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Sato Corp: Syn Tax

Posted on Wed Feb 14th, 2018 @ 12:58am by Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood

Mission: The Villain's Spire
Location: Tokyo
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse

Tozo’s place was nice. Opulent might be a better word for it. At just a glance, Fred could tell years of painstaking amounts of perfectionism went into making sure almost everything in the apartment felt just right. From the intricate suit of Ō-yoroi armor, to the steak knives with several tempering folds. “Who the hell does that with steak knives nowadays?” The madman couldn’t help but wonder at the insanity behind the mind of someone shopping for such an item.

Hollywood went into the belated CEO’s bedroom and looked for something more comfortable to wear in the closet. Although Tozo wasn’t a tall man, he was quite heavy set, and Lorde figured at least for something to throw on for the night might compensate for a bit. He was happy when he found a floor length black silk kimono with two red dragons embroidered on it.

After changing, he went back out into the living room and poured himself a drink, a bit of sake. Normally he would take it with some tea, but he just didn’t feel like putting the pot on. It also dawned on him back home someone might have already bought him a tasty beverage by now. Then, after lighting a smoke, he went back over to the armor case and pulled out the swords. “I think Nick could use these,” he said to the open air.

He turned to go back to the couch. After hearing a noise, something caught his eye. Someone was standing quietly in the doorway to the elevator to the penthouse. Two warfans popped from the small girl’s hands, giving the insane man even more reason to believe his old friend had come calling. “What the fuck S...”

Before he could finish the sentence, the small woman snapped open her third eye. This was no greeting or check to see how he was doing. It was a full frontal assault of a kind he almost never used on anyone. His old master had tried to drive him down into madness quite often with it, and if he hadn’t been mad already, likely he would have been now.

The woman’s attack came on two fronts. In less than an instant, she was on him, swinging one of those great fans at his neck. The gold claws trying to tear him to pieces.

Instinctually he slowed his heart rate, the ticking of the clock, time. He used part of the no mind technique to draw out the wakizashi just enough to parry her first blow. This came with an unforeseen consequence.

Lorde was blown back across the room into the window. This could have been his great escape had Sato Corp not been so protective of their higher ups. Instead, he smashed against the glass hard, like hitting a brick wall, his spells taking a chunk of it, but he hadn’t worn his armor to not draw suspicion in Tokyo.

“I’m gonna kill everyone you care about for what you did.” She raced at him again. When she crossed through the light, he could plainly see the little geisha girl he used to have tea with so long ago. Abusan’s red eyes looked fierce under her face paint as she streaked through the light, her kimono flowing like black and gold water behind her.

Even with his senses slowed,it still seemed fast. One thing was for sure, he didn’t want to die at her hands tonight. He raised his hands and summoned the power of the meteor. “You might want to move...RECALL.” In less than an instant, he was gone.

From the streets below, people started to scream and run as the top of Sato Towers exploded and debris began to rain down to the ground below. Luckily no innocent bystanders were killed. The news would report it as another senseless attack on the leadership of Sato Corp, this time against new CEO Frederick Hollywood from China, who fortunately had been out taking in the local nightlife.


Frederick looked at himself in the mirror. The pulsing digital music of the bar somehow put him a little bit at ease. He just couldn’t shake the feeling that something Syn had done to him had drug something old up within him, something he had promised long ago not to show the world. He had dragged it deep down and locked it up. Why would she do that? It just didn’t make sense.

Suddenly he smashed the mirror and put a hole in the wall behind it. The guy next to him that had been preening his hair jumped and looked at him like a deer caught in the headlights. “Sorry, little dude, that guy was bugging the shit out of me.”

Without thinking, both from shock and a being of a certain mindset, Jimmy yelled at the big oaf. “Dude?! Get a fucking grip!” His fists shook as his face filled with blood.

When the tall blonde man walked out of the bathroom in the gamers’ nightclub, he stopped a waitress dressed as a really slutty version of Isis. After looking her over, Lorde said, “Hey, someone might wanna clean up in there. I think that guy had to much to drink.”

When the woman looked at the men’s room door, she started to scream, seeing the blood running out from under it. “MANAGEMENT!” That would be the day she quit.

Lorde called the only person he knew in town at the moment he might be able to count on for a ride. “Hey, Nick, it’s Fred. Can you come pick me up? I might need a place to stay. I just heard Tozo’s got bombed.”


Hollywood was sitting in the center of attention as the morning meeting droned on. The coffee did little to keep him from feeling like time was growing ever slower as the octogenarian prattled on about the quarterly financial status of the company.

He had already read most of what the man was talking about when he had looked into Sato Corp., and worse yet, he felt like they were just feeding him information to sound like they had been busy. A young woman walked into the room and handed the old guy a stack of paperwork and whispered to him. He shot out of his chair. “Sir, I have a new development. One of our mainline projects has been completed and needs your approval.”


Before getting in the car with Nikki, Lorde asked with a smile, “Did you get what I asked you to bring?”

“Yes, sir.” He walked around to the back of his car and popped the trunk, producing a long black box.

Lorde opened it, and, after examining the two swords, nodded. “These will do nicely, Nick. I’ve also brought you a present as well.” He opened his luggage and pulled out the two swords he used to defend himself against Syn just last night. “As my assistant, you may have a higher calling than you might normally expect.”

Nikki’s face went to the ground in shame. “Sir, I can not accept these. It would be dishonorable to take them from Tozo Sato’s family.”

Frederick smiled. He knew Nick was related to Tozo. “Who said you would be keeping them? Doesn’t honor also dictate that I can hand them to a champion to use in my stead? After all, you are trained to use them, right?”

Nikki looked up at Hollywood and nodded with a look of relief. “Yes, it does, and yes, I am.”

Lorde made sure the young man knew what needed to be done. “Good, because I have a funny feeling who ever killed Tozo is gunning for me next, and it might get messy, if you get what I mean.”


It was a massive factory filled with things that looked like half built animatronics from Disney, some from every walk of life. The old, young, women, men, some even in various dress. Lorde couldn’t help but wonder if this was what Tozo had been put down for.

They took an electric cart nearly a quarter mile to the heart of the facility. There, in what looked a bit like a danger room, was a shining robot built from an all too familiar metal. “Jesus,” Lorde muttered.

The old man who had gotten so excited at the meeting was standing right next to the metal monstrosity. “Ah, Mister Hollywood. I am so glad you made it in good time.”

Lorde couldn’t help but notice that standing next to him was that little secretary. Was she just kin to him, he wondered, or was there more to that? He would have to check with Nick later, if there was a chance.

“As you can see, we have acquired quite a bit of Ultron technology from America.” The old man walked over to stand in front of his commander in chief. “We have made quite a few advancements here that I think you might find fascinating.”

“What I find fascinating is, despite the misery this technology has caused, people still try and use and misuse the Ultron project like it’s the holy grail or something.” Although at least if this was to go sideways, it wouldn’t be directed at him.


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