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Crash and Burnout, Part 3

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:36am by Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Timeline: Tuesday, 09 March 2010
Tags: Devon, Dev, Deo, Bobbie, Mitchum, Liv, Jones, Tina, Cyparissus

Previously, “Tripping Balls Down the Rabbit Hole”

“No,” Deo’s cheeks flushed a sickly pale pink in embarrassment. “Actually, I felt a lot better Monday morning.”

“That’s true,” Bobbie confirmed. “I saw a dramatic improvement in Deo’s anxiety symptoms Monday. He was relaxed, playful, more confident and less fearful.”

“He was almost a different Deo,” Liv added, switching to his Greek name from the name she used with him, “enough that I listed the benefits of THC usage rather than jump down his throat for getting high.”

“There are benefits, as well as drawbacks, certainly.” Tina nodded. “Though, if this is how you react to THC, I might suggest holding off getting high again in the near future–at least until we know what’s going on here. Deo, lift up your shirt for me.”

He did as asked, pushing the blanket down to his waist and baring his chest.

Gently, with the skilled hands of a practiced physician, Tina gently touched Deo’s stomach. “Tell me if this hurts.” She said, pressing gently on the side of his abdomen.

Deo winced when she poked around his stomach. It growled loudly in protest, drawing a groan from the Greek boy. “Sorry, it feels tender but not painful.”

“Tender is the better option,” Tina replied distractedly. “Deo, you said that you’ve lost a pound from last week?”

“Yeah,” he nodded.

“Have you been particularly active?” The Greek doctor asked.

The Greek boy thought about it. “I’m normally active during the week. Parkour between the dorm and work and more on Saturdays. There is archery club on Thursdays. Wait,” he pondered. “Yeah, we’ve added weight training at the gym three times per week and I join Bobbie in his morning Navy SEAL torture … er ... ‘workout’ regimen.”

Bobby smiled, grateful for a little levity to break the tension in the room. “I trained for the SEALS from the time I could walk, Ma’am. We started Deo on strength training: pull ups, sit ups, push ups, weight training in addition to running and swimming. I’ve been careful to keep his progress gradual in keeping with Navy guidelines. I also saw that he had poor nutrition and put together a plan for him.”

“What was his nutrition like before you modified it?” Tina looked over at Bobbie. “And, more to the point, what did you do to adjust it?”

“Deo had a diet high in sugar and carbs as well as poor in iron and calcium,” Bobbie scratched the back of his head, thinking. “I gave him a list including more dark, leafy greens like spinach for iron with broccoli, Greek yogurt, orange juice, and fortified waffles with calcium. I recommended vitamin supplements for trace minerals. It’s all standard for what I learned at school.” The green-eyed masseur looked stricken. “Ma’am, might I have done something to hurt him?”

“I don’t think so.” Tina shook her head. “Unless he’s turned in to Popeye and has developed an unhealthy obsession with canned spinach as a result, you’re good. The foods you recommended are good choices–though I’m always a fan of finding ways to incorporate the trace minerals into foods rather than as supplements, but that’s just personal preference. Certainly wouldn’t cause this.” The doctor rested a reassuring hand on Bobbie’s shoulder. “Don’t worry.”

Bobbie nodded, keeping his professional face in place but Deo knew what to look for. He saw how Bobbie’s shoulders slumped with relief. He wanted to hold his love’s hand and reassure him but Tina was still conducting her exam.

“How much have you been drinking, Deo?” Tina asked, continuing her examination.

Deo frowned in thought, “Bobbie had my eyes swimming with water Sunday night but we drank soda too. After that, we drank soda at lunch and wine at dinner, coffee later that night and earlier today at the shop. Orange juice and milk for breakfast.”

“Drink,” Tina commanded. “Water is best, but clear juices also work. Orange juice and milk I’ll accept. Stay off the caffeine, at least for now. You need to make sure you’ve got enough fluids in your system, especially if you’ve been vomiting.”

“No caffeine, check,” Deo nodded. “That was what sent me home from work and led us to call you.”

Liv began to think aloud, muttering as she listed off symptoms and related possible causes. “Wait, is this the first he threw up? How much did he throw up? He’s eating lots of food, but either his digestion shut down sometime after exposure to ‘The Apartment That Must Be Burned,’ leading to a back up and he just now vomited it all up, or it’s been digested and gone almost as soon as he’s eaten it until just now, meaning catabolism is turned up to eleven. If it’s that, it would seem to indicate he’s exhausting or has exhausted the metabolic enzymes needed for those catabolic pathways–they just can’t keep up. He might need more cofactors replaced. If he’s anemic, an iron boost might help, and certainly, the constant hunger seems to support the idea. Pica occurs when the body craves specific minerals, so patients begin to hunger for things like ice, salt, even dirt….” She looked at Devon. “Hey, eaten anything unusual?”

Tina arched a quizzical eyebrow at the name given to the apartment.

“Not really, just a lot of the usual.” Deo shook his head and then grimaced at the idea, “Dirt, really? Though, I am eating ice. I thought it was because it was close to my mouth.“

“He has only thrown up once that I know about,” Bobbie thought back to the incident at the job. “I checked for signs of blood before flushing. I saw no blood and little of his stomach contents. Certainly not enough to justify everything he packed down the day before.” He furrowed his brows at Deo, “Did you flush before we got to you?”

“I was too busy dry heaving by that point,” Deo shook head in the negative.

“So he didn’t actually vomit up much, taking us back to the catabolism is turned up to eleven, and ruling out a backed up digestive system.” She eyed Bobbie. “I’m not ruling out whatever the Jays could have grown in the ‘Toxic Apartment,’ though.”

Liv sighed, her mind continuing to churn while Tina worked. “Serotonin regulates appetite–Lexapro and ‘Trap-a-doze’ both alter serotonin uptake and … Cyp, which cyp … oh, shit, it’s the same one as apap….” She stopped her random pacing and looked back at Devon. “What about grapefruit? Did you eat any grapefruit? Or … well, no, pomegranate isn’t in season … but the juice?”

“No grapefruit juice but Sandy has a bowl of grapefruit for you in the kitchen. I remember how much you love it.”

“But did you eat any?”

“No,” Deo shook his head briskly, “You’d kill me.”

-To be continued-


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