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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 10

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 4:51pm by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Senior Aiden Edwin & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Academy Physician Seamus Edwin M.D. & Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

This mob of escapee’s left nothing to the imagination when it came to motive. Almost a dozen of them had banded together to give the sleepy town a taste of revenge. One mutant was in the process of biting the head off of one of the townsfolk, while still another was tearing one apart, holding the victim over his head by the feet and arms. Still others were destroying what buildings remained intact nearby. “Everyone keep it up! We have the humans on the run! They will pay for what they did to us. They wanted monsters, they will have monsters!”

“We did nothing at them!” Talassa protested, her voice trembling. “Why they are doing this?”

“Shh, Talassa. Just keep moving. Don’t draw their attention,” her husband urged.

“Wait.” Talassa stopped moving. “Faustina! Where is Faustina!”

Melissa turned around, looking for her aunt. Sure enough, Tina was nowhere in sight.

Talon quickly responded, comforting Talassa, “Young one, she returned to her clinic to care for her patients. She will be catching up to us soon. You must remain calm, and keep moving with us.”

Melissa frowned. It wasn’t like her aunt to leave them when there was danger. She stayed silent.

Talassa looked similarly unconvinced, but Anthony stopped her before she could say anything more. “I’m sure she’s fine, Talassa. Tina is resourceful. She did say she’d wanted to get back to the clinic.”

“But, the fighting...” Talassa began.

“Have faith in your sister,” Anthony said softly, but turned back to Talon. “But if there’s any way someone could check the clinic to put our minds at ease, we’d be very grateful.”

Talon nodded in agreement with Anthony, saying, “Once we are safely on the jet, and out of danger, I will be returning to help more people. I promise I will look for Tina.”

“Thank you.” Anthony looked relieved as he went back to comforting Talassa.

Seamus pulled Aiden to the side. “We get on the jet, you stay out there, until your sister has returned. Understand?”

Aiden nodded. He knew speaking now was bad. Only those used to him would understand, but he also knew there was no reason to scare the family anymore than they had been. He folded his wings up. If he needed, they could open in under a second.

Once the mob of surly escaped mutants had finished off the few easy victims they had been able to capture, they looked around for more fleeing townsfolk. What they saw was not what the expected.

Talon quickly moved to the front of group and beckoned for Ouroboros and Ushebti to follow while speaking to Garbage Man. “It is time to pay your cab fare, friend. We must not allow these people to harm our charges. Seamus, I need you to keep the family as calm as possible, keep them behind us.”

“I'll do my best,” Seamus said. He had the power, and it was past time to use it. He focused on making a small bubble around them of calming thoughts. Normally he had to think of a situation that he had that feeling in. This time he remembered fishing in the Louisiana bayou.

Frankie had come up from a side road. When last he saw, Tamar and Esperanza we're both fine. He also knew the importance was on the young girl and her family. He had shut off his image inducer. Now he was the man-fox creature look he normally had. He could fight, but in his youth his skill set was better applied to tracking and rescue. He looked to Seamus and nodded. No words were needed. Yet he could not resist. “This will definitely be a book someday.”

Seamus shrugged. “Well, if it’s like your others, I’ll buy it. But for now, we hold back. The family must make it to the jet.”

“Protect the civilians. Gotcha,” the fox-like man said, nodding his head.


“Solitaire!” Tamar snapped at Esper.

Esper sighed. “Fine,” she growled, her fingers stained with the blood from the cuts on Nail’s neck. So instead, she just punched him in the face, careful of her strength.

Tamar had her hands full. She hadn’t expected that from goth girl! She quickly turned off the heat. She hadn’t meant to incinerate her! And what was happening with that other mutant the light had gone into?

“Don’t ya know? We are all dead here,” came calm words from the mouth of the massive Vibro Blade. He lifted his fist at Purifyre and let loose a bolt of pure necromantic energy. When it struck home, it began to age Tamar in a very special way. Most people would have been dead already after having aged hundreds of years in a second. Something about the firebrand kept her alive.

