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[BACKPOST] Coming for Melissa Part 5

Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 4:45pm by Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Senior Aiden Edwin & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Unawakened Lauren McArthurs & Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD

Mission: Backposts
Location: Wilson Home
Timeline: 9th Jan 2012

“There is more to this story than I think you realize, Tina. We already knew that this situation was tenuous as it was,” Syn responded, her calm gaze moving to the doctor that she knew so well. Syn’s red-reptilian eyes turned to Melissa’s parents. “Now that I’m hearing more of this, I’m going to flatly tell you that your family is in danger, not just your daughter.”

Talassa looked terrified. “Why you speak of... gods? Why we are in danger? I not understanding.”

Anthony crossed the room to take his wife in his arms and looked at Syn with a worried frown. “I’m afraid that I don’t understand either. Would you mind explaining exactly what is going on, why Melissa is in danger, and why this has put the rest of us in danger as well? What, precisely, would we need to do to get out of danger?”

The small dragon lady sighed softly and offered a slight, reassuring smile to the worried parents. “From what we’ve learned, we believe that Melissa is responsible for the current power outage, which means that her powers have likely awakened. With that, there are two issues at hand. One, it appears that the followers of an ancient deity have targeted your daughter for some reason that we’re not fully aware of yet.”

Syn paused before continuing, glancing at the people that she’d brought with her, the people that she was charged with protecting, before continuing, “The other is a far more normal threat. Nexus. If they find her, they’ll take her, or kill her. If they don’t succeed in their tasks, they’ll likely come after the rest of the family to use as leverage against her. For the sake of your family, I would suggest that you come with us. We can protect all of you at the Tower far more effectively than we can here.”

Aiden swore he heard something. Something far away. He leaned over and pressed his fingernails against the window.

“K-Kill me?” Melissa squeaked, her large brown eyes wide.

“Trust her, Anthony,” Tina said quietly. “Talassa, I’d trust this woman with my life.”

Anthony and Talassa shared a long look before she nodded and turned to Syn. “If Faustina trust, we trust.”

“We will put ourselves in your hands.” Anthony sighed. “And I pray that my sister-in-law’s trust is not misplaced. We do have another daughter. Lisa. She’s away at college right now. Should we contact her? Would she be in danger as well?”

“Thank you for your trust,” Syn said, bowing slightly. When she heard of another sibling, she nodded. “Yes, she would be targeted if they think that they can get ahold of her. They will find her, and they’re ruthless. They’ll use her against all of you. We can leave immediately, and once we’re in the air, I’ll need for you to contact her on a secured line. We can make a detour to get her.”

Aiden passed everyone in the room and he opened up the front door, just a crack at first. Once he saw it was clear, he pulled the door open even more.

Syn watched Aiden silently for a moment, then asked the young man, noticing his strange behavior, “What’s going on?”

“one moment!” Aiden ordered. Then he shut his eyes and began to focus on the sounds he heard.

Anthony and Talassa exchanged worried looks.

“What’s wrong?” Melissa whispered.

After several minutes of silence, he spoke. “There's movement out there. Lots of people,” Aiden said. He kept his eyes shut. “Lots of movement. More than you'd hear on a lazy Winter Sunday.”

There was a range of possibilities, and none of them were really good. “People? Any equipment, that you can tell?” Syn then paused, interrupted by Seamus.

There was a grunt and Seamus brought a hand it to his temple. “I agree. Lots of anger out there. Confusion too.”

“Then it’s time to go,” Syn said, nodding to the worried family. “Gather your things quickly. The transport isn’t far.”

“Kyle! Pack a bag. We’ll be going away for a few days,” Anthony called upstairs. He patted Melissa’s shoulder, and father and daughter shared a look before Melissa spoke.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.

Anthony offered a soft smile. “We’ll figure this out. It’s alright.”

“What I need? We will be back to get what we leave?” Talassa asked Syn as Melissa sprinted up the stairs. “How much I can bring?”

“Take only what’s most valuable to you,” Syn said, her voice still calm and her demeanor serene, despite the worrisome situation that was brewing. “Important papers, and the like. Bring one bag with some clothing and personal items. We’ll get back here as quickly as we can to help with the rest, but coming back to live here is likely not the wisest course of action. However, these are things that we can discuss once we’re safely away.”

“I’ll help you pack, Talassa,” Tina offered.

Talassa nodded, and she, Tina, and Anthony headed upstairs to the master bedroom.



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