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Halloween Happenings

Posted on Tue Oct 9th, 2018 @ 11:01am by Civilian Tamar Todd & Unawakened Devin Graham

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Atlanta
Timeline: Sunday, October 30, 2011

The school Octoberfest was starting in a few hours. The carnival was to raise money for the school winter dance, which Devin was actually starting to look forward too. Her new glasses arrived late on Friday, just after she got back home from the mall with Jessie, who teased her about that kiss from Kenny all the way home. She was still sort of floating about it. Her first kiss, a gentle surprise it was. She looked at the rest of her classmates as they walked around the grounds. Everyone was dressed up in various horror film style. Devin was wearing the costume her mom made for her, her own version of a hellish feline with various shades of red with blue-white flame details along the sides.

Devin sent a text Kenny from her new cell phone early this morning, when the paper showed it was the day for the school Octoberfest, with apologies for the last notice.

“hello Kenny this is Devin from Jackson High and Lennox mall, if you remember? We’re having a halloween carnival at the (Jackson high) school on Saturday and Sunday this week and Saturday and Sunday next week. There’s games and costume contest and maze and more. If you can come? Bring your siblings and anyone else you like the announcement in the paper was late so most folks are telling everyone by phone and email. Hope to see you there! Tickets are $2.00 games and such .50 cents. Candy apples and other food $1.00. Sorry if too much at once. Take care Devin”

It didn’t take Devin long to get a reply

“Luv 2. C U there. Wear sumthing sexy.” It was followed by a winking kiss emoji.

Devin read the text three times and then looked at her costume and had her mom help her take a picture of her in it to send. She smiled, new glasses and costume, as her mom took the picture and sent it to Kenny with the text.

“This close enough? :-) Devin”

“Very sexy. Luv the new glasses. Rawr ;)” Kenny texted back.


Kenny Todd
NPC Tamar Todd

Devin Graham


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