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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 13

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 5:54am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood & Senior Susan Edwin

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Beast-Ushebti devoted more mass to his legs and the muscled bulged unnaturally before he catapulted himself into the air. As he flew, his shape morphed again, growing rapidly in size and losing definition as it landed on the carapaced mutant with a splat. As the man realized his protection was not going to benefit him against the attack, he tried to get away before finding himself completely enclosed in the amorphous, translucent blob.

The blob grew a face, looking at Talon. “If you wouldn’t mind handling that fire one for me, I’m not so hot with those.” His surface wiggled as the man writhed around inside. His clothing was already starting to dissolve, and the defensive mutant’s carapace was starting to show burn-like wounds.

Talon scanned his surrounding quickly and picked out the one mutant who was clearly on fire. He gave a quick thumbs up to Ushebti before pulling a rather large fire extinguisher from his dream bag and moving quickly at his next foe.

“You idiot! I don’t know what hole you pulled that out of,” the flaming mutant hissed, “but a stupid fire extinguisher can’t stop my power!”

Talon slowed as he approached the burning man. He didn’t respond in words. He simply tossed the can to the man gently. Reflexively, the mutant caught it. Looking down, he saw the word HALON in bold letters on the side. When he looked back to Talon, the Indian shaman already had his rifle aimed. The mutant manage to utter, “OH SH--” before the bullet hit and exploded the can that he held with the force of a decently sized bomb. The concussive force paired with halon’s ability to drive away the oxygen caused almost everyone in a twenty foot radius to pass out as soon as they drew their next breath.

Melissa didn’t even want to know what was going on or why Ushebti sounded so calm. She didn’t really want to know about any of what was happening around her. Not the tiniest bit. The sounds of the battle, the screams of the injured, the laughter of Talon, all of it made her want to hide in a little corner of her mind and never, ever come out again.

“Talon!” Melissa’s father’s terrified shout pulled her attention back to the present. She looked up, and seeing the fear in his eyes made everything worse. He stared behind her, trying to inch the cluster of family backwards, as though a few steps might save their lives. “Aiden! Someone, we need help!”

A cold, callous laugh. “Help?” It was a female voice, one that sounded less than entirely sane. “Oh, you need help. So do I. I have a decision to make. Which one of you should I eat first?”

Melissa turned, still staying close to her father, but wanting to see who was threatening them. The woman might have been beautiful in another context, with long blue hair and a slender Asian physique. Unnaturally green eyes stared at them, and her teeth between her thin lips seemed sharp, sharper than human teeth had any right to be. They looked almost like shark teeth, and as she opened her mouth to mimic a bite, Melissa thought she could see a second row of them behind the first.

A strange tingling began, deep within her. It was warm, but cold at the same time. She thought that, if she could concentrate long enough on something other than how much she wanted to run away screaming, she might be able to hear each heartbeat over the din of battle, feel each hair on her body that stood on end, and see the tiny crackle of blue energy that flicked between her fingers.

“HELP!” Anthony screamed. His image as the family’s strong, confident protector shattering. “Someone!”


Susan knew she was close. The voice seemed closer, at least. The people behind her were shivering from the cold. Nocturna was busy keeping the tower apprised of her location.

The forest seemed to open up, just a bit and she saw them across the small clearing. Four people. Three of them behind the tall teen. He was nearly Aiden's height. Possibly a bit heavier than her brother. His hair was cut short, with things that had been attached to his skin. He wore a body suit of some form, but she could still see he was in fine shape. Each of the people with him wore a similar suit, along with the electrodes and IV lines.

She motioned for the ones with her to wait there, then she put the barrel of her gun down as she walked closer. The ones behind the blonde teen seemed okay. Yet he seemed different. Almost hollow and empty.

“That’s her!” Natey turned to the teenager carrying him effortlessly. “You can trust her. She’s a good person.”

“I’m Susan. I can get you all to safety.” She said.

The blond teenager carrying Natey seemed less certain. He peered with naked suspicion at the one called Susan. He looked back over his shoulder and then came to a decision. He launched out of the snow and cleared the distance to Susan in a single hop. He landed before her with a breathless child in his arms.

Susan jumped back, just from the shock of what he had done. The blond mutant gave the little boy over with utmost care.

“This is Natey. Hurt him and I hurt you.” The blond pierced her with his gaze.

