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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 14

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 6:37am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Senior Susan Edwin & Unawakened Lauren McArthurs & Civilian Faustina (Tina) Cyparissus MD

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Lying on the ground, Tim LaFontaine groaned as he slowly regained consciousness. He felt weak, tired, the way that he used to feel before...

A sinking feeling dropped his heart into the pit of his stomach. Before he’d been possessed by a god.

He opened his eyes, and instantly wished he hadn’t.

I’m dead, he thought, looking up at the large dragon with one red eye, struggling as if pulling at invisible chains. I’m dead. That’s the only logical explanation for this. His head turned as he heard a familiar voice. The figure the voice came from glowed with a bright violet light, and she hurt to look at for long. Is that... Mrs. McArthurs?

“You will not take this town!” Lauren shouted, facing the dragon and staring up into its red eye. Her hands were balled in fists, and she stood defiant in the midst of all the destruction. “And you will not have the body you inhabit! I swear this by my connection to Neith! I swear it upon the goddesses Isetnofret and Neferu of Minos! You will be punished for your crimes here, Seth, Lord of Sands, just like you were punished before!”

Neferu? Goddess of Minos? What the...? Tim frowned.

The dragon roared, his fury bathing Adrien Spades’ house in fire.

“Holy shit!” Tim exclaimed, struggling to rise to his feet. It was hard, harder than it should have been. One leg struggled to respond. He looked down on it, and only then noticed the debris that pinned it to the ground.

Well, I guess that explains why my leg hurts, he thought, sitting up as best he could.

“Tim!” He barely heard the whisper over the sound of the dragon’s roars.

“Dr. Cyparissus?” Tim blinked, turning toward his physician. “What -- What are you --? Where’s Melissa? Is she safe?”

Tina nodded. “She’s fine. Look, I need to get you out of here before, well, that.” He followed her eyes up toward the dragon.

“Is that -- Is it really --” He shook his head. “This is going to sound crazy, but...”

“The ancient Egyptian god, Seth?” Tina filled in as she started digging out his leg.

Tim nodded, wide-eyed.

“You’re not crazy. He’s why we need to get out of here, fast. I can get you to Melissa, but we need to hurry. Can you move your leg?”

Tim tested by wiggling his toes. He could see them through the cleared out debris. His leg was sore, but it bent like it should. He looked back at Tina and nodded. “I think it’s hurt though. I don’t know if I can walk fast.”

“We’ll get you to safety,” Tina promised, helping him up. “Away from Seth.”

“Dr. Cyparissus?”

She turned toward him.

“Is that... Mrs. McArthurs?” Tim glanced back at the glowing figure.

Tina gave a small smile. “Yeah. We call her Spiral.”


The shark-toothed woman lunged at the family and, on instinct, Melissa brought her arms up to defend herself. Jolts of blue lightning zapped out from her fingers, catching the woman in the chest. Her green eyes opened wide, surprise her final expression as the electricity caused her body to spasm and collapse to the ground in a blackened, ashy corpse.

Melissa stared in horror at what she’d done. She didn’t even realize that the woman hadn’t been the only one struck by her lightning. Arcs still flashed from her fingers, striking random targets, both friend and foe.

Not having moved far away from Melissa’s side, Blob-Ushebti, complete with his contents, was hit by a blast of lightning. Conducted through his body, it made him glow a bright blue colour, and the surface of his form bubbled dangerously before ejecting his captive straight into the nearest wall, killing the man instantly. Blob-Ushebti pulled himself up into a vaguely humanoid form.

Kyle screamed, a high, piercing shriek, as Melissa stared at the man’s corpse in horror.

“Put those things away!” Kyle protested.

“I can’t!” Melissa protested with a sob. “I don’t know how! Stay back, please!” She stepped in front of her family.

“Ouroboros! KEEP AWAY FROM THE WILSONS!” Seamus called out. The last thing they needed was Aiden being hit and screaming out in pain and killing all of them.

Talon was smiling when the powerful blast of electricity hit him full force in the back and coursed through every inch of his muscular body. His teeth started chattering and his hair stood on end, making him look like a macabre troll doll nutcracker. All that was missing were walnuts in his mouth. Due to his particular set of powers, he felt the pain, but was able to recover from the initial shock quickly. Even though the electricity had found a convenient pathway to the ground, he slowly turned to face his would be attacker.

Away from the group, Aiden turned and Munir spoke. ~ Melissa is arcing badly. Stay back.~ Aiden jumped into the air and towards the direction he had sent the big guy rolling.

