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The Mutant Apocalypse of Shady Side, Part 7

Posted on Thu Dec 28th, 2017 @ 1:16pm by Senior Headmaster Absynthe "Syn" Drake & Academy Physician Silvestra Whitewind Dr & Freshman Dominic Dunny & Senior Aiden Edwin & Category IV Dyami Bentley (Tribal: Bent Leaf) & Unawakened Lauren McArthurs

Mission: Everyday
Location: Shady Side, Maryland
Timeline: The Year of the Apocalypse - 22 January 2012

Upon seeing the blue man’s reaction to Oroborous’s attack, Talon stepped forward and touched the young teen’s shoulder. Talon gritted his teeth as his bones absorbed some of the sonic power radiating through the teen’s metal bones. Speaking as loud as he could, he said, “Enough. This doesn’t seem to be working, but I have an idea. Keep him distracted, but don’t let him touch you.”

“Check. Guess force blasting him is out too,” Aiden said, but his voice buzzed even worse. “What's wrong dude?!? Don't like my singing voice?!?” He called out.

Talon quickly changed his form to that of a falcon and soared into the air with great speed. Once he reached a few hundred feet in altitude, he lined up his attack and dove at the spikey man that was picking himself up off the rubble. Simultaneously he change back to his natural form. As Talon fell, he removed and opened his dream bag. “Oroborous, keep the others from seeing this. It is going to be a bit gruesome,” Talon relayed over the ear comms.

Aiden nodded and turned. He gestured to his father, and all of the family was gathered together. Each of them were forced to face away. Aiden jogged over, his wings still out. He kept his back to Talon and his wings helped to shield the family from both the sounds around them, or from what they may be about to see.

Mere seconds after beginning his fall from the heavens, Talon streaked at the witless blue mutant, bag outstretched. The Indian man held the bag out with both arms, seemingly oblivious the the fact he was travelling at terminal velocity. As the leather bag passed over the blue man's head, and quickly engulfed his whole body, a brilliant flash of light came from the open portal. Unbeknownst to Talon, this effectively flash blinded anyone looking in his direction. Those with the ears to hear it though, there was a loud, dull, bone-crunching sound as the Indian man hit the concrete full force.

Talon’s bones and flesh started healing almost instantaneously when he hit the ground. Not to say that the impact didn’t hurt, but pain was an old friend and served to remind him of the pain others felt. The shaman stood quickly, seemingly unaffected by the bone-snapping fall. Looking around and tying his bag shut, he gave the group a thumbs up.

“Hey, Jumping Jeronimo, gonna guess our business is done here. I gotta say, though, as my power also deals with cleaning up the streets, I would love to hear more about how you did that sometime.” The New Yorker had himself planned to banish the blue fuzz ball in just such a manner. Although he was a bit happy it wasn’t him, as there was no way to be sure what that flash had come from.

Talon laughed and motioned to the strange man on the roof and said, “Are you one of Lorde’s men, or a escapee? If you are the latter, we are evacuating this family. If you want to leave, I would suggest hurrying on down. We have a jet waiting.”

“I am Catholic, as any good Italian should be. ‘Course, I am also sure that's not what your asking. Yea, I got out with the rest of them mooks. Also, hell yea, I would like a cab ride the hell outta here.” Garbage Man pole vaulted off of the rooftop using his trusted carbonadium shovel, landing next to Talon.

“The name is Talon.” the Indian man extended a hand of friendship. “We can continue the introductions later. We need to get this family to safety first.” After shaking the man's hand, he motioned to the group and finished his statement, “Quickly, we need to hurry.”

“Who this?” Talassa asked, clearly terrified. “We going now?”

“Yeah, let’s go,” Kyle urged, moving his mother forward. “C’mon, before more of them show up.”

Anthony took Melissa’s hand and quietly hurried her along.

Ushebti’s position changed and he seemed to sigh, as if standing still had been a challenge for him. He smiled and nodded at Melissa to encourage her to continue as he moved up next to her.


Townsend Tower, Atlanta


Silvestra sat bolt upright, her unearthly screaming reverberating around the protective chamber, a split second later followed by the almost imperceptible buzz of alarms blaring from outside of the chamber.

The technician sat up in the control room dropped his coffee and started bashing at buttons. OG had already taken over, so his position, as usual, was largely as a backup, but it paid to be paying attention.

With the operation in Shady Side, the control room was already full, most of the heavyweights were out on the operation and they had just had reports of Wyrmwood changing against her will. Now they were faced with a dilemma, as the only room capable of controlling a raging dragon was rapidly dropping in temperature, its occupant writhing on the bed.

The screams turned into an unintelligible, bellowing collection of words, as Silvestra fell from the bed to the floor. One arm lashed out at an unnatural angle, claws digging into the stone floor.

Around the room, gylphs on the wall began to activate and rotate

“Move emergency containment teams into position.” OG stated over the control room intercom. It was a practiced drill, something that had prepared for, even if that preparation had been for a different dragon. Part of the control room split off, taking charge of their domestic issue, even as the others continued to talk, attempting to find solutions for Wyrmwood, who they had now lost contact with.

The technician frowned at his screen, the temperature in the cell was still dropping. “OG, this cell is built to hold Wyrmwood. It’s built around the concept of Vibranium’s strength and resistance to fire. If the temperature reduces too low, Frostwyng will stop the Vibranium atoms from having any movement. It’ll be about as useful as paper.”

