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Holo Spider

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 6:08am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Spire
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

It had been twenty years from when Atlanta had been razed to the ground. Deep in the bowels of the once shining monument to freedom were the members of the elite group of heros known as the X-Men United. It was comprised of any mutant willing to stand against the onslaught of Trask’s nightmarish robot Sentinels. All around what remained of the Tower was a wasteland, only a few crumbling buildings and people that didn’t quite fit in with President Larry’s future.

In the war room located in the deepest basement level below the streets of Atlanta, Fractyle, the Nuclear Woman, and Aryel, the Spire’s AI, worked together on a last ditch plan to try and change what was happening to the world.

Bethany yelled at the holographic woman. “You have got to be kidding me! You want us to try and get all the way to China to the Spire?”

“Yes,” the golden girl said very matter of factly.

That only served to make the beautiful brunette even angrier. “And why in God’s name would I be willing to die and get the rest of us killed on that kind of suicide mission?” If she could, she would punch the imp. As it was, she fought the urge to send a pulse through Stryde’s systems to disable the holo-bitch’s emitters.

“We are fighting a losing war, Beth. As it stands, we may have little time left to act. If my information is correct, Trask’s people are readying for a Final Solution. Also they have added mutants to the Sentinel roster.” After moving her virtual hair out of her face, Aryel continued, “Lorde had many means of transportation. Not just place to place, but through time as well. If we can reach one of his circles buried deep in the heart of the Spire, we can go back. We can change what has happened in the here and now.”

There wasn’t much left to argue about, but a whole lot left to discuss.


The old greyhound bus appeared in front of the gates of the once vibrant city that surrounded the Spire. Jimmy, or Coyote, as he was known as now, yelled to the other occupants, “Ladies, gentlemen -- and I use those terms loosely -- time to disembark. It's the end of the line.” Jimmy had been gifted with the ability to teleport any object anywhere on earth. Unfortunately, this had also robbed him of his ability to walk.

“Everyone off the bus. Keep the motor running, Jim.” Bethany nodded at the huge man pouring half out of the driver’s seat. She stepped out quickly and put up a cloaking field so that the satellites and other surveillance that might be looming wouldn’t be able to catch them on optics at least.

Stryde stepped out next. “Okay, people, just remember if something tries to stop you, go through it, but keep heading to the main building.” The ebon woman couldn’t help but feel like she was being watched and that something terrible was about to happen. It was as if the hairs on her eight legs were screaming at her to run.

She moved over to a small service door about a hundred feet from the main entrance. Her fingers worked quickly at a keypad lock. When nothing happened, she sighed and asked for a wrench that had been brought for just said purpose. The Spider Queen worked at six small bolts until a plate came off showing strange combination lock. After dialing in the numbers, everyone could hear and see another larger plate open. “Mi, this job might be better suited to you.”

The silver android walked over and began to ratchet the lever quickly until the door opened all the way. “There you go.” The young woman who once dreamed of being Supergirl was long gone. Only her memories and body, what little was left, still remained.

The dynamic dozen moved into the town slowly. It was a ghost town. Almost everything was in perfect shape except for layers of dust. Obviously the elderly that Lorde had taken care of had not been given as high of a threat level.

They moved from main building to main building, trying to stay out of view of the sky as much as possible. Some of the lights inside were still lit. When they passed through the elementary school some of the desks still had open books on them, as though at any moment the children would return and class would resume.

Just before reaching the door of the hotel closest to the Spire itself there was an earth shattering noise. “RAAAWR!” The sound made everyone within earshot freeze and shudder a bit. The ground beneath the team’s feet shook. When Stryde looked to where the noise had come from,Aryel yelled. “It can't be!”

Just as the golden mephet appeared, Fractyl zoomed her vision in to see what the fuss was all about. On a mountainside to the south side of the city was a reptile the size of Godzilla that looked very much like an old friend of Beth’s, this time wearing a sick combination of the Lorde armor and the new Sentinel armor. She had no idea who was on her back though. “Who the heck is that with Wormwood?”

“I am afraid it's me,” the holo-woman said flatly.

Just then an even louder noise broke through the air. The small woman on the back of the great beast was blowing some kind of massive horn that looked like it was designed to open the gates of Valhalla. Even at this distance it was louder than a fog horn.

The people that came up the street at them looked like nothing more than painted Viking savages, although neither Fractyl or Stryde would be fooled in this way. Both had dealt with people from antiquated cultures, and both had seen them be able to do unexplainable things.

Tom, on the other hand, was here to take a pound of flesh back for what they had done to his long time friend Doc Finn. He took out his trusted repeater and began to fire off shots into the closest of the Norse offenders. His shots did nothing but make the berzerker smile.

Aryel screamed out to the group from the spider queen’s armor. “They are from Asgard. Don't mess around. Use maximum force and go for whatever weak spots you can find quickly!”

For Beth this was a simple request. Anything she could see was a target. She snapped her finger, and one of the would be god’s gonads exploded so violently that four of his comrades near him were atomized.

It was never more clear to Arachnia than today why Lorde had tried to recruit young Davies all those years ago. The widow fired one of her arrows into the throat of a ginger haired barbarian, who slumped over, only grasping his neck for a second before her toxins took hold.

Bingo, Bango and Bongo gave some sort of a three way high five before in unison yelling out, “Let's do it!” Before the end of the normal world the Australian brothers would have been a great garage band to listen to in a seedy bar in Sydney. Now they more emulated the road warriors. They had been huge fans of wrestling and the rock and roll intros that came along with it.

Bingo ran up and grabbed the closest Viking and threw him back to Bango. Bango then twirled him around in the air and launched him to Bongo. Bongo caught the man and spun around him using “The Diamond Cutter” breaking the big man’s neck.

Mac Sweeny’s way of dealing with things was far more straightforward. He let his Thompson submachine gun do the talking. With his powers backing it up, the rounds pouring out of it made quick work of two of the large man charging the Spire.

The rest of the team did what they were trained to do. They took down the remaining Vikings in a way that made the leaders of the team feel proud.

As soon as the last drop of blood had hit the ground and the dust had settled from the first wave, the Gjallarhorn sounded again, this time with the accompanying sound of jet wash. Armored figures came flying up the street, some with faces that looked quite familiar.

If they could survive this round, Byte Mi might just have enough time to get to the time portal and put things right. Not that they would ever know the outcome. It would simply be as if all of this had never happened. As if Stryde and Bethany were still enemies in a fight for the soul of humanity.

Stryde hoped in her heart of hearts that she would never remember this life. The loss of her children. Her master. Her friends.


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