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Sato Corp: Miko Maiden

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 1:00am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: Tokyo
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

“So tell me how this nearly unstoppable robot is not gonna wake up and rip us all to shreds, old man.” It was a voice he didn’t often use on people. He honestly wanted most people to like him. It was sort of hard wired into him. Frederick even wanted many of his enemies to like him, or admire him for who and what he had become.

Nakamura Sato laughed loudly, then coughed a bit. After catching his breath, he tried to answer the big oaf’s question. “Oh, you have the wrong idea here. This is old Ultron tech, and only the shell.” He walked over and tapped on the head of the shiney robot. “Up here is just basic. No artificial intelligence or cyborg tech. Just an operating system that we custom design to the individual user’s need.” Then he held up the arm of the silver android. “Also see? No weapons. Most of our units are unarmed and untrained. There are a few here that are meant for police work, but they only carry non-lethal ordinance. This way we can market them to a much wider base of buyers. You see?”

Lorde looked over at the old man’s assistant again. He wondered if what had happened last night was still affecting him in some strange way. It had been years since he had really thought of people in that way. “Just how variated is the programing at this time? As in are they completed, or...?”

“Oh yes, yes. This is why I had you brought here. I wanted to show you one of our top models for military and government use. It will be used to subvert assassination attempts.”

That got Lorde’s full attention.

Nakamura pressed a small button on his wrist watch, and suddenly the robot was a perfect copy of him. Both spoke to Fred at the same time. “As you can see, we are very hard to tell apart. We even have the same heat signature and heart rate. In the booth behind me is a rifle. It will fire shortly. I think you will find the results fascinating.”

With a loud crack, the large caliber sniper rifle fired at the decoy. Instead of either robot parts flying away, or more likely it just bouncing off of the head, the fake old man opened up like a watermelon and he dropped to the ground. It even seemed like blood began to pool under the copy. Lorde had to congratulate the old man on his success. “That's really saying something. In fact, I would like my other holdings to be the first to purchase a few of these. I will send you a few ideas of what I want and what I might need them for.” Besides, it would never hurt to have extra bodies available for Byte Mi.


Nikki and Lorde walked through the large parking complex. The air was heavy with the smell of oil and diesel fuel. Lorde felt like he finally had to pop the question that had been on the tip of his tongue. “Okay, so what's with the old man’s assistant?”

As he opened up the door to the mid-sized company car, Nikki replied. “You mean Yoko Sato. She is...Nakamura’s neice, or so we are told. There is a rumor that she is part Chinese. About a year ago, she started acting as his assistant in almost everything. Most of us think he is starting to be affected by Alzheimer's or some other mental ailment.”

Lorde thought to himself, Sure, she could be the Miko, but could she be so brazen as to try and be Syn? As he stepped into the small sedan, he said, “Why don’t we invite the happy family to dinner later? I, for one, could eat, and I would also like to finalize that deal for the robots, ya know?”

Nikki nodded, already dialing Nakamura. In short order, he gave Frederick an answer. “Yea, he said come by around six.”

“Maybe we should go pick out something nice to bring as a gift, huh?” Lorde figured it would be fun to see what Nick thought would be a good gift for the ol’ coot.

Just as the silver car exited the garage complex, something slammed down hard on the roof, caving it almost all the way in. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Nikki had asked for a VIP car for Frederick, they might be dead. The car listed to the right and smashed head long into a concrete pylon.

Lorde’s spells had saved him from the worst of it, but Nick looked like he took one heck of a hit. His face was a mess, and the time traveler could hear the young man’s breathing starting to labor, maybe from a broken rib, or worse, a punctured lung. Lorde slapped the young man on the forehead and used a heal spell on him at the same time. “Hey, no sleeping on the job. I need you wide awake right now. Get your swords, if you can, and find cover.”

Then an all too familiar face landed on the hood of the car, flattening it to the point the wheels burst off and rolled away. “Hey, baby, don’t you still wanna play with me, or do you like boys more than girls now?” Syn tried to hit him again with a psychic assault from her third eye. The small woman’s chi. now dark, and somehow inviting, reached out to her old friend.