“Containment team members capable of interacting with the enchantments from secure positions will need to tweak them to generate heat. It should be within their capabilities.” OG replied. “The Headmistress is already considering solutions to future containment of Frostwyng.”

Within the cell, the noises could no longer to classified as screams, as her transformation continued, Frostwyng slamming into the wall as she flailed around the room. A foot tall layer of mist filled the room, obscuring the floor completely.

The glyphs shifted again, turning from a green to a red colour. The furniture in the room was already glistening in white, any moisture in the room already frozen solid.

“Temperature drop is beginning to slow.” The technician remained calm as he spoke to the containment team through his headset. “Early signs are pointing towards a far more dangerous transformation than the previous iteration.”

“Looks like OG’s theory about Lorde’s clone being inferior was correct.” Someone else murmured. “We might need to completely switch the arcane defenses to combating the cold and hope that the Vibranium is sufficient enough to contain her.”

“It might not be.” The lead technician looked up for a moment at his colleagues. “Go to stage two of the containment protocols, activate the general warning alarm and get everyone in the tower to safety.”

“And the workers at the mall?” Another, younger man asked. He looked more panicked than the others.

“Stick to the protocols laid out when that chamber was built. Trust in our staff in the mall to get everyone calmly to safety. They know what to do. If the containment holds, it’ll be a good drill and nothing more.”


It had taken a few moments, but Syn managed to gather herself and retreat to the last fortress of her mind. The visualization was of the first monastery that she had known, the one place that seemed to truly be home for her after having spent the better part of two centuries of life learning from the monks that called it their home. She sat high upon a stone that was set precariously at the very top of a tall spire, one that she had learned to climb, one that she had rebuilt herself after accidentally destroying it once.

“You think that you have me all wrapped up, don’t you, lord of sands and serpents?” Syn’s voice echoed out, her lips unmoving as she settled into a deep meditation. It had taken her a moment to cut through the chaos and realize that, with Seth in her head, she was privy to his memories, his dreams, his fears. She just had to concentrate significantly harder to manipulate such things.

On the outside, one gleaming red eye flickered and went out, replaced by a churning pool of molten gold. “He...fears you, Spiral. Use...that...fear,” the dragon managed to force out. Syn wasn’t truly a serpent, she just had enough in her alien DNA to make it possible for the deity to get a foothold in her mind. She still didn’t have enough control to keep Seth at bay physically for long, and she fought as the deity tried to force her gigantic body forward.

The ancient dragon lady hissed furiously in her mind, “Each step will be a burden. Each movement as though mired in quicksand. I’ll not simply let you use me this way!” In a moment of clarity, Syn actually let out a maniacal laugh, wondering if this was how Aio felt about being stuck in her mind.

A great, golden claw swept out at Lauren, tearing through everything in its path. Fencing and rubble were swept up, but the follow through seemed slow and stopped short. The dragon screamed furiously, then began stomping about angrily when it couldn’t seem to hit its mark.


“I resisted you!” Lauren shouted. The wind from Syn-Seth’s beating wings tousled her glowing hair, but she stood firm before the joined being with Tim’s unconscious body at her feet. “I resisted you, and I defeated you! Do you remember? Do you remember my mother, my father? Do you remember my brother and sister, my step-mother, the great Mother Goddess of the Minoan Pantheon? Do you remember how, together, we destroyed your temple in the desert and lay your broken body at the feet of Neith for judgement? I have new allies now! We will stop you now as we stopped you then! No one destroys my town and gets away with it! Not even an Egyptian god!”

Seth roared in anger as a golden claw tore at the dragon’s own chest, a superficial wound, but a painful one all the same. Syn-Seth’s tail swung wide. It smashed into the Linden house, shattering the east wall like it was glass. Lauren cringed. At least Nora and John will be at church right now. I’d hate to see Nora’s face when they come home.

Assuming you’re still in one piece. You’re getting in over your head, Lauren. Isolde fretted. Tell me you know what you’re doing. Please tell me you know what you’re doing.

I’m sure Syn does, Lauren replied. I’m distracting Seth. Trying to help her fight.

Isolde’s voice sighed in Lauren’s ear. I’ve updated OG. They’re keeping an eye on things. You can’t stop Seth if he comes after you, but we can’t let him get away. Say the word, and they’ll send in the big guns... err... the other big guns.

Dragon, Isolde, Lauren pointed out. I think that’s one of the biggest guns available.

You know what I mean. I’m calling Talon back. You need backup.

No. Lauren frowned. No. I need to do this. I can do this. I just need to reach into the Bleed, like I did last time, and push...

You don’t have powers! Isolde protested. You haven’t awakened yet! Lauren, you need backup!

Not yet. She dodged Syn-Seth’s claws, a wild swing that nearly sliced off her arm. Her spirals grew even brighter. Not yet.



Absynthe "Syn" Drake
Headmistress, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Wyrmwood"

Dyami Bentley
Indian Shaman/US Marshal
AKA - "Talon"

Aiden Edwin
Senior, Townsend Academy
AKA - "Ouroboros"

Lauren McArthurs
AKA - "Spiral"

Silvestra Whitewind
Academy Physician
AKA - "Frostwyng"

Melissa's Friend
NPC - Dominic Dunny


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