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Crash and Burnout, Part 9 (conclusion)

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:38am by Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Timeline: Sunday, 14 March 2010
Tags: Devon, Dev, Deo, Spencer, Bobbie, Mitchum

Previously, “Tripping Balls Down the Rabbit Hole”

8:30 PM EST
A full day passed after Harvey’s visit and Mama’s subsequent meltdown. Devon grew weaker. Mama called this morning in a better mood. She worried about her youngest child. This was the worst PTSD episode Devon could remember. He began to truly worry.

The hunger remained as strong as ever. Devon stepped on the bathroom scale earlier in the day and saw how he lost four more pounds, dropping from 143 to a total of 138. Very likely, the weight came from a loss of more bone and muscle mass. Sandy and Bobbie plied him with mineral rich food along with water to keep up his hydration but given how he continued to lose weight, it seemed as if the more he ate, the more his body took with nothing to show for it. They pushed how much Devon could hold down without vomiting to the razor’s edge in an effort to get ahead of the weight loss.

In the meantime, Bobbie stayed out of the guest room as much as possible to give his Greek boyfriend time to recover. After taking his meal in his room to avoid Bobbie, Devon made a decision. He called Bobbie into the room and gestured for him to sit. Devon turned as to lay with his head pillowed on his muscular companion’s thigh. He looked out into the room as Bobbie idly combed his fingers through Devon’s hair.

“I’ve been thinking about what Harvey said,” he broke the silence.

“Oh, God,” Bobbie sighed.

“I know, but there is some truth to what he said. This all started when I thought I was ready for you,” he swallowed nervously, “for us.”

Bobbie stroked his love’s hair tenderly, “Deo,” he said, “If you’re thinking about our first time, I don’t think we should.”

“Not that, I’m too weak for it, I know,” the Greek boy confided. “But something Liv told me makes sense. We don’t have to jump into the deep end all at once.” He sat up braced on one hand. He leaned and kissed Bobbie on the shoulder.

“I think we’ve been going about this all wrong. Pushing you away only feeds the crazy. I learned in counseling that the only way out is through.”

“Meaning,” Bobbie leaned into the shared warmth of their bodies. A green eye peeked hopefully from the corner of his lashes.

“Meaning,” Devon drew closer to place a kiss on Bobbie’s ear. “I need more contact with you, not less. I need to teach my body not to fear you.”

Bobbie trembled at Devon’s kiss. He sucked a quick breath in through his nose and his eyes fluttered closed. “What is the word for ‘lover’ in Greek?”

Erastís mou,” Devon reached to caress Bobbie’s fine, strong chin. He drew them until their lips touched. He felt as his heart skipped a beat with excitement. Something deep inside him craved this. He needed it. He leaned into their kiss, his passion growing with each passing second. His fingers wound into Bobbie’s thick hair. His breaths came in quick gulps until Bobbie pushed him back with eyes burning with desire.

“I don’t know if I can hold back, Erastís mou,” His breathing deepened.

Devon reached beside the bed and fished Bobbie’s massage kit onto the bed. That drew a soft laugh from the muscular youth. Bobbie helped his new erastís–his lover–to sit comfortably once more. Devon lifted off and then tossed his shirt to the side. Next, he kicked off his soft blue gym shorts and underwear. They had been naked together before but seldom outside the shower. This was a new experience and the fire in Bobbie’s eyes flared in intensity. He gripped the back of Deo’s hair, every instinct urging him to pull his Greek lover onto his back and take what they both wanted, but no. At least, not yet. Devon needed to take command if ever he hoped to ever overcome the terror that crippled him. Bobbie relaxed his grip, if restlessly so, and waited.

A wordless gesture here and there and before long both young men sat naked in the middle of their bed. A muttered “oh, shit” spurred Devon to jump up and lock the door. The last thing anyone needed was for poor Sandy to poke her head into their room to say goodnight and see more of the lads than anyone wanted. The break cooled the fire in their blood if only a little until Devon turned Bobbie to lie on his belly.

The fragrance of warm massage oil soon filled the room. It lulled Devon into a dreamy state where his hands moved seemingly of their own volition. Where before he snuck peeks at Bobbie from out the corner of his eye, he now savored the opportunity to touch, to explore, and to admire the object of his desire with Bobbie’s tacit blessing.

Jojoba oil glided smoothly across swells of lean, powerful muscle. Devon inhaled as a crisp, fragrant snap of citrus carried with it heady top notes of spicy sandalwood and floral tones of patchouli. After some time of kneading Bobbie’s muscles, the Greek youth caught scented the deeper, more woodsy characteristics of sandalwood, along with subtle hints of rubber and vanilla from ylang-ylang. The fragrant oil conjured images of virile manhood behind Devon’s closed eyes as he worked. It was his first scent on meeting Bobbie. Now and forevermore Devon would think of his lover when he smelled it.

Artist’s fingers dug in to gently work away every erg of tension they detected, all the while turning and stretching Bobbie in ways that allowed the young artist to memorize every inch of his lover’s body. Devon’s hands trembled, at first with stomach gripping anxiety and later, with powerful emotion as Bobbie opened himself with complete and utter trust. Devon noted only absently, after some time that his fear melted away, forgotten in the sheer intimacy of this moment. The young Greek discovered with a hint of surprise that he had turned Bobbie to rest on his back as Devon held his right arm reverently. He kissed, starting at the wrist and worked his way down until Bobbie bared his neck. He listened as Bobbie moaned with such enticing hunger as to draw a shiver of anticipation down Devon’s spine. The artist took his lover gently by the head and kissed him deeply, whispering, “Erastís mou.”

Erastís mou,” Bobbie hooked his arms around Devon’s neck and kissed back with breathy passion. He repeated the word between kisses until, finally drew back with a smile, “You drive me crazy. You know that, right?”

“A short trip,” Devon beamed cutely but then, he fell solemn with the depth of his next words. “You know I love you, right?”

“It’s kind of obvious,” Bobbie’s lips turned in a knowing smile and Devon’s cheeks turned bright red. “I love how you blush.”

“Good, ‘cause I do it … a lot.”

“Yeah,” The green-eyed imp fell back with a wistful smile. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I think so,” Devon nodded. “What about you? This must be hard….” he trailed off at his unfortunate choice of words.

Bobbie laughed and squirmed under Devon as if to drive his point home, “Yeah, kinda.”

He reached to caress Devon’s lip. This drew a breathless gasp and Bobbie braced, fearful that he triggered his companion. He let go his breath in relief when Devon opened his eyes, smiled, and nibbled playfully on Bobbie’s finger.

Slowly, ever slowly the Greek youth rubbed oil into Bobbie’s chest. He kneaded muscular shoulders and arms until they glistened. Once finished, Deo kissed his erastís and lay straddling his hips. He lay still and quiet, his eyes closing dreamily as Bobbie wrapped him in big, strong arms.

“It’s okay,” Devon breathed in contentment. “I love you, it’s okay.”

Bobbie shushed him with a kiss and rested his lover’s head on his shoulder. He drew the blanket over them and stroked Devon’s hair softly until the young artist drifted into his first peaceful sleep in days. Perhaps, finally, their long nightmare was over.



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