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Crash and Burnout, Part 4

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:37am by Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Timeline: Tuesday, 09 March 2010
Tags: Devon, Dev, Deo, Spencer, Bobbie, Mitchum, Liv, Jones, Tina, Cyparissus

Previously, “Tripping Balls Down the Rabbit Hole”

“Of course I would, but that’s beside the point when you’re inhaling everything in sight,” she retorted. “Anyway, good, if you didn’t have any, I can rule that much out. And no pom juice?”

“Um, no, I’ve never had any pom juice.” Dev scrunched his face and then wondered, how might it taste? His stomach cramped, making it clear it wanted him to find out.

“Much to Hades’ dismay, no doubt.” Tina quipped. “You’re suspecting a metabolic disorder?”

Liv chuckled at Tina’s comment. “Imagine if she’d finished the pomegranate,” she added, “it might have been used to explain the most recent ice age.” She continued. “It certainly feels like it should be one, but for the life of me, everything I think of, I rule out immediately. He’d have shown symptoms sooner, or he wouldn’t have the persistent hunger. I can’t get it to add up. Am I overlooking something? Otherwise–I mean, I’m crazy for plenty of reasons, but violating the basic laws of conservation of matter seems a great way to divide the universe by zero….”

“No dividing the universe by zero, not with my guts!” Devon glared.

“I told you I couldn’t get it to add up. Seriously, when I can’t make it math, what does that tell you?”

“Math is largely overrated,” Tina commented dryly, pulling down Deo’s shirt and moving over to her medical bag. “Except when it isn’t. And, for the record, as old and glorious as the ancient Greek civilization was, we weren’t around in the ice age–if we were, we’d have found a way to melt it.” She cast a teasing smirk back at Liv before returning her gaze to her cousin’s son. “I want to do some tests, Deo. I’m going to take some blood. It’s nothing to worry about, I just want to make sure that everything is where it should be. You’re not showing any obvious signs of distress, other than some dehydration and the vomiting–which, given how much food you’re putting away, isn’t the least bit surprising. Slow down a little on the food intake–try to focus on healthier, filling things, if you can, though I’m not ruling out going for the odd high-caloric item if those aren’t satisfying your hunger. Try different things to see what makes you feel less ravenous. Most importantly, DRINK. Avoid coffee, overly sugary or caffeinated beverages, alcohol ... water is best if you can. Sit up, please.”

The young artist did as Tina asked and sat up. He watched as she worked. “Slow down my food intake and drink more clear fluids and water, got it.”

Tina pulled out a needle, sealed in hygienic plastic packaging, and a handful of vials. “Liv, have you been learning to take blood in your program?”

“Pfft,” Liv said, “they’re boring. Even the doctor I shadow won’t let me. But I still remember everything you taught me, even if a certain someone won’t let me practice on him.” She eyed the ‘guilty’ party pointedly. “And squirrels are great practice.”

“That’s because they’re dead!” Devon shrank back in the bed, his eyes wide and fearful. “Tina, no, you don’t know this woman like I do! She has the bedside manner of a Klingon in heat! She’ll stab me just to get revenge for all those jokes I told about her period. Like, how we can never tell when she’s having it!”

“Please,” Liv sniffed dismissively. “I’m perfectly professional. It’s hardly my fault you’ve got veins that like to roll around the block at the first sign of a little prick.”

“My veins aren’t the only things that run from a little prick,” Deo glared before he gave Tina a pleading look.

“Good tip? Keep your patient calm and not wanting to pull his arm back and run in fear the second you wield the needle.” Tina smirked. “Bedside manner is one of the most important things, believe it or not, Liv. Distract him, and you’ll find it easier. People tend to jump more than dead squirrels when it comes to getting away from little pricks.” The doctor’s smirk widened slightly.

Deo pouted sullenly, presenting his arm to Liv. “Fine, but I want it back in one piece.”

“Oh, relax, you big baby,” Liv teased. “I’ve got to go wash my hands first. I promise I’ll put on the nice face. You know, the one Gen and KK see.”

“The problem is that I know the evil that lurks behind that sweet, ‘Aunt Missy’ smile,” Devon commented with a look of dread.

“Evil, magic, brilliance, witchcraft, pfft, whatever.”

Liv left the trio in the guest room while she went around the corner to the bathroom. She grabbed the bottle of alcohol and a container of cotton balls before washing her hands quickly and thoroughly. Returning with the supplies, she smiled pleasantly. “Tina, do you have a tourniquet?”

“Here.” Tina reached into her bag and pulled one out, handing it to Liv. She stood back and watched with a clinical eye.

“Do you have an arm that you’d prefer I try?” she asked Devon, setting up gloves, alcohol, cotton balls, tourniquet, blood pressure cuff, sterile needle and syringe, and the vials on a tray.

“Great, making me choose which arm to sacrifice,” Devon began smiling. He truly enjoyed playing this little game with Liv and to his surprise, it helped him relax. He did not say it aloud as it might spoil their fun but he trusted Liv with his life. He held out his right arm. “The nurse always uses my right arm when I go to the doctor. She said I had great veins.”

“It’s from your Greek side, I’m sure.” Tina teased, knowing that, since Deo was now aware of his true paternity, the boy was all Greek.

Sitting on the bed next to him, she gently took his arm and carefully examined his forearm and elbow for viable veins. “Devon, love, you’ve got beautiful veins, and if you ever ruin them with drugs, I will personally kill you to death. That, of course, will be entirely unnecessary, as I suspect your current experience with pot has ruined any desire to experiment.”

“You wouldn’t be the only one, Liv,” Tina grumbled with a stern glare at Deo.

-To be continued-


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