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Crash and Burnout, Part 7

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:38am by Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Timeline: Saturday, 13 March 2010
Tags: Devon, Dev, Deo, Aminta, Spencer, Bobbie, Mitchum, Harvey, Nussbaum

Previously, “Tripping Balls Down the Rabbit Hole”

1:00 PM EST
Per the therapist’s recommendation, Bobbie kept his distance for the rest of the day. As if starving constantly did not suck enough, Devon’s attempt to work on his art commissions proved an exercise in frustration. The ache in his muscles and joints made fine motor control using his iPad impossible. The artist exited from his program and turned his focus to updating his social networking apps. Working on his blog helped a bit. Writing things out helped Devon work through his issues. He updated his status on Facebook:

Still sick, life sux, can’t work, that bites, sorry for running late on commissions. Will get on it ASAP.

PING! an instant message popped at the bottom of Devon’s screen.

[Atalanta1958: u r late 4 Family therapy! Where r u? Deo, u r sick? wtf y u no tell me?]

Shit,Devon cursed in his thoughts. Mama saw his post. Worse, he forgot about family therapy on Saturdays what with his being sick and distracted. It occurred to him how this was a great example as to why young people fled from Facebook in droves. What to tell her, he wondered? He imagined a sarcastic response, Oh, I only smoked pot and triggered my lifelong fear of men when I told the man I loved that I was ready to have sex, no biggie.

No, using sarcasm with Liv was funny. Using it against Mama was a mistake. He imagined the landslide of worry, finger-wagging reproach, disappointment, and ineffable humiliation that awaited him were he to allow the lid on this particular Pandora’s Box to fly open. His fingers raced at DefCon 1 speed across the keys on his laptop to avert planting his face in the mud pit of social calamity. He typed back:

[xXSotirisXx: Mom, really, you can spell things out. We’re not limited to 120 characters here.]

[Atalanta1958: Sick 5 days n u no call? Talk 2 me dude.]

[xXSotirisXx: I didn’t want to worry you. Mom, it isn’t bad, just a stomach bug.]

[Atalanta1958: Don’t make me call Liv where r u?]

“Mama….” Deo felt a powerful urge to take his laptop and beat his face against the keys, repeatedly. He breathed a heavy sigh of resignation and typed:

[xXSotirisXx: Liv’s house, staying here with Bobbie. Mama, really, it’s not bad. Tina already looked at me and I went to the ER just to make sure.]

[Atalanta1958: wtf Tina look @ u and no tell me? Wtf omw.]

Devon shouted out from the guest room as mom logged off, “Bobbie, incoming!”

Out in the Living room, Bobbie rose from the couch to ask more about what Deo meant when the doorbell rang. “The hell?” The green-eyed masseur arched a quizzical brow before checking the door. Knowing his mother lurked out there somewhere spurred him to check the peephole. He smiled and opened the door carefully. He shushed Harvey as his friend tiptoed inside with a cake box.

“Either he’s psychic or he knows you’re here, but don’t spoil the surprise,” Bobbie whispered. He quickly procured paper plates with plastic utensils before waving Harvey to the guest room door.

“Deo, we have a guest!” Bobbie called out to Deo while winking at Harvey.

“Jesus, that was fast!” Devon groaned from behind the door. “Okay, I’m legal.”

Devon looked on with a face full of blunt confusion when Bobbie ushered Harvey inside. The salty manager held up the cake box with a cheerful grin. “Today, my boy; today, you eat cake!”

“Harvey,” Devon sat up in bed as his boss and friend placed the cake on the serving tray. Harvey handed over a sealed envelope and allowed Devon to open it as he explained.

“We took up a collection at the shop and bought your favorite, peanut butter cupcake.” He popped the lid on the box and the room filled with the mouthwatering aroma of nine, freshly baked peanut butter cupcakes piled high with creamy chocolate icing. Harvey stood back and planted his hands on his hips.

“We decided on cupcakes so you couldn’t be a greedy shlemiel and eat it all like you usually do.” He smirked. “Everybody signed the card.”

“Oh, Kyran is back?” Deo looked at the mess of colorful signatures.

“Yeah, the weather is warming up so he’s back from Australia with his surfboard, looking gloomier than ever.”

“Aw, how sweet, he drew me a fanged smile,” Deo beamed.

“Let him down easy,” Harvey admonished, “He doesn’t know you’re spoken for yet. It’ll break his black, shriveled, little goth heart.”

“I’m sure he’ll live,” Deo snorted and set the card aside. “Give everyone my best. I can’t wait to get back to work.”

“You really mean that. I find it disturbing,” Harvey shook his head.

“Why is that,” The Greek boy frowned. “You’re all my friends and it’s a great place to work.”

“Dev, you’re a good kid; an honest kid, but you’re a little weird,” Harvey sat on the bed, careful not to disturb the cupcakes. “You’re what, 20 now?”

“I’ll be 21 in December,” Deo confirmed.

“Okay, so you’re pushing 21. A young man your age longs to be free and see the world before his bones grow creaky and gravity works its magic on the ass.”

“I think that might have been your fantasy, Harvey,” Bobbie smirked.

Drai mir nit kain kop!{1}” The bearded boozer waved Bobbie off. “Where was I, oh, yes; you shouldn’t feel content to work in a coffee shop. There’s too much living to do. I worry about you, kid!”

Devon smiled warmly, “Harvey, I own two businesses. I go to school full-time. I have a part-time job. I fill up my free time with running and archery and spending time with friends and family. I have a man in my life now,” he flashed a bright grin, delighting in how Bobbie grinned back, his cheeks turning rosy. Back to Harvey, he asked, “What more do you want?”

“Take a cruise, Dev! Go skydiving or run nude on a beach. Live life large! You were meant for bigger things in life, kid. It just seems like you’re spinning your wheels in the rat race with the rest of us shmucks.”

“Thanks but I’m not spinning wheels or living large until I get over this,” The Greek boy heaved a sigh of resignation.

“I wonder if this might be God’s way of kicking you in the ass, kid. It’s something to think about. Anyway,” Harvey offered a cupcake and affected his mother’s Yiddish accent. “Eat, Dev, you’re too skinny!”

-To be continued-


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