am by Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Every Day - March 2012
Location: Townsend Tower/Boys' Dorm
Timeline: Wednesday, March 7, 2012/Late Evening

Sheldon sat at his computer playing Worlds of Myth. His roommate Reihan was out with some girl. Sheldon knew he liked Mary Ellen, but she was sick, and lots of girls liked the handsome young blond teen. Not so many liked his more plain, geeky roommate. It was nearly curfew, when lights out was called and everyone would have to be in their room. There was a knock on the door and Sheldon sighed.

“In the middle of a raid!” Sheldon yelled, and turned his attention back to his computer.

There was a soft sussurating sound and then a voice spoke. “Do I need to unplug it?”

Sheldon jumped and spun around. Ms. Roman stood just inside the door, reforming from fine grains of white sand that had slid under the door, hardening into diamond, and now taking on pale, marble-white flesh before the diamond pendant at her neck flared and the holoprojection of a beautiful Italian-American woman covered her form. She gave Sheldon a glare.

“S-S-Sorry!” Sheldon stammered. At the best of times, he had a stutter. It just got worse when he was with pretty girls. Or, well, gorgeous women, in Ms. Roman’s case. He couldn’t help stare at her cleavage.

“My eyes are up here, Sheldon,” Esper reminded.


Esper sighed. “Never say you are sorry.” She turned and opened the door, retrieving a tablet and a manila envelope she had left outside when she had shifted. Then she closed the door again. “Reihan is gone?”

“Y-Yes,” Sheldon said. He heard his character die a horrifying death behind him, and the shouted vulgarities of his raid members through the headphones he had taken off, vows to find where he lived and strangle him with his own intestines. Pretty sure there were several anti-Semitic remarks and homosexual disparages.

“Please shut that off. We need to talk business.”

Sheldon blinked. He turned around and shut down his computer. “W-W-Was there s-something wrong with m-my econ report?” Sheldon asked, turning back.

“No, Sheldon, you got a perfect score, as always,” Esper said, pulling up the chair from Reihan’s desk to sit facing Sheldon. “I have a proposition for you. But I need to know you can be trusted to keep this...confidential.”

Sheldon blinked and instinctively pushed up glasses on his face that were no longer there. He was always forgetting he didn’t need them anymore. “Wh-What do you n-need, Ms. Roman?”

Esper got to the point bluntly. “I need you to have sex.”

Sheldon stared, and his mouth dropped open. “S-S-S-Sex! W-W-With you?

“Not so loud!” Esper scolded. “And no, not with me!” Esper looked a big disgusted by the thought. “You’re way too young for me.”

Sheldon swallowed. It wasn’t like every boy in school didn’t think about having sex with Ms. Roman. Or Ms. Todd. And quite a few girls, too.

“Someone your own age.” Esperanza slid the manila envelope over to Sheldon. He eyed it warily.

“What’s th-this?” He opened it and stared, then pulled out a wad of cash.

“An advance,” Esper said. “And you will get three hundred dollars more every time you have sex with her.”

Sheldon’s mouth was hanging open again as he counted through the cash. “Th-Th-This is a thousand d-d-d-dollars!”

“I know. I counted it myself.”

Sheldon gaped. “Wh-Wh-Why?” he stammered. “Wh-Who?”

“Because she needs someone of your specific...talents, Sheldon.”

Sheldon frowned. “Hacking?”

Esper sighed and rolled her eyes. “For a genius, you sure are thick, Mr. Kirkstein.”

Sheldon blushed. “S-Sorry. You m-mean my...other abilities.”

Esper nodded. “She could die without you, Sheldon,” Esperanza spoke quietly.

Sheldon blinked. “Wh-Who?

“Mary Ellen Todd.”

“Emmy? But...she’s just down with...mono or something.”

Esper shook her head. “No, it is more serious than that. Mary Ellen’s powers took an unexpected...turn during the attack on the mall two months ago. She developed some unique...needs.”

Sheldon frowned. “S-Sex?”

Esper nodded. “There is released during the act that her body absorbs. Without it, she is dying.”

“B-B-But why me?” Sheldon stammered. “I mean, s-s-sure. I like Emmy. She’s h-h-hot. N-N-Not always nice to me, ignores me, b-b-but not the w-w-worst. Wh-Why don’t you ask R-R-Reihan? He l-l-likes her, and she l-l-likes him. They were g-g-gonna go to the Valentines dance together.”

Esper shook her head. “Mary Ellen is too far gone. I can’t trust that she wouldn’t kill Reihan or leave him in a coma.”

Sheldon paled. “And th-that’s why you n-n-need me.”

Esperanza nodded. “I need someone with your off the charts healing factor,” she told Sheldon. “You came to us after you got flattened by a bus and got up out of the morgue.” Esperanza swiped on her tablet and held it up for Sheldon to see the newspaper clippings of the incidents.

Sheldon swallowed. “I r-r-remember. Still d-d-don’t like crossing the street.”

“I’m pretty sure you will come back.”

Sheldon blinked. “Wh-What do you mean ‘pretty sure’?”

“Think of this as a science experiment. And you get to rescue a damsel in distress,” Esper said with a smile.

Sheldon worried his lower lip.

“The advance. Plus three hundred per.”

“I...Wh-What does Emmy say?”

“She’s in no condition right now. Right now we are just saving her life. Then she can choose to...utilize your services in the future.”

Sheldon blinked. “Ehm...I...g-guess…? I mean, t-t-t- s-save her… But I’ve n-n-never…” He blushed.

Esper smiled and put a hand on his knee. “Don’t worry. It will all be so very natural when the time comes.”


Esperanza Roman
NPC Xander Carlisle

Sheldon Kirkstein
NPC Xander Carlisle


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