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Trap Spider

Posted on Thu Mar 22nd, 2018 @ 6:07am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: The Spire
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Standing outside the Tower in Atlanta, Georgia felt strange. The last time she was here it was part of an assault on the would be sanctuary of the mutants of the United States. The streets were empty, and only her team stood outside of the massive building. The members of the X-Men team had been missing for some time. Rumor had it that they had some other menace to deal with. As much as she hated to admit it, having them here now might not have been a bad idea.

“What's the status of that brick from space, Aryel?” Stryde, as leader of her small group of misfits, needed as much tactical information as possible.

“The incoming vessel will make earth fall in less than ten minutes.” The Ai spoke with very little emotion. Arachnia knew she could show emotion, and figured there was a reason why she might not be showing any now.

Stryde spoke to her troops quickly. “Okay, people, you know the drill. We hold the line here now matter what. Even if all we do is buy everyone else time. That will be time for the big guys to get these people out.” Unless they had been sent on a suicide mission for being a group of failures.

“Warning! The main ship has released a smaller vessel that will make impact four blocks from your current location.” Aryel’s voice was no longer calm and or placid.

Like a bolt of lightning or a shooting star, the drop ship slammed into the intersection right where the winged AI had predicted. The ground beneath Stryde’s feet shook, and the boom from the explosion was quite loud even through the Lorde armor. She pointed her plasma rifle down the street and looked through the optics to get a better view. Out of a cloud of smoke and dust came the giant monsters. Each of them bore the crest of Hydra and the flag of the United States. “Get ready, here they come!”

The massive robots charged at he Tower. Nothing like the robots in old movies, they moved at almost blinding speeds. Two of them began firing missiles at the soft targets waiting for them on the street.

As the spider queen shot down the first volley from one of the robots, she screamed out. “Doc!”

“I’m on it!” the psycho Texan yelled back. He began shooting at the missiles also, quickly countering that attack.

Void disappeared and reappeared behind one of the trailing monsters and fired into it from underneath, blowing it to pieces.

“I am setting our drones on anti-air so they will keep those missiles in check.” She shot at another robot. She couldn’t help but notice this time it took a couple of shots to bring it down. “Switch to RPGs!”

Boomer took aim with his rifle and fired a grenade at one of the metal giants. When it struck home, it took out the legs of the fifty foot tall anti-mutant menace. “Wooo...”

Boomer wouldn’t get to finish that as the AI of the robot quickly spotted him at this range and sent a repulsor beam as round as a cantalope through his chest, leaving nothing left to bury.

Another one of the robots swung around and let its thrusters do the work on Void before she could blink away again through the shadows.

“Get cover!” Stryde could see where this was going, but there were only three of those bastards still headed at them. As she ran up the side of the nearest wall, she began to fire several grenades at one offending silver demon.

Again another team member was cut down, this time by a drill through the head.

Doc had decided to go out in a blaze of glory and pulled out his trusted side arms and fired quicker then Arachnia could see. His bullets cut down one of the two remaining robots. “Is that fast?”

His heroics were answered by being swept aside and into a wall like a fly being hit by a fly swatter. His essence poured out from under the massive fist.

One last chance that Stryde could think of. She dropped her weapon and fired her own repulsor beams on maximum, tearing through the remaining invader.

As she landed, she let loose a sigh of relief, just in time to see the clouds above her break away and even more massive bolts come down from the heavens and smash down the Tower.

The world went black for quite a time. When she awoke, the street was filled with smoke. She checked for her team and no one answered. Then the squad leader tried to call back to the Spire and instead of reaching Lorde or Spatz, Aryel appeared on the screen.

“I am sorry, Stryde, but the Spire fell at the same time as the Tower,” the AI spoke with dread in her voice.

Stryde slumped onto the ground. It felt as if she had died on the street, that everything had stopped. “What about my children?”

Aryel spoke in a very consoling manner, but it didn’t help. “I am so very sorry. No one made it out alive.”

She could barely breath. On her hands and knees, she screamed at the ground as tears fell onto the broken street.

After quite a time she began walking through the wreaked out streets of Atlanta in a fugue state, the ringing in her ears the only noise she could hear, stopping to stare through some of the windows.

Aryel waited patiently for some time. “I hate to bring this up.”

The black widow woman looked over at her, not even entirely sure what the being of light had said to her. “What?”

“General order two thirteen.” It was a gamble at this point.

“Are you kidding me, you computerized bitch?” Stryde scoffed.

The mephit shook her head. “No, and unless I am mistaken, it might give you a chance to strike a blow against those that have wronged you. As well as allowing the dream to go on.”

The spider woman took a deep breath. “Our dream has become a nightmare, Aryel.” Then she tried to straighten up a bit. “So what should I do, Commander?”

Aryel nodded. “I would recommend trying to seek out who survived out of both teams. If we can reform them into a fighting unit, maybe we can try and at least slow down how fast the Hydra-bots will take out the rest of the mutants in the world.”

“I’m not gonna do this for the mutants, Aryel. I’m not going to do it for the squad. Not even for the Spire. I want them to pay for what they did to my kids.” She grit her teeth so hard they felt as though they might crack.

“Are you okay to move, Stryde?” the Ai asked in earnest.

After thinking for a second, she answered her new CO, “I think so.”

Aryel pointed at the bombed out remains of the once mighty Tower. “I think that should be the first place we look. Likely there will be people in the basement level trapped and willing to help us.” The golden girl’s tone became a touch more commanding, trying to bolster what little was left of Stryde’s morale.

“You saying I should just start digging? I think you got the wrong mutant to try and dig down like that in any respectable amount of time,” the inky black skin woman jested.

Aryel shook her head, changing her eye colors to red. With her hands on her hips, she explained, “No, no, the city is abandoned. There has to be something around here we can use to help with the digging. Like at a construction site or equipment rental place.”

Stryde had to agree it wasn’t a bad idea.


Over the next several years gathered several mutants under one flag. They were headed by the AI Aryel and Fractal. Most mutants during this time that had not been killed had been carted off to Genosha. Those that remained had reformed the X-Men. Together they would try to restore law and order to a lawless and ruined landscape.


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