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Project Valkyrie

Posted on Tue Aug 14th, 2018 @ 7:31am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: South China Sea
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Lorde finger trailed along the skin of the prototype of his latest vision come to life. The Valkyrie-1 had been built with all of the design specifications he had asked for. “So what do you think of it Byte Mi?” He asked his beautiful android companion. He loved how cool the surface of the mechanical nightmare felt under his touch. Not only was it colder than the air in the hanger somehow it felt as if it drained some of the heat from his body.

The lovely android smiled and after flipping her hair a bit to the side answered her leader. “It is amazing and only made more so by how quickly this came together.” Something about the new creation instilled fear in her. She wondered if there was something strange about the new robot.

“I am glad you think so Mi, because I am going to have you join me for its maiden voyage into the sky.” He smiled devilishly at the young woman. Quite often he just wanted to see how people would react to things when put on the spot.

She stammered back a bit. “Why...why me?” Although she loved technology she had her reservations about what she was being asked.

Lorde’s smile became far less intimidating. “Oh honestly as there are a few things that can go wrong with the programing alone in this thing, I figure your ability to take over a machine might come in handy. Also in case we hit super high levels of g-forces your body would be very unlikely to be damaged. Lastly I just can't afford to have a nuclear reactor flying at mach speeds get to far out of hand.”

The massive mech elevator lifted them up to the launch platform. It was a nice day for a test flight. The sky was clear and the water in The South China Sea was very calm.

Lorde and Byte Mi suited up and climbed into the Valkyrie-1. He sat up front and she was in the reo’s chair. While the controls had been built with the best technology had to offer, the layout was far more simple and organized than many of the world's current aircraft. The jet was designed to be manned and piloted by one person and make the transference of information from the machine to it’s pilot easy if not seamless.

As the engines came to life so did Hollywood’s heads up display. As the HUDs lit up the data showing let him know the status of any system he wanted to know about. That system and others had been loosely based on his own Lorde Armor which had its roots in Stark Tech.


Admiral Fan Tao was quite concerned with what was about to happen. Worry lines seemed to grow deeper in his face as he watched silently from the bridge of the carrier that had been designed by this foreign capitalist. He felt as though the politicians had gone too far in placating this man’s every whim. Intelligence had come to his desk showing monsters running amok near the city he had appropriated. This and the building of space age weaponry put his people in the cross hairs of international police organizations like SHIELD and The Avengers.

Just after leaving the deck Lorde pushed the nose of the jet straight up and punched the throttle to max. Even through his armor he could feel the g’s try and take hold. The master of martial arts had to use part of his training just to stay awake.

Even Mi’s android body screamed out that this was not a good idea. While the acceleration did not damage her and was in no way faster that she had ever flown. It was far faster that she had ever been in a vehicle. She noticed her leader had fallen strangely silent.

Frederick felt like he was in the zone. Like a combination of a Top Gun pilot and NASA astronaut. His Valkyrie screamed up at the top of the Earth at over Mach Twenty.

“Yea cause this isn’t to insane!” Mi could not keep herself ffrom screaming. In what seemed to her like no time at all the strange vehicle broke through the Earth’s atmosphere.


“This is Robin Mead reporting for HLN. Today it seams China has possibly launched a new ICBM styled rocket. Currently making its way into outer space. As there was no forewarning or announcement of what China’s intentions could be according to sources in the Air Force. The world holds its breath praying this is not the start of a third world war.”

As the jet on the screen broke the surface of the Earth with clouds building behind it reminiscent of a NASA space shuttle the young news reporter gave a pause. Perhaps for dramatic effect or perhaps because she had for one fallen speechless for a moment.


Gravity lost its hold inside the newly designed transatmospheric fighter. Lorde flipped the Valkyrie-1 backwards until it pointed back one hundred and eighty degrees along the exact same route they had come up on.

Before Byte Mi could scream out the small vehicle was back up over mach twenty. As they reentered the Earth’s atmosphere the cockpit was surrounded by plasma. Tiny object began to streak by the window like comets. To her it was total madness as the vehicle would suddenly sound like it had been shot by a cannon or slammed into a rock. “How fast are you planning to take this?”

His answer was simple. He needed to know. Also there was just a feeling. He should have been worried about so many things, but this kind of focus was making him feel better than he had in awhile. “As fast as she will let me before we hit the deck.”

Mi said a silent prayer that he didn’t mean the ground by that.


“NASA has reassured us that this is not a missle. Instead it is a new manned vehicle produced by the Chinese military. Still the question remains are the actions a forewarning of this to come. We need answers. I will continue to bring you updated coverage on what's going on here, but next let see what the weather has to offer.”


After leveling out five hundred feet above the ocean the jet streaked over the carrier. Then Lorde circled the new mechanical menace back to the ship. Most of his hopes for the project had been achieved.

After removing his flight suit he met with the Admiral. “Well sir I thank you for the use of your Helicarrier for this test.” He shook the small man’s hand. “I do believe the world will be looking East for new and rising technologies now. Don’t you?”

When Fan Tao began to give some long winded speech. Lorde feigned interest as best he could. His mind began to wander away back to recent events. He wondered if his darker side would resurface again. Likely it would just be a matter of time like in the old days. He could likely go for long periods without anything unusual happening, but all it would take is that one asshole or idiot to pull that out of him. Worse yet just the right series of traumatic events or one big one. Maybe Syn could help him out before he killed someone. Oh it wouldn’t likely be someone he loved, but it could easily be someone he liked or someone of importance to his plans. The worst part being his anchor wasn’t here to bring him back from hell. Fred could almost see his darkness creeping out from behind his eyes. Even now he was ready to throw this old man into the ocean for talking to much and patting himself on the back. Even though most of the work had been done by Lorde and his people.

Before boiling over he held up his hand to stop the Admiral, “Well Tao, I must be getting back to China. There are things that require my attention.”

Tao began to stammer. “ many of these and how soon can we expect to see these?”

There it was. Lorde started into the man’s eyes. “I suggest Admiral, that if you have further questions you contact your government. I also suggest you delay me no longer than absolutely necessary after all, you wouldn’t want to have to explain why a multi-billion dollar carrier sunk to Davy Jones Locker would you?”


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