“It’s okay!” The little boy admonished his friend before turning to the young woman. “Don’t mind him. He doesn’t trust anybody, not that I blame him. Hi, I’m Natey! I’m really sorry about projecting my thoughts into your head without permission.”

“It’s fine. I can deal with what happens after.” She said to Natey. She looked to the taller teen. “I swear on the life of my daughter, I’ll protect him with my life.”

The teenager furrowed his brow, seeming confused by her words or perhaps, by how to respond. He finally opened his mouth and words tumbled forth awkwardly. “Don’t die,” he blurted, “you can’t protect him if you die.”

“Um … yeah. It does work that way.” Susan said with a smile. “I promise to not die.”

“You have to go, now.” The blond tensed. “They’ll send trackers for me but the others–” he gave Natey a worried look. “They’ll kill the others.”

“Who will kill the others?” Susan asked.

“I see into their minds. They’re called NEXUS.” Natey explained. “They say they hate mutants but it’s a lie. They kidnap us. They hide us and run bad experiments on us. Big companies pay them to find out how we work so they can use our powers to make money. They put chips in our brains to control us and make us fight their wars. They clone us so they can afford to let us die.” He looked at his teenage friend with pained sadness. “Power failed in the place they were holding us. We got away but they’re coming for us. No witnesses.”

“Yeah. I know them well.” Susan said.

Natey gasped with fright and hugged Susan tightly. “They’re here! They found us!”


Her life had not always been a bed of roses. Wyrmwood had suffered in strange ways all of her life, she simply opted not to dwell on such things. The visions of the Asian woman all cried out as one, a sound that reverberated through her mind. They held their hands out to their sides, palms open, and power coursed between them, the mists swirling faster and faster, as though caught in a vortex. Soon, her hair was standing on end, and the three visions shimmered, then merged into one being again, this one far darker than any of those that had come before.

Shadows seemed to wrap Syn tightly, forming a suit of armor that was definitely not her nano. Only her gleaming red eyes showed through the narrow slit of the mask that was only a small part of a set of ancient assassin garb. As she absorbed more and more power, she grew in stature, and her wings formed down her back. When she was finished, her head dropped to her chest briefly, and as she looked up, a maniacal laughter rang through her thoughts, even though her mouth never moved.

“You have come where gods fear to tread, Lord of Sands,” her voice echoed, ethereal, woven in with the laughter. This was the Syn that had no concern for the destruction wrought during her battles, and she was ready to tear the annoying deity to shreds. The scenes that played out in her mind was a never ending loop of terror and blood, all horrific, nightmarish acts of war that she had been responsible for over the centuries. “Come, Seth. It is time...” With that, arcs of arcane and mystic power flowed from her, as she stalked the wayward deity through the nightmare realm that she had created just for him.

A dark, malevolent, chaotic laughter rang around them, and the god’s voice reverberated all around them. YOU THINK TO FRIGHTEN ME? YOU ARE BUT A CHILD, AND YOUR ATTEMPTS ARE BEFITTING YOUR JUVENILE STATUS.

In a macabre version of Frederick’s homeworld was a wasteland. Only the very tops of a few of the great pyramids still poked above the sands. “In this place your people were exterminated by monkeys. Not gracefully or with honor. In most cases forgotten in time like waves on a beach.” Lorde’s hand moved strangely and a statue rose from under the earth. “Here is what you have become. What you will become again.”

Lorde’s red-eyed counterpart whispered strange hateful words. “We should pull him apart. Send him to the four corners of egypt so that all should know his folly.” Its claws ran over the madman’s shoulders trying to coax him to action.

The grey elf added some logic to the situation. “We can’t. Nothing works here. No powers, no gods, no hope at all...”

Seth roared in anger, loud and fierce and filled with rage. LIES! I AM CHAOS! EGYPT SHALL FOREVER REIGN.

“Even in this realm, Egypt lies in ruin. At least the Egypt that you know,” Syn’s voice said from all around as the scene changed, showing ancient demolished temples and tombs that had been raided by grave robbers and archaeologists over hundreds of years. “You ceased to be of any relevance long ago. The world has spun on its axis just fine without you since long before I was born.”



Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Frederick Hollywood
Leader, Findellion Watch
AKA - "Lorde"

Susan Edwin
Senior/Counselor, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Dreamweaver"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened Mutant

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny

Experiment L-422
Unknown Mutant
Penned by - Chance Pierce

Angry Diety
NPC - Melissa Wilson


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