There was a familiarity to it. Still, somehow he couldn’t place it. Frederick cursed himself, because it was what he was trained to do. This time he was ready. The attack hadn’t come in blind. He had buffered himself. He tried to match her chi wavelength. He fired a beam from his wrist to blow out the windshield.

The woman flipped backwards, landing about ten feet in front of the car, the gold and black kimono trailing through the air like a gymnast’s ribbon. She slid back a bit further, her boots leaving marks in the asphalt. Then she leaped quickly, high into the air. Bits of dust and debris followed the woman.

Lorde used his boosters to fly out of the car, burning up the passenger's seat. He figured Nick could get to cover pretty quick now. He raced at the woman that looked like Syn. Still he could feel her dark assault, although his defences had protected him from the worst of it. Her powers still dug in places few would even know to look. At least now he knew it wasn’t his old tea party partner. She would never have given herself over to that kind of sick ritual. Maybe he could figure the rest out if he could survive this.

Just as Frederick closed the gap, the young woman released a cloud of needles at him, each one imbued with a touch of sickening chi. “I did my homework this time, Lover! I wonder if you can run away this time!”

After the first nine needles bounced helplessly off of Lorde, several more found there way home. The damage they caused due to his armor was negligible, and she likely knew that, but they gave her chi anchors into him to further boost the hold she had on him.

The few that had bounced off of Fred tried to find a new home in the person who had attacked him. Unfortunately, the attacker had also expected this. The small woman shielded herself from the darts with her giant war fans.

As Lorde went limp, he fell from the sky. Syn’s doppelganger flew after him and grabbed him, speeding up his fall. Once down to the ground, she stood over him and spit even more green liquid into his mouth. Just then, a large shurkin slammed into the women's upper right shoulder. The small woman screamed out, “Sato!”

“I know what you are.” Nikki stood by the back side of what was left of his car. “If you don’t leave, I will be forced to finish you.” He drew out his family's ancestral weapons.

The woman’s eyes went black as her pupils filled her eyes. “And what, young man, do you think I am?” She started walking towards him as she yanked the throwing star from her shoulder.

Nikki held out his two swords without wavering. His own Zanjin eye flared open to meet her’s. This time she didn’t have the edge in knowing her opponent well enough to exploit him. “You are a Dark Miko. An evil shamaness.” Then he crossed his swords. “These just so happen to be weapons that have dealt with your kind in ages past.”

The woman thought to herself that there was no way in hell Sato or Sato Corp would have given this bastard those swords. Although she knew the kind of man Frederick was rather well. He loved to play at being a patron by playing with someone's life like that. “I tell you what, Nicholas. Have him meet me at Nakamura's place by morning, or someone dies.”

The Miko leaped into the cover of the dark night sky, leaving behind her a scene of mayhem and something else. Nikki smelled the air and noticed an all too familiar scent from his childhood. It was opium mixed with something else, something he could not identify at all. No doubt something the witch had concocted herself.

Nikki dragged Lorde back to the parking garage. He had a chip in his car keys that gave him access to any company car that was set up on the loaner program. As Nicky held up Lorde’s hand and pressed the button, he heard the faint chirp of the car he needed to get to. As it was a bit away from the front of the parking garage, he decided to race to the car and pull it up to his boss and load him into the back seat.

Frederick’s face was contorted in pain and misery. His face was also, if possible, more pale than before. He was sweating, and his breathing was erratic. The young man knew he had to act quickly, and the number of people that could deal with such a problem was limited. As the small car screamed out of the garage, he made a call to an old friend. “Ma-Ma, I need your help.” He just hoped his new charge would make the long trek to the old country.

As he hit the highway, it dawned on Nikki that the world might be better off if he let this guy die. Not just for Sato Corp. He had checked up on Frederick shortly after meeting him at the board meeting. After using facial recognition programs, he found a small reference to a man code named Lorde. According to the American news, he was a terrorist, and worse yet, the young Sato had found more vague references to him scattered in strange places, like pieces to a puzzle.

Like it or not, he had to follow his honor code. He had to try and save Frederick from this woman. Even if it cost him his life, or worse.


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