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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 11

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 4:13am by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood & Senior Susan Edwin
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Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Turning his attention towards the mob that was now beginning to move in their direction, Talon began speaking ancient words of power in Tsalagi, his native tongue. As he spoke, his voice grew in volume, filling the space between the defenders and the onrushing mutants. “Stop where you are and lay down your weapons, or we will respond with lethal force. Do NOT test us. You will die this day! This is your only warning!

Two of the rowdy mutants that were rushing the defenders suddenly veered away from the rest of the group, eyes wild with fear, clearly trying to put as much distance between them and the three defenders as possible. The others however, it seemed, upon hearing Talon’s words, only grew angrier and charged faster.

“O Dios!” Talassa made the sign of the cross as she began to pray in Greek. Anthony’s arm wrapped around her shoulder as he held both his wife and his daughter close. Behind him, Kyle pressed against his father’s back, as though Anthony was a human shield that could protect him from the terror he felt.

“Fuck...” Kyle breathed. “Wasn’t... wasn’t that guy, uhh, trying to, y’know, eat a -- a guy’s head a bit ago?”

“Kyle Wilson! I wash mouth out with soap when we go home!” Talassa threatened.

“If there was ever a time to curse, my dear, I think it would be now,” Anthony insisted, watching the metahumans, standing ready to defend them.

Melissa stayed silent. She often did, but the urge to stay silent and crawl in to a little hidey-hole had never been stronger. Her shoulders trembled even as Anthony pulled her close. She watched Ushebti and Aiden, the two that she knew, if fairly casual life-or-death-situation contact counted as knowing anyone, really.

“Be safe,” she whispered, her voice barely audible as she looked at them. She wondered if she should help too, now that she had powers, but for one, she was already exhausted, and two, she had absolutely no idea how.

Aiden didn't answer with words. Instead, he looked at her, winked, and smiled, then flashed a thumbs up. He paused for just a moment to notice his arm and what remained of his music player. The wires still hung to his neck, but the player itself was smashed. Only the back remained.

Without warning, Aiden bent his knees and let the power flow from his center to his feet. The air filled with the sound of something akin to a large tree snapping in half. Aiden rocketed upwards, leaving a large, jagged X shape in the now broken street. Some rubble had been thrown, but not much more than a few pebbles.

Talassa shrieked. The sound of it drowned out Melissa’s own gasp as she stared, wide-eyed, at Aiden. The sound of it had been loud, but the sight was even more shocking.

Talon raised his hand and began chanting in Tsalagi, a quick-paced chant meant for combat, a spell that would take minutes to cast was done in a few seconds. Two spectral pumas seemed to leap up out of the ground, charging the onrushing mutants, leaping onto two of the larger mutants and bowling then over onto the hard asphalt, biting and dragging ghostly claws across unprotected bodies.

The two women shrieked again! Talassa buried her face in Anthony’s chest, and Melissa turned very pale. Kyle stared in horror for a brief moment, before he turned away from his family and threw up in the street.

Ushebti looked considered for a moment, glancing at Melissa for a moment as she reacted to Talon’s gore. He leapt forward, his arms already turning to front legs, face turning into a gnarled snout. From his back, jagged fur replaced the clothing he was wearing and were soon joined by multiple tentacles, each ending in a jagged tip covered in barbs. The snout opened and he let forth a piercing scream, revealing rows upon rows over sharp teeth in a mouth that seemed far too big for his face.

Beast-Ushebti leapt forward as a tentacle grabbed out at a man’s arm, the mutant he had captured sliced across with a blade, cutting through the tentacle. The creature made a noise, but the cut the blade had made oozed grey and knitted itself back together as another tentacle grabbed the attackers other arm and started to pull them apart from each other.

With a crack, both of his arm sockets broke at the same time and Beast-Ushebti dropped the screaming man to the ground, his ability to damage anyone neutralised.

Horror painted Melissa’s features. She stared at her friend in terror. The sheer violence of the attack scared her more than anything else she’d ever experienced. She didn’t even realize that she was trembling until her father pulled her close, shielding her eyes from the gruesome scene around her.


As much as Susan wanted to rush in there, another part of her wanted to run away. She wasn’t a frontline fighter. She knew this. She was passive. Creeping around dreams at night. Seeing innermost thoughts. This wasn’t to say she was helpless. Her mother had trained her for years in the use of firearms, both large and small. Plus she had at least two martial arts to call on. Her armor could help her if the need be. So she wasn’t just a sitting target. But she was no Bruce Lee. She wasn’t about to just jump around a corner and take on an army of people all alone.

