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Sato Corp: Child of War

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 1:05am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: Tokyo
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Harada kicked the front door of Sato’s home off the hinges. It felt nice to be back to work again. Sure, he had never been the straightest cop, or the hardest working, but he had always been honest and there when someone needed him, like now. “Hope you are ready for this, Nikki.”

Nikki held the black P95 up. Although he had only shot a firearm a few times in his life, he knew how to use one with some accuracy. “Yes, as ready as I can be.”

From a doorway to a back room, a shadow moved out into the dim light. The figure was masked, wearing a face of a kabuki devil. “I see you two have come to join the party.” With fans raised, the figure charged to two men.

“I see you are about to die!” Harada yelled before trying to shoot the masked demon.

Nikki quickly pushed up on the veteran cops elbow, making him miss his mark as he sweeped out the legs of the would be assassin. “This isn’t who we have come for, Harada. This is my grandfather, Nakamura!” He then disarmed the old man, then tore off his mask, revealing the eldest Sato’s contorted, smiling face with green mucus dripping from the corner of his mouth. “He has been poisoned.” Shortly, the hallucinating old man laid down to sleep, still with the same look of psychotic ecstasy on his face,


The little girl pressed her face right up to Lorde’s. He could smell the opium on her breath. “Did you even think of me at all while that sick old man yelled at me every night?”

Suddenly it hit him. It seemed so often when Frederick tried to help people either things got worse, or somehow they blamed him for what was wrong in the first place. “Why didn’t you just call me?”

“You think I don’t know who you left me for? Did your little ninja girl love you the way I did? Does she still have tea with you sitting a silent as the grave?” A drop of her poison chi dripped onto his face.

She wasn’t much more than a ghost from his past at this point. Even as the nightmares threatened to surround him again, most of them had lost what little bite they had. Madness had always been his ally. Yoko, on the other hand, was much more attached to things that weighed on him in his old day to day life. When Fred had been trapped in that cave with the little girl, there was a real moment when he might have told her he loved her and would have likely stayed with her forever. He could have even rationalized that in that day and age things like that were normal. If it hadn’t been for Abusan’s visits from time to time, he might have. The dragon woman was a constant reminder of what he was trying to strive for, who he was trying to become, that there had been more to the world than a cold, dead mountain. “I didn’t leave you for her, Yoko. I left because of what I might become.”


Before Harada could scold Nikki for getting rough with him, right or wrong, something moved in the shadows. “Hey, Nick, is there supposed to be more people here?”

“Only the Miko, but I’m not sensing anything. Why?” The young man tried to focus around the area harder, letting his training take hold.

The old, fat cop spat out, “Something just moved!” He pointed his gun around the room. In the dim light it was hard to make things out.

Suddenly voices echoed from around the room. “Oh, little Sato, did you bring me an offering, or have you come to die!”

Before either of the men could respond, a massive blade flew through the air and sliced off Harada’s right hand. His amputation and his pistol fell to the ground with a thump. The ex-Tokyo police officer screamed from the pain. “You bitch!” He grabbed his wrist, trying to slow down the blood loss.

Nikki quickly rushed the small, strange woman with the massive naginata and the smoking, glowing green eyes. She was dressed like some old world ninja master. He struck at her with both his katana and wakizashi.

Yoko parried the young man’s attacks quite easily. She could see that if he had spent some time with her on the mountain he could have really been a threat. Although she could not influence him like Lorde, her chi was at an all time high, and so her body was acting like a fine tuned machine. Most things in the room where happening in slow motion. “I think your friend had one hand tied behind his back, wouldn't you agree?”


Yoko licked the side of Frederick’s face like a cat. “Oh, come on, lover. No one is here but us now.”

In all his time in this dimension, Lorde had been true to the one person he had declared his love to. Try as he might, he could still feel her dark chi working its way at his own. “That’s where you're wrong, little girl. I have never been alone.” He closed his eyes, then snapped them back open. They suddenly turned bright red and filled with hate.

Even as a child, he had been the master of his own fantasy realm. There was an ace up his sleeve he always tried to keep in check. Every time he had used it, things always went sideways. He suddenly grabbed the specter of Yoko around the neck. He grinned, baring his teeth at her. “Don’t worry I won’t ever forget you.” He kissed the young woman’s avatar and drained her into himself.


Nikki was holding his own, although he felt at any moment the small woman could just decide to deliver the coup de grace. He tried to stay on top of things by adding extra moves, flying through the air at one point to strike with his swords and drop kick the woman at the same time.

The long, dark haired woman simply punched him in the solar plexus, sending him hard and fast into a wall. His head started to spin, and he was sure she had fractured one of his ribs.

Suddenly there was a noise both the combatants could hear in their heads. It was loud and droning, like the song of the cicada. When it became almost deafening, all the windows in the room and anything fragile exploded. “Now, now, children, you play nice.” Through the front door stepped Lorde.

Yoko growled and sped at him, trying to focus her chi into one final killing blow. She could feel something was different about the blonde giant. There was no smile on his face, no mirth, and in her zanjin eye he looked like someone else. Someone she had never met.

Lorde side stepped just as the huge blade would have hit him in the chest. He punched his little friend right in the nose, which sent her flying through the wall near Nikki.

The blow had been so hard that even with her body chi protecting her it felt like someone had hit her with a sledge hammer. Her nose and cheek bones had been shattered in one hit. Blood was running from her eyes and nose. Worse yet, the Miko’s vision started to cloud up.

As Lorde walked by Nikki, he shot a black bolt of chi into the woman. This wasn’t just designed to cause physical damage. It also killed by causing the body to stop working, stop healing itself, including methods that involved chi.

Yoko’s body felt like every cell was tearing itself apart. Her breathing became raspy, and her heart felt like lead trying to pump sewage. As she tried to focus and look around, Lorde was already standing over her. “I guess I really messed things up, huh?”

Lorde grabbed her head, lifted the small girl off the ground, and rapidly started smashing Yoko into the wall. “I am not your master. I AM YOUR LORDE! You need to learn that.” He dropped his jilted friend to the ground and turned to see the shocked look on his second’s face. Harada had already passed out from blood loss.

“Nick, you are going to be the head of Sato Corp in my place for now. If anyone gives you problems, tell them they will answer to me. Understand?” He walked back to the young Sato.
“Yes, yes, there...”

Lorde stopped Nick. “It's okay. I need to tell you one more thing. Let that old cop know he will have a place in the company if he wants, and, well, maybe a hand up.” He went over to Yoko’s bloody body and grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her slowly to the door. “Oh, and don’t worry. She will do just fine after spending some time in my menagerie.”

As the time traveler stepped outside, he turned around. “Remember, I will watch over you.”


After taking a drink from his sake and tea, Frederick still couldn’t get over how sideways things had gone in Tokyo. Worse yet, he couldn’t help but feel at some point that he had let it get more out of hand then it had to go. That wasn’t what bothered him the most. It was the aching feeling that his fellow student of the circle had cracked the wall he had been keeping buried for longer than most would remember. He picked up the antique styled black laquered phone and dialed a number, barely able to force his fingers to dial the last digits. “I...I, ummm....I think I might need help.”


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