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[BACKPOST] Coming for Melissa Part 4

Posted on Tue Feb 20th, 2018 @ 4:43pm by Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Senior Aiden Edwin & Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Unawakened Lauren McArthurs & Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD

Mission: Backposts
Location: Wilson Home
Timeline: 9th Jan 2012

“When I first realized it was a possibility.” Tina Cyparissus’ voice was as quiet as the door had been when she’d let herself in moments earlier. The doctor looked a little worse for wear, her eyes red like she’d been crying and had put a small amount of effort into cleaning herself up before coming. Her clothes were a bit mismatched, like she didn’t really care what she was wearing and just grabbed whatever was clean and didn’t bother to care whether or not they worked together. She turned to the others. “Hey, Syn, Seamus, Lauren, good to see you.”

“Likewise, Tina.” Lauren offered a weak smile and made a point to ask her friend later on what was wrong.

“Tina,” Seamus said, smiling at a fellow doctor.

Syn nodded to Tina, a woman that she’d been working with for years on the Mutant Underground. “Hello, Tina. It’s always a pleasure. I was just trying to...” the woman began, only to be interrupted.

“When you... what?” Anthony blinked again. “Why... why didn’t you...?”

“Because I didn’t know for sure.” Tina shrugged. “It’s, well... it’s a guessing game some of the time, but I’d started to get a few clues. I figured it might have been that LaFontaine kid, but Aiden told me it was likely Melissa when I went to help out after the attack at New Years.”

“You...” Anthony frowned. “You know these people? You’re on a first name basis with them? Tina, what is going on? Do you have any idea what Talassa...?”

“I know exactly what Talassa would say!” Tina snapped.

Anthony blinked in surprise. It wasn’t like Tina to lash out like that. “Is everything okay?”

“Forget it.” Tina shook her head. “Look. Melissa is a metahuman. That’s what Syn is probably dancing around saying. From what I can tell, she’s been glimmering with some kind of electrical powers for the past few months. That’s why her computer equipment keeps frying.”

“I... I thought it w-was j-just static,” Melissa stammered.

“Yeah, from you,” Tina stated bluntly.

Lauren frowned. “Tina, maybe we could let Syn handle...”

“Food is ready!” Talassa’s voice loudly sing-songed as she brought a large tray of assorted Greek specialties into the room. There were assortments of pitas and dips, olives, a large block of feta and some other cheeses, plus assorted philo-wrapped appetizers and a plate of fresh dolmades. A large plate of gooey, dripping golden baklava sat in the corner of the tray, and Talassa licked some of the honey off her thumb after she set the plate down on the coffee table. “Eat! Eat. You all are so thin! Now, I ready to listen to what you has to say. Tina, good to seeing you. Did not expect. I thought you would want go with Jesse to airport.”

“Jesse? Your ex?” Lauren gave a small, supportive smile.

“Not now, Talassa. I am not going to discuss my romantic life with any of you, so back off,” Tina all but growled.

Talassa, Lauren, and Anthony blinked in surprise. Melissa threw her aunt a wide-eyed look.

Seamus wanted to use his powers. But he also didn't want to force feelings on people. “Let's focus on the situation at hand.”

“Yes... yes... I...” Talassa began, then noticed Aiden. She shrieked, then hid behind Lauren.

“It’s alright, Talassa,” Lauren said quietly, her spirals starting to glow a little.

“διάβολος!” Talassa cried out.

“Oh, he is not the devil, Talassa!” Tina rolled her eyes. “His name is Aiden. Stop being so melodramatic.”

“He is mutant!” Talassa exclaimed.

“Very good.” Tina nodded. “Gold star for your powers of observation.”

“No need for being mean.” Talassa glared at her sister from behind Lauren.

Before Aiden could speak, his dad warned him, “Be good, son.”

Aiden nodded, but continued, “Ma'am, yes, I'm a mutant. But I'm also a good guy. I came here to make sure your daughter was safe. I got her away from the dangerous situation she was in and brought her home to you. Yes, I look different. But I'm not evil. I'm no one's devil.”

“We’re all someone's devil,” Ushebti commented wistfully, looking up from another plate of food.

“You are not helping,” Aiden told him.

“He's a good person,” Melissa all but whispered. “H-He... h-he saved m-my life. Twice. No... Three...” She looked over at Aiden.

Tina, Talassa, and Anthony’s eyes turned toward Melissa, a mixture of shock and horror on their faces.

“What?” Tina asked. “Aiden, Melissa? Why the hell is this the first I'm hearing about this? Aiden told me about the beach with Tim. I assume the other was today. When's the third?”

Anthony turned to his sister-in-law. “You knew about this and didn't tell us?”

Talassa left Lauren and took several slow steps toward her daughter. She was trembling, her hands shaking as she crossed her living room.

“I-It was no big deal...” Melissa tried to backtrack. Her cheeks flushed with everyone's attention.

“It certainly sounds like it is a big deal, young lady. I believe you owe us an explanation.” Anthony crossed his arms.

“Ooooh, this is getting good...” Kyle’s quiet laugh was clearly audible from the top of the staircase that ran along the side of the room.

“Kyle! You go to room!” Talassa’s voice sounded less commanding with a tremble in it.

“I-I...” Melissa began. “Tim a-and I were attacked by some boys from school. Aiden saw, and...”

