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Crash and Burnout, Part 2

Posted on Mon Feb 19th, 2018 @ 2:36am by Unawakened Devon Spencer

Mission: Pre-Awakening
Location: Newport News, Virginia
Timeline: Tuesday, 09 March 2010
Tags: Devon, Dev, Deo, Spencer, Bobbie, Mitchum, Liv, Jones, Tina, Cyparissus

Previously, “Tripping Balls Down the Rabbit Hole”

The boys made the long drive back to the Jones residence in Newport News after Harvey sent them home. Deo lay under the covers in the guest room waiting for his cousin, Tina Cyparissus to arrive.

Deo lay on his side in bed. It seemed to ease the cramping in his gut a bit. Putting weight on his shoulder and leg caused his muscles to scream in protest and so it became a game like wearing tight shoes to distract from pinching earrings. He never felt so scared in his life and yet it seemed such a trivial thing to worry about. He was hungry! Nothing seemed to satisfy his craving and in time he began to wonder if something odd and supernatural happened like in the role-playing games he enjoyed. Could he be a vampire craving blood or a zombie craving brains? It was a stupid idea but given how his mind raced it was better to focus on stupid crap than to pay attention to constant pain and hunger pangs.

Bobbie gave his boyfriend a body massage to help with muscles that screamed in pain after their workout at the gym. Normally Bobbie’s rub downs lulled Devon into a restful sleep but today the kneading of his muscles left Devon in agony. Bobbie stopped and opted for rubbing fragrant oil gently into his boyfriend’s skin to help him relax.

“God, but even my toes hurt,” Devon groaned, “and I’m still hungry! Is this some allergic reaction to the pot?”

“I’ve heard about THC allergies but never anything like this, Deo.” Bobbie brushed a lock of hair out of the Greek boy’s eyes. “Have you considered that this might be a panic reaction? You said you felt uneasy about smoking.”

“It’s possible, I suppose, but why hunger and pain?”

“The mind can make the body sick. One of the only things you knew about pot smoking was the munchies. Your anxiety might be making you so sick that you won’t ever try smoking again.”

“It makes sense but ugh, it sounds so lame!” Devon breathed a heavy sigh.

Meanwhile, outside, Tina’s car pulled into the small driveway of the Jones’ house, parking the car and grabbing a black medical bag from the front seat. She hopped out of the car quickly, moving toward the front door of the two-story house. She rang the doorbell, waiting patiently for the door to open. Her mind raced with possibilities for what might be wrong with her cousin’s son.

Liv pulled up behind Tina a few seconds after the physician reached the door. She was out of the car almost before she’d finished parking, taking the short lawn in a few steps. “Come on in,” she said, “I had Siri tell them I was pulling up.”

Tina nodded, waiting as Liv opened the door. “Do you know what is going on? The message I got was ... well, to say it is ‘vague’ puts it mildly.” In her concern, Tina’s Greek accent seemed thicker than usual. Her dark eyes were filled with worry. “I had to give Aminta an excuse for why I had to leave so suddenly so that she wouldn’t freak out and come with me.”

“Just that he’s been eating non-stop, until he started to vomit, at which point they were sent home from work to wait for you, and called me. It was perfect timing, too–New Boy still hasn’t learned to keep his hands to himself.” She closed the door behind them and led Tina through the tidy living room. “They’re either in their room or the bathroom, either way, that’s around here.” The pair walked past a comfortable couch and coffee table towards the back of the house. They walked through the kitchen and found the guest room door cracked. “Bobbie? You and Dev dressed in there?” she called as she opened the door further.

Bobbie jumped up to greet the ladies. His face was a mask of worry and his rumpled clothes smelled of lavender. His wavy brown locks looked messy after hours of tugging and tending to his Greek love.

“Tina, thank you for coming so quickly,” he extended a hand in warm greeting. He then offered a nod to Devon’s red-haired best friend, Liv. He got right to work, remembering his medical training. “I took Deo’s vitals 11 minutes ago. His temp is 97.8, BP 75/55, respiration rate 44, rapid and shallow. His weight is 142 and he said he lost a pound from last week. He is complaining of persistent hunger as well as pain in his muscles and bones,” Bobbie explained. “He has been eating constantly without any change in his appetite since yesterday noon. I don’t feel any distension of his abdomen and his bowel movements seem to be normal. I feel no heat or inflammation in his muscles. No inflammation of his joints that I can find. His skin feels cold and clammy. He looks anemic.”

“What has he been eating, exactly?” Tina frowned, moving in for a closer examination of her cousin.

“What haven’t I eaten,” Deo groaned. “Two big meals at ‘Grecian Plate’ yesterday. After that dinner here with the Joneses. That wasn’t enough, so I finished the leftovers. After that was pizza, then sandwiches, and to top it off I ate cookies and milk in the middle of the night.”

“This morning it was a huge breakfast,” Bobbie picked up. “We ate lunch at Chipotle, then he bought a box of cheese crackers to take into work. Our boss, Harvey sent us home after Deo threw up.”

“That’s ... a lot of food. I’d expect you to be sick after all of that!” Tina protested. “You really don’t need to eat so much, Deo, certainly not so quickly.”

“Don’t worry,” Deo groaned, “I threw it all up at work.”

“Are you on any medications right now? Prescription or otherwise?” Tina asked, setting her bag on the edge of the bed as she gently had Deo open his mouth so she could look inside.

Bobby read off from his Smartphone’s notepad. “He is taking Lexapro 10 mg once per day in the morning, Trazodone, 10 mg, once per day at bedtime, and starting today he is taking acetaminophen, 1000 mg, twice per day.”

“And?” Liv prodded.

Bobbie’s shoulders slumped. “Deo and I smoked pot Sunday night. He showed no adverse symptoms during the night or the next morning. Liv can confirm since my judgment was impaired.”

Tina frowned but moved up to examine Deo’s pupils. “Has he had any since Sunday?”

-To be continued-


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