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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 12

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 4:37am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood & Senior Susan Edwin

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

In mid-arc, Aiden turned without opening his wings. He wasn’t going for gracefulness, but he knew his knees could stand what he was about to do. He had the speed that the others may not. With his armor and his bones, he was also one tough cookie.

Aiden landed hard, knees barely bending and his legs and entire spinal cord sucking up the energy he created. A small shockwave was sent out, but just enough to make one stumble slightly. He was still facing away from Talon and the rest. There was no hesitation as his wings snapped open, his left wing cracking someone in the side of the face. With his powers, he could clearly hear the sounds of the man’s jaw breaking. He stretched out his wings, keeping them so the tips were behind his back. With his wingspan, he filled almost the whole roadway. As he quickly sucked in a breath of air, he thought on how this would work. He was going for force this time, not sound. Munir altered his suit, so his HUD went blank and his eyes were covered.

“PEW!” Aiden screamed out in a cartoonish, childlike voice that buzzed with power. From his mouth and wings, the different areas of force sprang forth. The blasts shot away from him at several hundred miles an hour. He had thrown more than half of his stored energy into the blast. The two closest to him were struck the hardest. One was caught in mid leap. As the wave of energy hit the man, he was thrown like a ragdoll to the side. He slammed into a nearby minivan, his head smashing through the window and snapping his neck. The last one had been the big bruiser from earlier. The wave of force hit him like a freight train.

The waves of force continued down the street. The big man was swept along for the ride, along with the vehicles that were in the road. Even with his eyes covered, Aiden could hear the man rolling like a tumbleweed on a windy desert day.

Melissa could hear, even if she couldn’t see, the destruction Aiden was causing. She assumed it was Aiden, at any rate. Whatever was going on was loud. She imagined the same bloodshed that had happened in front of her, though she desperately wanted to hold on to the notion that Aiden wasn’t being quite as gruesomely violent as she’d seen Ushebti and Talon demonstrate. And these were the people who were offering to save them? To protect them? What would happen to her - or her family! - if she did something they didn’t like? If she said something wrong? If she didn’t use her abilities as well as they wanted or didn’t learn how to control them fast enough? Her trembling grew stronger, and she felt Kyle’s hand on her back as he, too, moved in close to the family’s terrified huddle.

Seeing the display of Ouroborus’s raw power, the shaman laughed and charged forward in a fast, crouched run, each fist held low. The first mutant he met yelled, “I’ll kill you, red man!” and leapt at him with a ferocious cry, but Talon was prepared for his attack. Many years of combat had more than prepared him for this fight. The Indian man sidestepped a half step and suddenly stood to his full six-foot-two-inch height, twisting his body as he did. He hit the thick-jawed mutant square in the chin.

Talon pulled his hits for Melissa’s family's sake. But he knew the moment he landed his punch that this mutant’s day of fighting was over. He would survive the wound, but it would take time to heal. The force powderized his jaw and broke most of the bones in the anarchistic bad guy’s face. The force of the punch lifted him off his feet and tossed him, landing him directly at Oroborus’s feet.

One of the spectral pumas made short work of its prey, but the third mutant would not go down without a fight. His skin hardened into a protective carapace, shielding him from his opponent’s claws and teeth. Next he rolled quickly away from the beast, tucking himself into a tight ball. The ghostly puma recovered quickly, but was vaporized a moment later when a blast erupted from the rubble at its feet. Laughing loudly, he mocked the other puma. “You can’t stop me! Come get me, pussy cat!”

Talon spun gracefully, sweeping his leg at ground level, knocking the feet out from under two more of the blood-crazed mutants before quickly pouncing on them and beating them unconscious with his bare fists.

Aiden turned as he heard movement to his side. It was the one he had cracked in the face with his wing. He felt a bit sorry for that. After all, the man got hit as though Aiden had swung a bat to his face.

~Boss, he’s getting back up. Jaw is broke, but he looks pissed.~

Once more, Aiden jumped into the air, this time only going up about three feet. As he landed, he dropped his left knee onto the man’s arm and his right fist onto a knee. Both spots sent out a wave of power, cracking his opponent’s bones.


Four kids watched her. Four terrified children. Each of them were in a grey bodysuit wires sticking out of it. All of them had been shaved bald. The elder ones had wires and IV lines in with skin. The eldest looked to be female. Maybe mid teens. Susan noticed her swollen belly and black eyes. Her skin was a bright purple color. One was a boy who looked to be about ten years of age. On his head we're two horns, like those pictured on a devil. His red skin seemed to fit those horns. Susan was sure she saw small flames near the edge of his fingers for a brief moment.

She saw two younger kids, both with external mutations. The boy had wings, of which had been plucked. His face was almost like Katie's at the tower. Hawk like. The last one was a girl about ten. She looked to be a mix of several woodland animals. Canine like ears, a fox like nose and large buck teeth. Plus a thick tail. And no hair on her body. Susan's heart broke a little as she looked over each of them.