In her field of vision, a small blue woman, in billowing robes with a hood that covered her head, popped into view. It was her sliver, Nocturna. ~Careful. You do this, it’s clear those kids from danger and then you run. Got it?~

Susan didn’t reply. Instead in her HUD, a smaller picture of Sean popped up. “You’re not unarmed. Keep in mind the sticks on your back is like a cattle prod. Dense like your normal escrima sticks, but touch the end to someone and they get a jolt. Put your left hand into the thing on your belt and flip the switch to activate it. It’s like brass knuckles, paired with a taser. So don’t hit yourself. The pouch with those metal orbs are a small trap device You only have a handful of them. Maybe six. Press the red button before you throw it at someone. It will shoot a gel that will expand over the body of a person, but just to about a foot in diameter. So aim for the middle of body to low. As the gel expands, they will be given a large shock. The taser gun is also not normal but you've dealt with them before.”

“Go safely Dreamweaver. The teams are tied down, so tread safely.” A tech told her. “This sounds like these people are in trouble.”

Susan didn’t reply. Instead she moved as silently as she could. Each step was slow and careful. She passed the first few trees on the other side of the clearing and saw a group of four NEXUS guards ahead of her, attacking what looked like children on the ground. One was yelling at a high branch on a tree.

Susan took a deep breath, whispered a silent prayer and stepped forward, raising the barrel to her weapon as she did. Her first target was the goon on the left. Arm extended with a baton held tightly. He was about to bring it down on what looked to be a child of ten or eleven when she fired. The gun bucked slightly as it went off.

Instead of a normal pair of barb's, this gun shot a small device that held a strong electric charge. It worked like a real bullet, but non lethal. The blast hit the man in his side, and he let out a strangled scream and fell forward, missing the kids, but landing on the side of another agent.

This caught the attention of the remaining two standing guards. As the first of the three turned, Susan fired again. The face plate on his helmet cracked and the taser bullet struck his nose, causing him to scream and topple backwards. The last one jumped out of the way as his companion fell over.

This caused Susan to miss her next shot. The bullet like object his the tree and let out a loud crack of energy. The man started to pull his own gun. As he lifted it, a tree branch fell from above, hitting him on the head. This was followed by a body who hit the ground and moved quickly behind the others.

Susan looked around for more guards, but found none. The kids eyed her warily as she approached. She smiled at them. “you're alright. My name is Susan and I am here to save you.”


After hearing the familiar voice from so long ago, suddenly Lorde’s Zanjin Eye snapped open. Everything around him began to slow down, ticking slower and slower. He turned to look quickly at his lieutenant. “Stick to the plan.”

After that simple instruction he hoped would be understood and followed, he rocketed into the air using his new Stark-based repulsor jets. Accelerating well beyond human tolerances and reaching an altitude of one mile, he surveyed the town quickly. It was a bit hard to miss the building-sized golden lizard set to go all Second Ed on the small hamlet.

Wyrmwood looked pretty rough, and the closer he got the worse she looked. There was debris mashed into her body in various places and ways. It looked like Seth had forced her to cut into her own body. Perhaps as some sort of punishment for not complying so easily.

Lorde scanned the behemoth’s essence. Syn was in there, but barely. In his mind, she appeared as if to be very tiny at the heart of the great beast. He knew what needed to be done, and knew it had to be quick. It also came with great personal risk, which he detested most, but there was a code to be upheld.

He dropped from the sky like a meteor, landing right next to Wyrmwood. He quickly spoke the words that would activate his time stop spell. Although he had no doubt that this would not last long against a god like Seth, he also knew for sure dragons were only partially affected where he learned the spell.

Then he focused in on Abusan’s spirit. He drew it down into the deeper realms some might call realms of the dead or spirit lands. In fact, they were inhabited by many beings, such as a few of the Yama Kings.

Between them formed a bridge made of bone. It represented the connection between them that even death could not break. On Syn’s side was an archway that lead to the top of the tower she had chosen as her refuge. That said, one could die in these lands for many reasons, one of them being staying too long. The more important one being facing another master of the Zanjin Art.

“Abusan? Can you hear me?”
In his current form, he resembled a dark elf with red eyes. It had been a favorite avatar of his since before he even played his first role playing game.



Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Frederick Hollywood
Leader of the Findellion Watch
AKA - "Lorde"

Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros"

Susan Edwin
Senior/Counselor, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Dreamweaver"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened Mutant

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny


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