Aiden took over for her. He moved so he was just a bit further from Melissa's mother. “I was at Jack Creek. I was to meet an old friend that night. I saw five boys come up to Melissa and her friend, and as much as I knew I could get in trouble by my boss or even my parents,” he gestured to Seamus, “I had to act. Five on two odds are hard for a great many people. So I had to jump in.”

“New Years Eve, correct, son?” Seamus asked him.

“Yeah, dad. I didn't use any powers, just flight and my very thick skull. Plus my fighting skills. After that, I brought them here, in case the boys returned,” Aiden said. “I also threatened them, should they look at Melissa again.”

“They haven't,” Melissa assured him.

“And the other two?” her father prompted.

“Aiden, do you think today's attack stemmed from New Year's?” Seamus asked his son.

Aiden shook his head. “No, dad. That was drunk teen boys. I doubt they would come at her with swords and axes. This was something different. I also doubt it was NEXUS. They would have had visual aids for the dark and guns.”

“Guns!” Talassa cried out. “Who has guns? Melissa, what trouble you got into?”

A tear ran down the girl’s cheek as she looked helplessly between her parents and then her aunt Tina. “They... Th-They took Tim. The other day. Kidnapped him, wh-when we were o-on a date.”

“After the electronics store in Annapolis yesterday morning?” Anthony asked.

Melissa nodded as another tear rolled down his cheek. “Pete and I went to get him back.” She gestured to Ushebti. “W-We thought... we didn’t think they’d...”

“Did you report this to the police?” Anthony folded his arms.

“Uh... n-no...” Melissa squirmed a little bit. “But...”

“It would have gotten innocents injured if we had,” Ushebti pointed out.

“He's right. They aren't equipped to fight that.” Aiden added.

Anthony ignored the boy and continued to look at his daughter with a frown curling his thin lips. “These sort of matters are for the police, young lady, not you. What were you thinking?”

Fear not your father’s ire, Neferu’s voice whispered inside her mind. Even as it might upset you, for a while one must respect one’s father. He does not always know all. There was a brief pause before she continued. Although, it is not wise to let one’s father know that you are aware of this. My own father, mortal and fallible, yet wise beyond his years, would vehemently deny his lack of all encompassing knowledge. A wistful sigh followed. Speak of Tim’s eyes.

Melissa wiped her tear away and, with a sniffle, gave a frown. His eyes? She supposed that Neferu had not steered her wrong so far, but it seemed like an odd request. “Um... well... Tim, he, uhh... he has really, um... really nice... brown eyes...”

Another sigh sounded in Melissa’s head. His eyes as the Lord of Sands, young one. Speak of their unnatural hue.

That made more sense. Melissa continued after a brief pause. “But, um, t-they’d changed colour. His eyes were, um, well, red... a-and he... he w-was...”

Lauren paled, all colour draining from her face and her spirals. The violet colour on her skin and in her hair was practically white. Her voice was little more than a whisper, but it was a whisper that all but trembled with fear. “Seth.”

“What?” Tina exclaimed, suddenly looking just as worried as Lauren.

Ushebti moved forward and stepped closer to Lauren, as if looking her over again. He looked confused. “You carry the weight of divinity, and yet, it seems distant.”

The comment made Lauren visibly uncomfortable. Her violet spirals glowed a little brighter as she glanced over at Syn, then at Tina, before returning to Ushebti. Whoever this boy was -- she didn’t recognize him from town, and for a small community like Shady Side, that was unusual -- her connection to divinity and Seth in particular was personal and more than a little embarrassing. “I... suppose. I’d rather it stayed distant. There are more pressing matters right now.” She looked over at Tina. “Am I remembering Seth correctly?”

Tina nodded slowly.

Blinking, Ushebti looked to consider things for a moment before nodding resolutely, as if making a decision. “You are right to be scared. If Set has truly found a crack in their prison, he will do everything in his power to try and widen it.”

“Like from the video game? The old god Seth?” Aiden asked.

Melissa turned to Aiden and nodded as she wiped away another tear. “H-He... He went to Tim d-during the...” Her voice dropped to a whisper. “Y’know... the quest... H-He was... err... in... it.”

“He was in the game? An ancient god of Egypt, in a modern video game?” Aiden asked, shaking his head.

Melissa bit her lip nervously and gave a quick nod.

Lauren turned to Syn. “This isn’t good.”

The Tower’s diminutive administrator had let the scene unfold before her, giving her more information than she’d likely have gotten with direct questioning. When Lauren spoke to her, she nodded, then stood, clearing her throat. “Enough,” Syn said, her voice calm, but with a commanding essence behind it that spoke of her years of being a warrior and a teacher. Bryan had told her stories of the old realm, of things that had happened, and a lot of the major players. He was an excellent storyteller, but Syn had never expected to land in the middle of something like this.

“The gods are not in Worlds of Myth. I’ve checked.” Tina frowned, crossing her arms. “It’s coincidental. Nothing more.”

“There is more to this story than I think you realize, Tina. We already knew that this situation was tenuous as it was,” Syn responded, her calm gaze moving to the doctor that she knew so well. Syn’s red-reptilian eyes turned to Melissa’s parents. “Now that I’m hearing more of this, I’m going to flatly tell you that your family is in danger, not just your daughter.”



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