A groan snapped her out of her daze. The guard trapped under his comrade was working to free his gun arm. Susan was about to hit him when the younger girl dropped down and her powerful teeth bit into his arm. The sound of a snapping bone filled the air, mixed with the man's screaming.

“Back up sweetie.” Susan said to the girl with the wicked dental work.

“He attack again.” The boy with wings said.

“He'll try.” Susan replied. She holistered her gun and waited. The girl pulled out her teeth and scurried away.

Susan pulled out two of the orbs, pressed a button on one and tossed it toward the first two that had fallen. Two seconds after it hit the ground, it hissed, sprayed a foam substance that solidified quickly. Then it lit up for about one second, shocking the men. She prepared the other and tossed it towards the other two. This trapped them to the limb.

“Alright. I heard you call, so let's get out of here. I got a jet that can get us someplace safe.” Susan said to them

“We didn't call you.” The red skinned boy said. “I didn't.”

“None of you are telepaths? You don't speak with your minds?”. Susan asked and each shook their heads. Then she heard it again

Please help.

~Please, hurry, they’re coming!~ The voice in Susan’s head sounded more desperate, more fearful.

Susan's head snapped in a direction and she grumbled to herself. Then she looked at the kids. “alright. We need to leave. But we have to get others first. So follow me closely. Stay quiet and if I say run, you run, got it?”

This caused the kids to nod. Susan headed in the direction the voice felt like it was coming from. Her sliver busy telling the tower her situation.


Wyrmwood didn’t see Lorde quite that way. His ebon body was covered with strange scars. Each one representing some long held regret or hatred. Some from abuse as a child. Others still from his loneliness as an adult. Still more stemmed from his many illnesses that he believed had held him back from many things in life. Stranger still the dragon lady could see where he had been. One place was like something out of a storybook. One that didn’t sit well with the rest. In there she knew he had found peace. If not of mind but of the soul. She could see how he viewed the world on a very personal level. It was as if he believed that he was in a personal heaven of sorts.

“We don’t have long. If you don’t fight him, he will likely destroy the town. Or worse.” Quite simply, Frederick didn’t want to lose a friend to a god that had been an absentee landlord for over two thousand years.

“Does it look like I’m playing games?” was the response that Lorde was given. She never opened her eyes, her voice was ethereal, and she was surrounded by an aura of swirling mists, both black and white. The young, yet ancient, Asian woman was clad in black robes, a golden dragon embroidered into the fine silk. “Fighting off deities is a bit more difficult than your average telepath. If you’re here to help, then let’s get on with it.”

Many a quick-witted reply came to mind, but at the same time he was a bit stunned at her snarkiness. For him it wasn’t long ago that she was the silent warrior that he would have tea and play games of strategy with. One thing was clearly missing from her inner aura, the dragon. While he contemplated a way to wedge that into an advantage he began to cast some of his spells on his friend. Most bolstered one's defences some not just against the mental attacks but anything trying to harm Syn in general. He imagined that could have a small side effect of making it harder for her own team to stop her, but that suited his needs even more so.

“Just don’t give up. That’s all we need is for that deadbeat dad to have either control of, or be one of, the most powerful beings in this universe.” Lorde suddenly multiplied himself into two other versions of himself. Each looked radically different than the original. One was an elf who could be mistaken for a statue except for his eerie glowing eyes. The other was a figure clad in a demonic looking set of armor with a huge bone sword.

In a move that mimicked Lorde’s, Syn split into three versions of herself. One was dressed in white robes, surrounded by an ethereal white aura, another in black, the black of her aura splitting off to swirl around that one, and in the center of them sat one that was dressed in all grey, the black and white misty aura’s both feeding into the mixed aura surrounding her.

“This could hurt a little,” Syn’s voice spoke from multiple points surrounding them. “I need to wrest the dragon back fully from this being.” As one, all of her forms stood and marched confidently out onto the bone bridge. When their eyes opened, each one also formed a third eye in the center of their foreheads, seeming to increase the strength of their shared auras. “Meet me in the middle, old friend.”

Lorde and his doppelgangers nodded and walked to meet Syn at the center point of the bridge. His mirror images also had opened the Zanjin Eye in response to the new versions of his old friend. “Let's give him something to think about.” Frederick focused into the deepest recesses of Abusan’s spirit. He forced his memories of her to become her own. Jumbled like a Tarantino movie and there was a strange sound, something that if given too much creedence could draw one down into even darker places.

There was the woman who knew a good opportunity when she saw one. There was the woman willing to consort with dark gods to unravel the greater mysteries of the universe. Lastly, the woman who stood against the world saying, “No further.” The power he unleashed into the half dragon’s soul was raw, and it came from a place so alien that it hurt a bit, but power was power and her inner energies climbed higher and higher, even if like the air in a balloon, threatening at any moment to explode.



Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Frederick Hollywood
Leader, Findellion Watch
AKA - "Lorde"

Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros"

Susan Edwin
Senior/Counselor, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Dream Weaver"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened Mutant

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny


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