Tamar groaned as the energy coursed through her. The white streak at her forelock spread, and the blonde streaks in her red hair went white, but the red remained vibrant, though she didn’t seem to visibly age that much. That didn’t mean it didn’t hurt, though!

“What...are ya doin’...ta me…?” Tamar groaned. Her green eyes flared with light, and power flashed out of her.

Esperanza had to hold up her arm to shield her eyes as hot plasma rolled over her as Tamar lashed out. She hissed, her heated form cracking further. “Pull it together, Purifyre!” Esper yelled at her friend.

Necro-Blade had a shocked look on her face. “Not many people would be alive after that.” Quickly, the pale behemoth’s face regained its resolve. “No matter. The one great thing about this world is there's always someone willing to donate.” She raised his hands into the air, and streams of light began to flow into her from anywhere in the nearby area that someone had recently died. His eyes glowed from her dark light.

Tamar growled. Lord, but she felt old! Is this what thirty felt like? She was getting close.

Tamar pulled her aura back in. This time she dove down and slammed right into the possessed man, driving her shoulder into him. Tamar didn’t have super strength, but she could go fast, and her nano provided a bit of protection from the impact.

Still, it fracking hurt!

The huge man’s shoulder blade burst apart in flames, sending bits of him about like fireworks, leaving a crater the size of a frisbee and about half as deep, exposing the altered soldier’s metal bones and strange smelling inside.

It was about then that the body Necro Girl had been inhabiting began to decay at an alarming rate. Part of the body began to blow away like ashes from a cigarette.

“I guess it's like they say, right, fire child? You can’t go home again?” She shrugged the big man’s body. The wound started to heal, but slowly due to Vibro’s mild weakness to fire. In fact, it would normally take him days to heal up from something like that.

“It doesn’t have ta be that way,” Tamar said, clutching her own shoulder. Yeah, that had dislocated. She would deal with it later. She let her flames die for now. “If you want it, we can help ya. You an’ all those that were kept heah. Please, let us help ya.”

Esperanza dropped Nail’s body and walked over, her body crackling like ice as the cracks reknit. She moved behind the big man’s body, just in case.

“Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. Those things mean little to me. I was just trying to help old Vibro exact his revenge from beyond the grave. We had been teammates for many years before those monsters took us captive. Just remember, dearies, death is everywhere. Someday you two may come to me, of your own volition.”

She made the giant smile once more before he arched his neck and opened his mouth wide, releasing the raging spirit that was within him. As it left, his body aged rapidly into that of an old man. Unlike Necro’s last form, he did not die. His massive frame collapsed onto the street in a ball of tears and screaming. “They are all gone. Everyone!”

In the end, Necro had decided to leave her old teammate with one last gift, to bring him back from the grave. This time in his true form, unadulterated by the many years of craft she had wrought on him.

Tamar shook her head. She flamed to life again, sending out a massive sheet of fire at both Vibro and the energy of Necro. She couldn’t have that undead...thing messing with anyone else.

The flames passed through the energy wisp of Necro Girl’s spirit. As for the old soldier, his body erupted. At this stage of his life, his healing factor was no match for the plasma flames. His final words to Tamar were, “Thank you...”

In the distance, the two girls could hear what sounded like the whispers of hundreds of people. “Death”

“That...does not sound good,” Esperanza said dryly, turning toward the direction of the sound. She cracked her neck, the last of her fractures in her diamond body sealing up.

Tamar flew over sadly, still clutching her shoulder. Then she turned her body completely into plasma, a vaguely humanoid shape of hot, ionized star gas. Asphalt bubbled and boiled beneath her before she transformed back to flesh again, rotating her now healed shoulder. “Should we check it out? Have the others gotten to the plane yet? They should take off without us if they need ta. We can make it on our own.”



Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Seamus Edwin
Academy Physician
AKA - "Doc"

Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros

Tamar Todd
Teacher/Housemother, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Purifyre"

Esperanza Roman
Business Manager, Townsend Towers
AKA - "Solitaire"

Melissa Wilson
Newly Awakened Mutant


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