Seamus stepped closer as Frankie pushed Melissa’s parents away from her, while staying between them so his armor took the brunt of the electricity. “Melissa, listen to me. I need you to focus on my voice.” He stopped broadcasting the calming vibes to the group as a whole and focused on just her. His armor was taking the brunt of the shocks he received. His power was healing himself as he got burned. “I want you to focus on the soothing power of my voice and my voice alone. Do you hear me?” He grimaced in pain as a few bolts struck him.

Melissa turned to Seamus, tears streaking down her cheeks. She nodded, sobs shaking her body. “I-I’m sorry... I h-h-hear you... I don't... I don't mean to...”

“Relax. Take deep breaths and relax. I need you to focus. I want you to be calm,” Seamus said to her.

With a sniffle, she nodded. Her first few breaths were shaky and ragged, but she was clearly trying. The electricity still arced from her fingertips, striking anything nearby.


The second Natey warned them saw the air filled with the ominous sound of whizzing bullets. One bullet struck poor Mrs. Alderman between the eyes. Her head jerked back from the force of impact, propelling her lifeless body into the snow, where a blood stain spread shockingly fast. The big green mutant, James whirled on his attackers with a roar of rage. Bullet after bullet pelted his thick muscles, causing thick green blood to ooze sluggishly from his wounds.

“YOU WON’T TAKE US ALIVE!” His roar rattled snow from branches as he lumbered into a berserker frenzy. It became quickly obvious that James would not survive long but he bought time for his compatriots.

The blond teenager shielded Susan and Natey with his body. He grunted with pain as bullet after bullet pelted his backside but he stood his ground. He opened eyes and fixed his gaze on one of Susan’s Escrima sticks. He snatched it from her back before pushing her and Natey behind the safety of a tree.

“I need this,” he explained quickly. “Take Natey and run as fast as you can. It isn’t safe for you here.”

“No, we’re survivors! We stick together!” Natey wailed at his friend.

“Natey, I’m taking them out so you can get away–now, GO!” The blond mutant pushed away forcefully before facing their attackers.

“He’s right. I don't like it, but he is right. Come on everyone!” Susan said. She turned and began jogging as fast as she could, heading towards the direction of the jet. She was carrying the boy piggyback. This tied up her hands to use as weapons. “I can get us to the road, from there, safety.”

The blond rounded to face the storm of bullets. The bastards had finished poor James and turned their full attention to taking him down. He covered his face, grunting in pain as each bullet bounced off his body. One of the security gunman shouted over the din of weapons fire, “I told you! I told you he was bouncing our bullets!”

“Shut up and switch to flashbangs!” The female trooper tossed a grenade at the mutant.

The blond sprang behind a tree just as the snow at his feet erupted with a thunderous explosion and a flash of blinding light. He scrambled up the trunk with the ease of a squirrel and bounded effortlessly to the next tree. Arcs of electricity leaped from the bark of each tree at he neared, drawing the mutant by his hands and feet to cling easily to the bark. He repeated this again and again, using tree trunks for cover and drawing fire away from Susan, Natey and those that she had found. He lost sight of his little friend and decided that was the moment to end this fight. He had moved in circles, luring his opponents into the center where he could reach them all.

He looked and Susan’s Escrima stick hummed with power in his hand. The mutant’s eyes glowed with blue fire in response. The power burning inside every cell of his being surged, locking onto the battery cell in the stick. Magnetic force pulsed through his hand, amplifying the electrical current in the battery until it crackled in his hand. He waited for the exact moment when the power inside the battery burst forth to launch from safety and into the middle of the clustered troops.

“ENOUGH!” He jammed the tip of his weapon into the ground and everything went white.

A thunderous explosion shook the forest to the bedrock as gargantuan fireball soared high into the sky. A compression wave of heat and fire vaporized snow on impact, setting the heart of the forest ablaze while causing snowmelt to snuff out fire along the outer edges. At the very heart of the explosion stood a blackened crater three meters deep and three times that in diameter surrounded by lightning blasted trees. Three squads worth of melted plastic armor covering charred human skeletons circled a seemingly lifeless figure at the very bottom of the crater. The mutant lay in his white suit with every inch of exposed flesh blistered, every inch of hair burned from his head, and in his hand, a rod of slagged metal, the remnants of Susan’s Escrima stick.



Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened Mutant

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny

Lauren McArthurs
AKA - "Spiral"

Faustina Cyparissus
Doctor/Mutant Underground Operative
AKA - "Seraph"

Seamus Edwin
Academy Physician, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Doc"

Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros"

Susan Edwin
Senior/Counselor, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Dreamweaver"

Experiment L-422
Unknown Mutant
Penned by - Chance Pierce

Tim LaFontaine
Melissa's Boyfriend
NPC - Melissa Wilson


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