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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 8

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 1:33pm by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Unawakened Melissa Wilson & Category V: Supervillain Frederick Hollywood & Civilian Tamar Todd & Civilian Esperanza Roman

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

The strange battle that the dragon was going through continued, only more damage was being done to Wyrmwood and the surrounding properties than anything else. Every time that Seth tried to strike out, the body that he was forcefully inhabiting struck out against him, keeping him from going after the one target that seemed to have taken over most of his thoughts. Her own claws slashed at her flesh, her large wings beating roughly, spinning the dynamic beast.

The Tower’s headmistress truly hated to use her dragon form for anything less than dire emergencies simply because of the property damage that was sure to occur, and this bout was no different. Giant wings beat heavily at one point, dragging the body backwards and straight into the house that they had just evacuated, leaving the family home torn in two.

The damage was nearly complete when Wyrmwood righted herself and stood, then began thrashing about as Seth tried to force his unwilling host to chase after Lauren again. Wyrmwood eventually rolled and stumbled back into the alleyway, then froze, as if suddenly held in place by unseen chains, angrily puffing steam and snorting fire out of one nostril. If she couldn’t fight him off, perhaps she could simply hold him in place and wait him out!

Seth roared, clearly struggling against Syn. Each movement toward Lauren that he tried to make was fruitless, held back by the force of her will. As powerful as the god was, he was not at his full strength. His time in that accursed game had weakened him, and although he had gathered followers, they were a pale shadow of the cults he'd once maintained. At his height, he would have eaten this dragon woman's ka and left it to rot while he enjoyed being a dragon.

I don’t like being threatened, and I don’t like being used,” Syn’s voice echoed in her mind, a mind that she’d spent centuries training for just such occasions, a whole being that was truly a temple. Maniacal laughter and scenes of the death and destruction that she’d caused in years past, erupted in her thoughts. “Your thoughtless arrogance will be your downfall!


Vibro Blade’s mind had snapped long before. His sonic power was being unleashed like a wave on anyone and anything coming in range. Even outside of the danger zone range, Blade’s voice sounded like someone being tortured with a megaphone nearby.

Necro Girl, reveling in the carnage, was using Vibro’s onslaught to raise the dead as twisted versions of what they once were.

“Ah don’t think so, ya’ll,” came a West Virginia drawl. “Leave those good people alone.”

Tamar stood in the middle of the street, fists on her hips, her red hair blowing in the wind. Gone were her Sunday clothes, replaced by black nano with a red starburst pattern over the left breast, her green eyes narrowed in warning.

“Really, Purifyre?” Esperanza sighed as she walked up behind the shorter redhead. Her clothes had been replaced with black nano, too, though hers had a silver diamond shape over the breast. And gone was the attractive, dark-haired Italian beauty. Instead, her skin, hair, and even eyes were solid white, like she was carved from living marble, and she glittered slightly in the sunlight, like she had been dusted with crushed diamonds. “You had to do the superhero thing and announce us instead of just crushing them?”

Tamar shrugged, but kept her eyes on the pair of evil mutants. “So stand down now, an’ we won’t have ta hurt ya,” she said. “Ah don’t know where ya’ll came from, but we can help.”

“Good people? These are dead people, deary. As for pain, I can’t speak for Vibro, and you could say he has been a bit out of it as of late. Kind of having a bit of a meltdown, ya know? Me? I like pain. Lots of it. makes me feel all tingly like before...the before.” Before the young necrophiliac could continue ranting, something interrupted her.

Just then the lights went out for Esper. Hammer and Nail had raced up behind the duo. Hammer’s ability to channel massive amounts for force through his hands allowed him to drive the diamond woman into the dirt like a ten penny nail.

“That’s right. You saw it.” In a blur, Nail moved around the scene. He began to unload his signature nail gun at Purifyre. “Eat it, you fiery wench.”

Fire flared around Tamar’s body. Her nano was splattered with melted steel that did little more than make her glance down.

“Sorry. Just had lunch,” Purifyre said, extending her hand, firing a jet of hot plasma at Nail even as she rose into the air, surrounded by her flaming field.

Esperanza’s body dissipated into a pile of sparkly white sand as Hammer slammed her down into the street. Ten feet away, a column of concrete rose up from the street, taking a feminine shape, and then shifting to diamond clad in black nano.

“Well, it’s not like that hasn’t been tried before,” Solitaire said with a bored voice, checking her nails. She extending her hand, shooting out chunks of concrete from the ground at Hammer.

Necro Girl smiled at the flaming woman. “Let see how all those high and mighty standards hold up to this...” She pointed at Tamar, and the people she had turned into grotesque nightmares raced towards the hero.

