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Divine Body Snatchers

Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 1:09am by Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Melissa Wilson's Room

It was barely a moment before she raised her head.

Glowing deep blue eyes scowled, and the voice that spoke felt like it came from the blackness of night, shrouded in mystery and depth, like a whisper of shadow and warm, heady night air. It was Melissa’s voice, but more... like someone speaking through the girl from a far off place.

Which was, coincidentally, exactly what was happening.

“Curses...” She muttered. “A world filled with billions, and she who is mine is but a weak child.”

She sighed, struggling with great effort to rise to her feet. Whatever had happened, it seemed to take all of her strength to rise. She closed her glowing eyes for a moment, took a deep breath, and collected herself. When the eyes opened once more, she took another deep breath and straightened her back.

Ignoring the towel that fell away from her wet and naked form, Melissa-but-not-Melissa walked toward a mirror. She examined her form with a critical eye in silence. Slowly, she raised her hands to her head, smoothing them over Melissa’s black hair and down the girl’s curved physique. Where her hands moved, her hair dried and became styled in thick, ropy curls entwined with dark pearls and deep sapphire stones. Her body became clothed, though the blue Minoan gown with it’s colourful layered skirts left Melissa’s perky young breasts completely bare. She did reach for the counter, finding Melissa’s thick, dark-rimmed glasses to complete the effect.

“At least now I shall be able to see.” She said with a sigh. “A handicap that would not serve well when facing down the Lord of Sands.”

She moved out of the bathroom at a quick pace, stopping only long enough in Melissa’s room to pick up a pair of scissors from the desk - long bladed, black handled silver scissors that Melissa had recently used to open the box of supplies that held the shampoo and conditioner. She tucked the scissors in to the waistband of her skirt, hiding them under her vest at the small of her back. What she wouldn’t have given for a pair of blades, her curved daggers or anything better than scissors that were good for little more than cutting paper and tape, let alone flesh!

She would need to upgrade. With luck, there would be opportunity at the Tower. If not, well, she’d been trained to find weapons where she could. In the hands of a skilled assassin, a great many things could become weapons. She had, after all, trained with one of the greatest assassins in the cult of Seth, raised as the Pharoah’s daughter, the secret assassin despite her mother’s status necessitating her public life as a slave. That was, of course, all before she had ascended to her position within the pantheon of Minos and taken her role as the Goddess of Night.

Of all the places that Neferu had thought her life might take her, to the pantheon of a dead people and then to be trapped within a video game? These were not things she would have ever guessed. Then again, it was only since being trapped that she learned what a video game even was.

No time for musings. She thought, opening the door. I must be about my quest, and quickly, lest I am discovered before I can seek out and banish the Lord of Sands. He must not be allowed to infiltrate this world!

She held her head high as she stepped into the hall. The first step - to find a way to the Tower’s base and then back to Shady Side. She had been a skilled tracker once. With luck, those skills would not fail her.


Aiden was stepped out into his room. He paused long enough to wiggle the mouse and turn his computer screen on. Music was already playing pretty loud in the room. He had just gotten out of the shower a few minutes prior. His mother had sent him on his way after Melissa had gone to take a shower herself. He had needed one. The showers at the various safe homes didn’t have enough space for his wings.

He logged in then turned to dry off. As he did there was a bloop sound that only he could hear. He kept his computer’s volume the lowest he could and still hear stuff. He went to the screen and looked at the internal chat program some of the kids used. He clicked on it and the first thing he saw was a pixelated green dick.

“The hell?” Aiden asked.

Aiden, doesn’t that look like the dick from the game you were in?

“Think it’s Melissa? Could be an issue?” Aiden asked aloud. “I mean I should be sending people the dick pics. Not the other way around.”

Maybe. She was about to take a shower, but who knows.

“Yeah...OG, where is Melissa?”

[Lower levels. Looks like she is walking around. She is with the person that you found in Shady Side.]

Aiden started to type in the computer. ~Melissa, what is wrong?~

It was a long moment before one word appeared on the screen. [Help]

~From what?~ He typed again.

There was no response.

“OG, does Melissa have a computer or phone near her?” Aiden asked

[She does not. In fact she is barely dressed.]

Something didn’t seem right to Aiden. His gut told him that much. After losing Tim to an old Egyption God, there was a chance that Melissa could be going crazy. “OG, do me a favor. Clear all foot traffic from the floor that Melissa is on. Do it quietly and let the powers that be know I’m on this. Tell them to stand back and give this girl a wide berth until I arrive.” He said as he tossed his towel to the side.

[On it. Your mother will want to be close with a team. But I’ll let her know you got this.]

“Thanks OG.” Aiden said as he headed to the door, his nano began covering his body. In his HUD that was forming, he could see a warning asking all students and faculty with nano, to clear the level that Melissa was on.


Deo lay abed in Medcenter drawing on his tablet, bored to death and waiting for the doctors to release him back to his room when an instant message minimized his screen. This surprised him as he cut all ties to his old identity. He gave his new contact information to Liv, his mom, Bobbie, Harvey, and Aunt Tina. He added Cousin Talassa and her husband Tony, her daughter Lisa and son Kyle to the list after they arrived at the academy with youngest daughter, his friend and cousin Melissa. He cherished any contact with family and friends after leaving his life behind so he opened the chat window and saw a message from… Melissa.

Help it said simply. Just that. One word, and nothing more.

Deo frowned and typed back, Melissa? What’s wrong?

No response. Deo sat back to think. His cousin came in with the Shady Side survivors the other night. She awakened as a mutant and so the school put her in one of the Danger Rooms for observation. Doubt plagued his thoughts. Tina guided him to this school. He trusted Tina implicitly and Melissa was her niece. The school had been up front and supportive of him since his arrival but he really did not know these people well enough to shake the urge to question, to investigate. Things were not always what they seemed.

“OG?” he looked up at the ceiling.

[Yes, Deo?] She replied easily.

“I just got a message from my cousin, Melissa. Is she okay?”

[She has been released from observation.] OG reported the good news. [Aidan escorted her to her assigned room. Melissa took a shower and is at present exploring the academy on the lower levels.]

Why would she call for help if she is only exploring the school? Something is wrong, he thought. Deo got to his feet and dressed quickly. “Where is she, can you guide me to her?”

[She is currently on the stairs approaching your floor. Aiden has asked to clear the floor and security has been alerted.]

“What, why?” Deo sat up with alarm.

[Aiden is investigating Melissa’s unusual behavior.]

“Where is she?” He jumped out of bed and threw on a robe.

[Devon, let Aiden and security handle it.]

“Security might hurt her!” He snapped back. “OG, she contacted me, she asked for help. I think she might be freaking out and scared and security will only make things worse. I’m her cousin, she trusts me. Wait, you said she was on the stairs approaching this floor. She’d come out in the lobby.” He threw on a robe and made his way to the lobby.


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