Even as the zombie-like creatures began to pile on one another to try and reach the flyer, Vibro Blade grabbed a couple of them and hurled them into Tamar’s path. He roared, “Where were you when they cut me to pieces!”

Nail did his best not to end up a crispy critter, twisting and blurring through the air. Invulnerability was not one of the powers he had been gifted with. “Really gonna kill us for taking it to the anti-mutant scum?”

Realizing somehow the diamond woman hadn’t taken any damage from going into the ground, Hammer decided on a different approach. He picked up a length of rebar from one of the broken buildings. He hurled it straight at the head of Esperanza. Strangely, it didn’t seem to take any effort on Hammer’s part. In fact, he had barely moved his hand.

“If we wanted ya’ll dead, ya’ll’d be dead already,” Tamar pointed out. The zombie bodies thrown at her sizzled as they impacted her field, and she grunted as they hit her. “Ah’m sorry for what they did ta ya’ll, an’ we’ll put a stop ta it, but that ain’t no reason ta be hurtin’ innocent people.”

Tamar looked down sadly at the corpses climbing to reach her. They were already dead. She extended her hand and shot down a gout of flame, incinerating the top of the pile.

The rebar impacted Esperanza’s head and she took a halting step back. Cracks had appeared in her diamond facade, but they closed with an audible crackle as Esperanza repaired her body, taking a step toward Hammer.

“Not the face,” she said, lifting her foot and slamming it into the ground. The pavement buckled and shot out at Hammer in a rippling wave.

“My power is the end of pain, not the beginning. In the end there is only silence.” Seeing the duo were harder to kill than almost anything she had come across, Necro used one of her more disturbing abilities. She quickly absorbed any of the townsfolk that she had converted, each one of them adding to her powers.

Hammer fell. Unlike many mutants of his type, he could be hurt badly. He fell to the ground, grabbing at his legs. One of his leg bones had pushed its way out of his shin. “Not that much different, are ya? These haters were prolly in on it the whole time!”

Hammer’s idea had done something. Even if it didn’t stop the woman, it was a good idea. Unfortunately, Nail could see he was out of the fight, and who knew for how long. Using his super speed, he grabbed a bunch of rocks and spun in place at blinding speeds, sending the rocks at Esper faster than most bullets could travel.

Esperanza held up an arm as she was peppered with small, high velocity objects. Her nano protected her from most, along with her own diamond hard exterior, but a few peppered her face, chipping off small pieces. Solitaire just reformed and replaced them.

“I highly doubt these townspeople knew anything,” she said. “You want to play, too?” Esper asked, glaring at Nail. She held out her diamond hand and it shattered, shooting out sharp shards of diamonds at Nail before regrowing.

With the zombies taken care of or absorbed, Tamar soared higher above the necromancer. “Ya’ll can stop this and we can help ya’ll,” Tamar said. “Yer friend is already hurt. Solitaire ain’t likely ta give ya this option.”

A gout of heat shot down at the necromancer. It was nearly unbearable, but it was worse in the area immediately around her. The asphalt started to bubble and grow soft, and Necro Girl started to sink into the viscous black tar.

The mistress of the undead roared, and out came a fantastic light. Her body collapsed to the ground in a heap and began to burn. Voices rang through the air. “I am death. I am the wind.” The disembodied energy flowed into Vibro’s nostrils, suddenly calming him, at the same time making subtle changes in his appearance. He grew more pale and his eyes darkened.

“No way you're taking us alive!” Nail screamed, and picked up Hammer’s sword, or in this case, a length of rebar. In a blur, he let loose a flurry of blows on the would-be hero, each one hitting her in another place on her body. In an instant, the mutant had hit her hundreds of times with the five pound piece of metal at over Mach five. The sound was like a amplified version of a heavy machine gun pelting a wall.

Esperanza grunted under the assault. This bastard was fast! And he hit hard! Her diamond form cracked in places, the vibrations of the blows shivering through her. God damn, that actually hurt!

When the speedster stopped, his hands looked like boxing gloves, swollen and red. Although his power had saved his arms from being blown off, the gambit still had taken its toll. It was as if he had tried to smash a stone with an aluminium baseball bat hundreds of times. It took him great effort just to drop the rusty steel bar. Looking down at his hands, he muttered. “Told ya ain’t going back.”

Esperanza grabbed Nail by the throat, her fingers so sharp they actually sliced skin. “Oh, that’s just fine, fucker. I won’t send you back.” She started to squeeze, her white eyes alight with anger.



Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Tamar Todd
Teacher/Housemother, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Purifyre"

Esperanza Roman
Business Manager, Townsend Towers
AKA - "Solitaire"

Ancient Egyptian Deity
NPC - Melissa Wilson

Necro-Girl, Vibro-blade, Hammer, Nails
NPCs - Frederick Hollywood


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